Did you know that you can learn to code for free? We gathered up our favorite free learning platforms that can get you on the right track to developing your first project in no time!

Learning to code is an incredibly valuable skill to have, that will open tons of new opportunities!

However, if you just started learning, you will find that programming languages require a lot of effort to learn on your own. Luckily, online courses have made it easier than ever to learn.

Sure, it could lead to spending a few dollars, but it’s definitely worth it! Don’t have the money required? There are free platforms to choose from!

It does not matter whether you are new to this or already know the basics. Learning to code for free can still be something you benefit from!

Best platforms to learn to code

The learning platforms for coding languages on the internet can be different. Some focus in-depth on a few subjects, while others cover a broader range. Some of the best platforms are:

Let’s review the platforms to help you choose which one is the best for you:


BitDegree as one of the best free platforms to learn coding for free.

If you think learning while earning is not possible, wait until you hear about BitDegree. BitDegree is a blockchain-powered learning platform which provides free video tutorials, alongside the paid ones. They reward you with scholarships in the form of BitDegree tokens – a cryptocurrency that you can use to pay for more classes. What is more, they also act as a bridge between you and talent-seeking companies.


  • The more you learn, the more BitDegree tokens you get. They can be spent on Hostinger web hosting or to unlock more lessons.
  • It comes with easy-to-understand video tutorials and interactive gamified coding lessons to spice up your learning experience.
  • Upon completion of a course, the site hooks you up with the world-changing companies who can recruit you based on the specific skill(s) you gained.


  • Not every course is free. The ones that require payments cost between $9 and $11. You have to make an effort to look for the ones that are free and suit your needs.

Topics taught: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Bootstrap 4, Solidity, jQuery, Git, Chrome DevTools

Code Academy

Code Academy's interactive user interface

Code Academy is great for those who prefer following step-by-step instructions over the classic video tutorials. It shows examples of code and how to use them correctly, with the ability to work side-by-side. Even if you get it wrong, an error message will show you where the mistake is and how to fix it.

It’s a perfect fit for someone who is just getting started, as you’re able to see the results right away. If you are stumped, you can refer to their articles and community forums for suggestions and solutions.


  • Interactive user interface for a smooth learning experience.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • You can only have the privilege of certification and portfolio-building if you upgrade to the pro version ($16-$20 USD/month).

Topics taught: Computer Science (Python, Data Structures, Command Line, Git), Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React), Data Science (SQL, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Code Foundation (Computer Science History, Career Exploration, Applications)

GA Dash

GA Dash utilizing mock project to enhance learning process.

Another great free learning platform is General Assembly Dash. It allows you to learn HTML and CSS by utilizing sample cases like mock projects as a guideline for your studies.

Similar to Code Academy, you can also write the code in another panel after watching the slideshow. It detects your progress instantly and will let you move further through the lessons. If you want an interactive learning experience, this platform is right up your alley.


  • It encourages you to learn by providing mock projects to give you a sense of what working for a client feels like
  • Interactive UI that will show you the results right away (or to show your mistakes if you do any)


  • Only the basic of programming languages are available
  • It doesn’t have its own forum, requiring you to join a Facebook group instead to ask for solutions

Topics taught: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, creating Tumblr theme from scratch, building a Madlibs game

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare

This platform will make you feel like you’re in college. It offers textbooks and materials necessary to study the subject of your choice.

For free coding lessons, you can download the PDFs and assignments on coding under Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and start studying without having to sign up.

MIT OpenCourseWare follows a well-crafted curriculum and syllabus from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that are rather heavy on theories, which can deepen your understanding of how coding works.


  • No sign up necessary
  • Many available lecture notes and assignments


  • No interactive interface. You have to learn the old-fashioned way, making use of PDFs and assessing your own progress.
  • Heavy on theory. If you are looking for a directly applicable coding learning platform, you may want to steer clear from this.

Topics taught: Many subjects, ranging from Business, Humanities, Maths, etc. The programming-related subjects you can study are Computer Science, Java, C, C++, Python, Algorithm, and many others.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp

Here comes another interactive learning platform for learning how to code for free. Despite the name, Free Code Camp is not a boot camp. They create challenges you need to solve, receiving certification upon completion.

The interface is similar to Code Academy where you insert your code while following the steps in the instruction panel and move on once you completed the assignment.


  • Six free certifications upon completion
  • Interactive user interface
  • A vast number of coding challenges and projects
  • The ability to download your solutions


  • Visually unappealing
  • Lack of stimulating explanation media like video and slideshows

Topics taught: 1409 coding challenges including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Redux, jQuery, and many more

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the original free learning platforms with a  crazy number of subjects in its arsenal. It combines video tutorials with direct coding practices. Additionally, it has a side-by-side editor with a preview section.

Each lesson provides video transcriptions so you won’t miss a thing. What is more, there is a board where you get to see questions from others and post your own, allowing easy and helpful community interaction.


  • You can see what questions about the subject other students have already asked and post your own
  • Real-time transcription, useful for non-English speakers
  • Interactive lessons for kids
  • An opportunity to learn from professionals of their respective subjects


  • Page loading time is considerably slower than any other learning platform
  • There have been reports of exercises not loading properly

Topics taught: Intro to JavaScript, Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to SQL, and the advanced version of each language.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is the free version of an online coding boot camp called Viking Code School. It’s specifically designed as a pathway toward employment in the programming field.

If you want to be a web developer, you can’t go wrong by deciding to learn on this open source platform. It has many programming languages up its sleeve, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and many other useful languages.


  • You can participate in an online study group for more collaborative learning
  • It gives the opportunity to be recruited by companies that are seeking skilled web developers


  • The Odin Project’s courses and assignments sometimes require you to visit external links for the learning process
  • Some of the materials are not directly applicable, and it can’t check your assignment completion

Topics taught: Web Development 101, Ruby Programming, Databases, Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS, and JavaScript


The ability to code is one of the most sought after skills of this decade. With IT being a massive part of our everyday lives, it’s no surprise at all.

However, there is no reason to look for paid courses when you can get what you need for free instead. Take a few moments to check out the platforms above and see which one(s) you find most suitable for your needs, and use it to your advantage. Happy learning.

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