Creating a wedding website is a fantastic way to commemorate the most special day of your life. You can use it to invite people to celebrate with you. And, after the wedding day passes – you can store your pictures on it and share it with your loved ones. In this article, we will show you some wedding websites examples – and tips on how to make one yourself!

Wedding Website Examples

Back in the day, people relied on printed invitations to spread the news of their big day. Later, it was replaced by emails and other means of online communication.

Creating a wedding website is a great way to invite people to your wedding and keep track of all RSVPs.

What is excellent, wedding websites are visually appealing, which only adds bonus points to the overall joyful occasion.

Having a wedding website is a creative and fun way to promote your wedding and keep the memories alive!

Below are some heart-warming wedding website examples with some ideas and suggestions for inspiration.

1. Corinne and Mark

Corinne and Mark as a wedding website exampleThis wedding website example has everything – a countdown counter to the big day, a big picture of the couple filling the whole screen, and vertical menu navigation. You can read the story of how they met, see their pre-wedding gallery, and fill the RSVP form to confirm your attendance.

2. Michelle and Bashir as a wedding website exampleMichelle and Basil’s wedding website allows their guests to request a song to be played at their wedding. Their use of Soundcloud widget to play their favorite song adds up to the overall functionality of this wedding website.

This is a beautiful example of a creative solution to a traditional celebration.

3. Cecelia and Kegan

Cecelia and Kegan's wedding website as an exampleOne thing you can adopt from this wedding website example is the gift registry. Alongside all the important information, guests can participate in donating some money to cross an item off their gift list. This saves guests trouble from having to come up with the perfect gift. Plus, it’s a surefire way for the couple to receive only the presents they want. So – win-win!

Tips and Tricks for Creating A Wedding Website

Now that you looked at some wedding website examples, why don’t you try creating one? Here at 000webhost, the process is fun, easy, and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

When creating a website, you can choose from two options: using a website builder, or WordPress. A website builder is more beginner-friendly, but we always recommend using WordPress.

We will guide you through a beginner-friendly step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Create an Account and Install WordPress.

Go to the 000webhost homepage and create an account. After you fill in some credentials, install WordPress and wait for a few minutes until the installation is complete.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to build a website.

Step 2: Install and activate a WordPress theme

Go to the Theme directory and pick out a theme.

Any theme would do, but we suggest you to get a wedding theme for less visual customization later. In this tutorial, we will be using Zakra Wedding theme.

Here is a detailed tutorial on installing themes.

Step 3: Customize your Homepage

Change the background or header image with a wedding photo. You can do so by going to Appearance >> Customize.

Go to Background Image to change it with a custom image. Or, go to Header Media if you want to set your photo as the header instead.

Also, think about setting these following menus to your menu bar:

  • Home
  • Your story: This will be a story of how you two met, up until the day you decided to tie the knot
  • Photos/Gallery: Some pre-wedding pictures or the documentation of your adventures together
  • Information: This section contains the address to your venue, dress code, rules/conditions, and additional information
  • RSVP: You need to put RSVP form here so that guests can confirm their attendance
  • Gift Registry: Create a list of the gifts you prefer to get
  • Song Request: You can choose to have a form to receive song requests for your wedding

Step 4: Add more Functionality to your Wedding Site

Your site in its current state is already up to standard. However, there are still more things you can do to complement your wedding site. Some of them are:


Creating a website for your wedding is a great way to spread the message about your big day. When your wedding is over, you can use the website to store your wedding pictures and videos.

Plus, with 000webhost you can make a wedding website for free!

To create a free website all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with 000webhost
  2. Install and Activate WordPress
  3. Choose and customize a theme
  4. Install additional plugins

That’s all folks!


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