Converting PSD to HTML files is one of the many ways to create a beautiful site. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the PSD to HTML conversion.

What is PSD to HTML conversion?

PSD to HTML is a common design-to-code process, converting a Photoshop Document into an HTML file. This method allows web designers and developers to work together to make a great looking and highly functional website.

If you use the PSD to HTML method, making a website mockup is the first step.

The design file is saved in .psd and later converted to HTML. This will transform a PSD file to individual files which are used inside an HTML structure.

To put it simply, with the PSD to HTML method, you take a stylized mockup and transform it into a functional site.

Why convert PSD to HTML?

There are many frameworks that offer easy-to-use methods for web creation. Some people think that the PSD to HTML method is a bit dated. However, it’s a viable option for web design.

There are plenty of reasons, why Photoshop is still very useful in web design:

  • With Photoshop, you can a great visual representation of your project to help your clients understand the design better.
  • Photoshop allows you to create a pixel-perfect design, accommodates the need for modern web design such as retina quality graphics.
  • With Photoshop you can make each design unique. This is the main winning point against website builders.

The design phase is very dynamic, so you have to be flexible. Your clients might switch from one option to another until they find what suits them best. Unlike making a prototype, creating a mockup is easier and faster.

Also, despite the long process, converting PSD to HTML ensures you have a good quality code. This is important in terms of easy maintenance.

When Not to convert PSD to HTML?

Converting PSD to HTML has a few downsides too.

Back in the day, you could target a specific resolution while converting PSD to HTML, because people mostly browsed the internet from desktop devices.

Now, it’s almost impossible to account for all the possible resolutions. 62% of internet users utilize mobile devices with a vast variety of screen resolution.

If you focus on responsive designs, PSD to HTML isn’t the best choice. Unless you know how to use Edge Reflow, Photoshop can’t help you simulate a responsive web design.

What is more, converting PSD to HTML means double the work within a design-to-code process. Adding to that, Photoshop doesn’t offer you multiple pages.

Also, most front end developers can handle HTML and CSS with ease, so there is no need for a Photoshop mockup.

Ways of Converting PSD to HTML

There are two ways of converting PSD to HMTL. First, you do all the hand-coded work. Second, you pay a third-party site to convert it.

Converting the Site Yourself

Converting the site yourself requires a lot of knowledge. Simply knowing HTML tags is not enough.

Don’t worry, there are many websites out there that provide useful information about PSD to HTML conversion.

To save your time researching, we picked the best ones for you:

1. 1stWebDesginer

1stwebdesignerWith 1stWebDesigner you can learn how to build better websites. The site covers a wide range of topics: everything from web creation to best practices and trends.

This website has six conversion tutorials for PSD to HTML conversion. While all of them are great, you can focus on the first one: convert a PSD template to basic HTML.

The Basic Web Design video course will teach you all the needed steps. The course is split into two parts to make it easier to learn:

  • Part 1 covers planning and wireframing; what are the main Photoshop tools and panels.
  • Part 2 talks about basic HTML tags, structure and CSS properties.

This tutorial combines text and videos to make you understand the topic better. For all parts of the tutorial, you get resources to download.

2. The Site Slinger

The Site SlingerThis website has a great tutorial on how to convert PSD to HTML. They’ll teach you how to code without using any framework for such conversion.

We recommend you to prepare an HTML text editor (like Atom and Sublime Text) since most of the steps in the tutorial require you to code.

Because of the detailed instructions and illustrations, you will quickly learn how to convert PSD to HTML.

3. Yotako

YotakoYou’re not going to learn how to code here. Yotako has a different approach and teaches you how to use a tool instead.

Promising a seamless conversion, Yotako lets you transform PSD to HTML with these three steps:

  1. Import your PSD design
  2. Select HTML/CSS stack
  3. Choose a repository to get your code

Create a New Project in YotakoBy using this online tool you can convert PSD to HTML with ease. Yotako is created to understand all the fonts and layers in Photoshop so the result you’ll get is amazing.

Sites that Will Convert PSD to HTML for You

If coding is not for you, you can choose the second option: using a third-party site to convert PSD to HTML.

They offer you an easy conversion process, a great result and a short turnaround time.

Among many websites out there, here are the best ones for you.

1. Psd2html

MypsdtohtmlWith more than 100,000 completed projects, the quality of speaks for itself.

Here are the steps how handles an order:

  1. Analysis. Once you place an order, they will read through your project specification and give suggestions.
  2. Planning. The company will make a plan for slicing and creating HTML hierarchy and CSS structure.
  3. Development. Converting PSD to HTML.
  4. Quality Assurance. Checking the quality of the conversion.
  5. Delivery. Offering a preview and refinement before the final delivery.

These steps will guarantee you the best results. Plus, you can get more benefits such as

  • SEO-friendly code
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser and device compatibility

To enjoy their conversion service, you need to pay $397 for a 3-page desktop layout delivered in two business days. For the 5-page responsive layout, it costs $895 and is delivered in four business days.

2. Xhtmlchop has a time-tested experience handling all types of PSD conversion. It has served more than ten thousand clients.

Many people rely on their PSD to HTML conversion service because of

  • The high-quality code
  • The money back guarantee
  • The latest browser compatibility results
  • The NDA to safeguard privacy

If you want to use service you just need to place an order and wait for the process.

  1. The support team will check your information
  2. The project manager will follow up the order
  3. The developer will do the conversion
  4. Quality Assurance will ensure the quality of your project
  5. The Implementation Department will deliver the results

To enjoy their service, it costs $45 for a non-responsive package with 24 hours turnaround time. For a responsive package, it will cost you $149 with three to four days turnaround time.

3. Convert2xhtml

Convert2htmlConvert2xhtml offers a high-quality conversion service trusted by more than 9,900 customers.

They have expertise in handling all types of conversions and anything related to web development. One of the biggest perks is the next day project delivery.

There are reasons to choose convert2xhtml services:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Responsive code
  • Great support
  • SEO optimized code

It costs $49 for PSD to xXHTML1.0/CSS 2.1 conversion (1 homepage only). And it costs $129 for PSD to HTML5 / CSS 3.0 conversion (1 homepage only). You can make custom requests with affordable prices too.

4. Mypsdtohtml

If you want to convert PSD to HTML within 24 hours, you can try Mypsdtohtml service. They have a good reputation with more than 10,000 projects completed across multiple platforms.

They offer conversion services with many features, such as:

  • Well-structured code
  • Cross-browsers and devices compatibility
  • Easy integration with CMS
  • Responsive code

To place an order you need to define how do you want to enjoy the service. This website offers custom pricing depending on your request.

As of this writing, for PSD to HTML conversion for one homepage with vertical alignment, a sticky header and footer, you need to pay $31.


Despite being old-fashioned, converting PSD to HTML is still a great method for web creation.

This method has both positive and negative points. You can convert PSD to HTML if:

  • You want to have a mockup to show to your clients first
  • You want to have retina quality graphics design with photoshop
  • You want to skip coding at the early stages of development

On the other side, PSD to HTML might be hard to implement if you’re targeting mobile devices.

If you go with PSD to HTML method, you can choose either converting the site yourself or paying a third party site to do the conversion.

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