Joomla! vs WordPress: Which Platform Is Right for You?

The decision to build a website is easy. The tricky part is choosing which platform will help you best achieve your unique vision. A quick Google search will make it clear that WordPress and Joomla! are among the most popular Content Management System (CMS) options...

An Introduction to the WordPress Loop (And How It Works)

One of WordPress' trademark features is the way it displays all your latest posts when you visit your website's homepage. This is a simple functionality that works splendidly for blogs, and the code that makes it possible is called the 'WordPress loop'. The problem...

How to Secure WordPress From Top to Bottom (In 15 Steps)

You've likely put time into securing some aspects of your website, but there are always steps you can take to protect it further. Considering WordPress' popularity, using the platform can put a target on your website. After all, there are always attackers waiting to...

How to Set Up a WordPress AMP Compatible Website

One of the most complicated aspects of running a website is creating pages that don't take too long to load. The longer your loading times are, the more likely you are to scare visitors away. The problem is compounded when they're using mobile devices, due to the...

3 Methods of Adding Custom CSS to WordPress

Even if you’ve found an excellent theme for your WordPress site, chances are that there are certain design elements you’d like to adjust to get its appearance just right. Perhaps you want to tweak the way your post titles display or enlarge the size of your header...

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