Do you want to have an online portfolio? Making one seems a bit challenging at first. In this article, we will teach you how to create an online portfolio in a few simple steps.

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of your best works samples. You make it to show the world your skills and work experiences.

Due to its importance, every professional should create a portfolio to showcase their expertise. Having a website for this case is a great way to be more visible to recruiters.

One important thing to remember is that you should only include your best work. Don’t try to upload everything you’ve ever made – only show off the products you’re most proud of.

It’s a good idea to have an online portfolio as you’ll get many advantages.

  • It’s easier to find your work on the web
  • You can impress potential clients
  • It’s easy to update an online
  • Having a portfolio shows you have a professional approach

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Website?

The costs of building a website may vary. It includes the cost for

  1. Web hosting
  2. A domain name
  3. Additional costs like themes and plugins
  4. Development & maintenance

Hiring a professional could be expensive that may cost up to thousands of dollars per website. But, you can host and build a website for free with 000webhost.

Yes, you can launch a website with zero cost at while still getting 10GB bandwidth, an easy auto installer, a custom control panel, etc.

How to Create a Portfolio Website?

Creating a website might seem like a daunting task, but nowadays it’s not that hard or scary. All you have to do is follow a couple of simple steps.

Here’s a complete guide, to make it easy for you:

Get Your Hosting

First, we need to choose web hosting. Web hosting is a service that hosts your website’s data on a server. There are plenty of hosting providers for you to choose from.

Depending on your budget, you can either get paid or free hosting. If you want to get great services at a low price – we recommend Hostinger. They offer top-notch hosting services, for a very attractive price.

If you want to save money, you can get free hosting. You read that right – you can get hosting services and not spend a dime.

To get free hosting, go to the 000webhost homepage and follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to make an account.
  2. Make sure you verify your email.
  3. Click + button to create a new website.
    Create a New Website with 000webhost
  4. Enter your details and click create.
  5. When you’re done, click Manage Website to start building a portfolio website. If you need more features, feel free to upgrade to our premium plan at any time.
    Start Building a Portfolio Website by Clicking Manage Option

Setting up WordPress

After getting web hosting, you would need a platform for your website.

Depending on your needs and skills, you can choose a website builder or a content management system (CMS).

While there are many choices out there, we always recommend going with the time tested WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that powers 27% of the web.

WordPress is also highly customizable, mobile responsive and SEO friendly. Setting up WordPress is relatively easy. While WordPress’ five-minute installation is amazing, 000webhost provides an effortless one-click installer.

  1. Choose Build WordPress Website option, click Install Now.
    Setting up WordPress with 000webhost
  2. Fill out your username and password on the popup window.
  3. When your WordPress is ready, click Go to the Configuration Page.
  4. Fill out your details for your WordPress site.
  5. Log in with your username and password.

Now you can access the WordPress admin dashboard and start building your portfolio.

Setting up a Theme

If you want to create a portfolio, you need to pick out a good WordPress theme. WordPress has thousands of responsive, highly customizable themes for you to choose from. The WordPress directory is easy to navigate so that you will find the theme of your dreams in no time.

When picking a theme, try to use keywords. It will help you to pick the most suitable theme for your portfolio.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, use that as a keyword for your search. It is essential that you find a theme that will be suitable for your field of work. So if you’re a graphic designer, you might want something sleek and visually pleasing.

Here are the steps to set up a theme in WordPress:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New. Or, you can click on the big plus button.
    Adding New WordPress Theme
  3. Enter your keyword (portfolio, graphic designer) into the search bar and pick out a theme.
  4. Click install and activate.Typing a Keyword to Search WordPress Themes

After installing a theme, you can directly click Customize and modify it to fit your needs. If you want to do it later you can go to your WordPress dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize.

On the Customize page, there are options to modify your theme on the left-hand side.
Customizing a WordPress Theme

Setting up a Plugin

To create a portfolio, you’re going to need some plugins to help you out with your content and website management.

WordPress is popular because it is customizable with vast options of plugins. A plugin is a software allowing you to add new features that don’t come with the default, to extend the functionality of your site.

To install a plugin, you can go to your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New.
Adding New WordPress Plugins

Here are the best plugins we pick out for you to optimize your portfolio website:

  • GridKit Portfolio Galleryz
    This plugin will make your portfolio website looks amazing. It offers a splendid photo gallery that will make showcasing your work easy and visually appealing.
  • Visual Portfolio
    This is a free plugin with great features to present beautiful portfolio layouts. It offers four layouts with three hover effects. This plugin also has a nice popup gallery (YouTube and Vimeo supported)
  • YoastSEO
    Yoast SEO is known as the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Although WordPress itself is an SEO-friendly platform, installing this plugin is still important. You can read WordPress SEO Tips for more information to help your portfolio website placed better on search results.


As you can see, knowing how to create a portfolio website can be very helpful for your career. The great news is – it’s not that hard and doesn’t have to cost you a lot!

When creating a portfolio website, make sure to choose the right hosting services. If you are on a budget – go without free hosting services at 000webhost. If you need more power and functionality, try out Hostinger. They offer great hosting services at low prices. You will also need to get a domain name and choose a website builder.

Using WordPress to create a portfolio is always a great idea. It has plenty of responsive, highly customizable themes for you to choose from.

In addition to that, you can utilize such plugins as Yoast SEO, Visual PortfolioGridKit Portfolio Galleryz and many more, to increase your website’s functionality.

Bottom line is – it doesn’t require a lot of skill to create a portfolio website. However, having one will highly increase your chances of langing your dream job!


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