Keeping up with all the WordPress updates, new features, and functions can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, WordPress blogs are a great place to find useful information.

Since there are a lot of excellent WordPress blogs out there, let’s look through the top 20 WordPress blogs.

Why WordPress Blogs

WordPress and blog community are intertwinedBecause WordPress started as a blogging platform. It is no surprise, that the blogging and WordPress communities have always been strongly intertwined.

Blogs are very popular for obvious reasons – it provides a place to inform people about something in a very convenient way.

WordPress blogs are especially helpful, as a lot is happening with the platform every day. So blogs focusing on everything WP are a great place to keep up with the big load of new information.

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress blogs out there. They will help you to keep updated about new themes, plugins, features and all things WordPress.

Awesome WordPress Blogs to Check Out

1. The WordPress Blog

WordPress's important blog for communityOur top pick is an obvious choice – the WordPress blog itself. After all, their blog is the first place that gets updated about any new releases and updates.

What is more, WordPress is aware of how important it is to maintain your website and ensure that it runs smoothly. Thus, the blog contains all kinds of useful information, to help you with your site’s upkeep.

2. Matt Mullenweg

WordPress cofounder's personal blogMatt Mullenweg is a founding developer of WordPress. So if you are looking for WordPress blogs to follow – his blog is an absolute must.

Mr. Mullenweg runs a fascinating blog, sharing not only his opinions and expertise on WordPress, but also writing about his personal life and experiences.

There are times when WordPress makes changes that users aren’t pleased about. In these cases, Matt writes very informative posts about why the company made certain decisions.

3. Hostinger Tutorials

Hostinger Tutorials as an important blogThe Hostinger tutorial section is a part of their great customer service. Over the years, Hostinger has proved how much attention and care they put to their customers, so no surprise that they run a highly useful blog.

Most of the tutorial content is about WordPress or very closely tied to the platform. What is excellent, that the tutorials are very informative and easy to understand. All the information provided is updated continuously, which means you won’t run into dated material.

4.  Chris Lema’s Blog

Chris Lema's professional blogChris Lema is a consultant who helps users to improve their development skills and WordPress site management. On his WordPress blog, he shares plenty of useful information alongside with his personal opinion on topics such as ecommerce, content management, and product marketing.

Since Chris Lema has been in the field for years, many developers trust him when it comes to getting WordPress advice. What is more, C. Lema was hired by WordPress to help improve the platform.

5. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes blogRun by a theme developer, this WordPress blog isn’t just a personal portfolio. The author posts useful tips and relevant information about all things WordPress.

There are plenty of articles about content management, reviews of new products, and WordPress updates.

Not only is this a great WordPress blog, but it is also a reliable place to purchase a new theme for your website.

6. ManageWP

ManageWP's blog as endorsementManageWP’s blog mainly covers the business aspects of the platform. There are plenty of posts about the benefits of web statistics and how to use them with the ManageWP’s analytic ability.

You may think of this WordPress blog as just a marketing gimmick, but actually, they provide plenty of valuable information. The content is free to read and available for all.

7. WPTavern

WPTavern-blogThe WPTavern WordPress blog is an excellent source of handy information.

You can find plenty of topics surrounding all this WordPress. Starting from plugins, tutorials, to best practices, tips, and management tricks.

What sets WPTavern apart is its active community where everyone will have a good time discussing a specific issue. 43000+ subscribers will prove its warm and welcome approach to readers.

This WordPress blog is straightforward and simple. Paired with great articles, you won’t have a hard time finding exactly what you look for.

8. WPMayor

WPMayor blogThe main goal of this WordPress blog is to help WP products reach their intended audience. If you are looking for new and innovative themes, plugins, or services, you should definitely follow WPMayor.

What’s more, it gives you free coupons for discounts on certain WordPress products. Not all blogs can offer this! Hunting for enticing deals with WPMayor is a walk in the park.

9. CodeinWP

Codeinwp blogThis WordPress blog serves as a hub for anyone involved with WordPress – freelancers, bloggers, developers, etc.

The blog has been active since 2012 and has become one of the most trusted sources of information about WordPress.

When you’re tired of reading technical and serious articles, the blog also creates funny comic strips for you to enjoy. Of course, they are all inside jokes about WordPress.

