Writer’s block is a condition, mostly associated with writers when they can’t produce new work. This can be a big problem for those, who need to create new written content regularly. In this article, you will find tips on how to fight writer’s block.

So sit back, relax, and read through!

Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

Frustrating as it is, writer’s block can be fought! There are plenty of ways to get your creative juices flowing. Check out some of our favorite ways to fight writer’s block:

1. Start a Blog

An excellent way to practice your writing, if you haven’t already, is by creating a blog.

You’ll gain readers and the occasional comments when you post your writing for the world to see. Both factors can be your new set of motivation to keep on uploading new content.

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2. Read a Book

To get your imagination flowing and fight writer’s block, reading a book is always a great way to go. Leave your draft for a moment whenever you’re suffering from writer’s block.

Other than it being relaxing, reading can generate impromptu ideas and bring inspiration. You can also analyze writing styles from different authors, which might help to improve your writing too.

Reading different types of books can help you with insights, niche opportunities, and a greater background of information. It can also develop your vocabulary and language abilities.

You might find another favorite quote that you can use as a prompt as well. Or even better, why not write a review of the book once you finished.

3. Watch a Movie

Fight writers block by watching movies on netflix

If reading a book isn’t your cup of tea, then you can replace it by watching a movie to fight writer’s block.

The plot, no matter how cliche it is, sometimes can trigger new ideas. Or, if you have critiques for the movie, turn them into inspirations and write a better piece.

Observe the different characters and take notes about them. From their personalities, the way they dress, to the way they talk. This tip helps if you’re doing creative writing and currently struggling with character development.

The stunning visuals can also help you with descriptive writing. You can practice by parceling out specific scenes. Take tips from the different perspectives of movie directors.

4. Take a Break From Writing

It’s essential that you take some rest between writing. Try not to work overtime just because you don’t want to break your flow. You’ll be surprised at how effective a break can be to your writing process.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good nap. When you feel that you can’t continue writing, turn away from the screen or paper and close your eyes. A short nap of 20-30 minutes can improve alertness and productivity.

Taking early morning or evening walks can also refresh the mind. Moving around helps with metabolism and can produce energy. This improves abstract thinking, focus, and problem-solving.

5. Read Similar Niches

A way to overcome writer’s block when you’re currently writing content is to read similar niches. You might gain back the ideas you’ve lost or attained new understanding about the topic you’re writing.

Reading similar niches can expose you to different voices, styles, and formats. You’ll improve your speed and precision when exploring helpful content. You’ll then end up having better writing skills.

Other than new information, you’ll be able to know how your competitors are putting out content. Thus, you’ll be able to produce a piece on the same topic, but with a different outlook. Take the challenge of writing better content as well.

6. Change the Location Where You Usually Write

Writing isn’t a job that requires you to stay at one desk. You also tend to get bored when staying at the same place for a long period of time. The solution? Move.

Have you heard of “Digital Nomads”? They’re people who travel while working by only using the internet and the digital tools they have. They change locations frequently to boost their productivity.

A change of scene can bring in new perspectives. Talk to different people and learn from them. Ideas will continue to flow as you experience new things.

You don’t have to go to a different city or country to travel. There are places around your location that are yet to be explored. And sometimes, all it takes is to change your usual working spot at home – maybe swiping a boring work desk to a comfy TempurPedic mattress will appear to be the best decision you made while fighting that writer’s block.

7. Carry a Notebook

Carrying a notebook can be a big help if you’re having trouble with writer’s block. In your notebook, you can write however you want. Bullet points, short paragraphs, even random words or events that you came across.

Inspiration can strike at odd places and timings. It’s handy to have some paper and a pen to quickly write your thoughts down before you forget about it. See it as warming up your writing muscles.

Having a notebook can prevent drainage on ideas. You can always look back to it whenever you don’t know what else to write. The notes you’ve written can help you brainstorm.


Every writer has suffered from writer’s block, and the experience can be a little frustrating. However, there are ways that you can fight and redeem your productivity back. We have just shared a few tips that can help you get back to writing:

  • Start a blog
  • Read books
  • Watch movies
  • Take a break
  • Read similar niches
  • Change your writing location
  • Always carry a notebook

Good luck! And hey, you should be writing.


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