10. WPSuperstars

WPSuperstars's blog categoriesWPSuperstars classifies their blog into six parts: news, tutorials, plugins, themes, hosting services, and deals. This is very helpful for users, as it allows them to find relevant information in a fast and easy manner.

In each section, you’ll see many articles that discuss everything about WordPress while keeping it concise and clear.

What is more, in the deals section, many developers offer exclusive discounts to reduce themes, plugins, or hosting prices.

11. Catswhocode

catswhocode-blogCatswhocode is a very beginner friendly WordPress blog, that provides plenty of useful information about the platform.

Not only do they write about WordPress updates and features, but they also provide resources for useful skills such as HTML and CSS.

This WordPress blog also has a great feature for guest posts. This is an excellent opportunity for those who know a lot about WordPress and want to share information with a large audience.

12. Elementor

Elementor blog postsWe know Elementor is a big name in WordPress developers. No surprise that the blog revolves about their page builder, their implementation, and customization.

However, the tutorials can be applied to themes from other companies too. If you are enthusiastic about web design, we think you can’t go wrong by following this blog.

13. WPArena

WPArena's blogWPArena comes with handy support for WordPress product development. It acts as a sort of reviewer for themes, tools, and plugins.

Readers can see and compare trending products and learn about essential tools that can be used to their advantage.

14. Woorkup

Woorkup's idealistic blogWoorkup is considered as one of the best blogs about WordPress. They have a very idealistic approach to every product – the WordPress blog won’t accept sponsored content and will only review what’s suits its interest.

Besides articles, the blog also publishes podcasts that discuss WP-related questions.

The writers and owners have a lot of experience with WordPress and even made a couple of plugins themselves.

15. 1stwebdesigner

1stwebdesigner aims for design enthusiastSome of you may only be interested in one aspect of WordPress development. And if it happens to be the design, 1stwebdesigner is a go-to place for you.

Topics like mobile UI, UX design, and even typography are well classified within each section. It provides free examples to be your source of stimulation, too.

16. Colorlib

Colorlib's detailed blog about theme developmentThis WordPress blog explores theme development in great detail. The posts explore particular topics, such as portfolio websites, fashion websites and much more.

Colorlib aims to make you feel like the blog is your ultimate source for theme inspiration.

What’s even better, this WordPress blog has frequent giveaways and offers various freebies.

17. Yoast Blog

Yoast's perfect blog for SEOThe Yoast SEO plugin is a heavyweight champion on WordPress plugins. It’s not surprising, that it’s hard to find a better WordPress blog exploring search engine optimization.

Even if you don’t use the plugin, Yoast blog will prove to have plenty of relevant information about all things SEO.

18. Mediatemple

Mediatemple's passionate blogThe first thing you’ll notice about the Mediatemple blog is their stunning design. But it’s a lot more than just a pretty website!

This WordPress blog covers a lot of useful WP-related topics, such as events, reviews, and helpful tutorials.

One more thing that makes this WordPress blog stand out from the crowd, is the message they communicate. While reading the blog, you feel as if WordPress is a tool that can help to improve the world. Their speaking tone is very positive and inspiring.

19. Template Monster

Monstertemplate blogTemplate Monster is here to help you improve your design skills. This WordPress blog covers a variety of useful topics: how you customize, manage, and expand your website.

The blog also serves as a curator of many great ebooks that are available for your WordPress endeavor.

20. Carrie Dils’ Blog

Carrie Dils' inspirational blogCarrie is an experienced blogger who will help you overcome any challenges in your WordPress journey. Her blog will also be helpful for those who are interested in becoming freelancers.

The WordPress blog provides several methods to reach you, including podcasts, paid courses, and personal advice.


If WordPress is your primary work tool, it’s a good idea to start reading WordPress blogs. It is a great way to keep up with all the new WordPress features, find out about the best plugins, themes and various features.

If you want to learn from the best – try reading Matt Mullenweg’s blog. After all, he’s one of the co-developers of WordPress!

Hostinger tutorials will be very helpful for those, who want to deepen their technical skills regarding all things WordPress.

WPSuperstars, ManageWP, and WPTavern will prove to be a great source of information for everything related to WP.

Whatever information you’re looking for, you will easily find it in one of the many WordPress blogs!

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