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000webhost was founded in 2004 and is now 15 years in business. is best free web hosting provider with decades of leadership in web publishing sphere. 000webhost is world first free cloud web hosting provider. All infrastructure is based on cloud data AWX technology. Latest UX Cpanel - is top notch tool for best experience and very fast web publishing. * Free third level domain hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel, FTP and no Ads. is 100% free web hosting. * Free web hosting with Ultra fast free cloud servers with latest SSD storage and ultimate free DDOS protection. Free web hosting uptime is unbelievably great and is 99%! Millions of 000webhost reviews by happy users all around the world. * Best place to start your small and medium projects and later to scale into more advanced premium web hosting plans. Easy website builder with hundreds professionally designed free templates. Absolutely free SSL domains and free Wordpress web hosting.

Website title - Free Web Hosting with MySQL, PHP, Cpanel, free third party domains and easy website builder.

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Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free Website Builder, cPanel and no ads. Almost unlimited free website hosting and free domain hosting. Host website for Free

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Contact Information Address: 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus Abuse reports are served at: contact[at]

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Review of by Andrew Clune on 2016/02/10 at 22:48
Already having a domain name, I was searching where to host it and stepped on 000Webhost ‘too good to be real’ offer. Since it’s free, why not try? I did. At first was very upset about my decision and thought that they provided terrible services since my domain wasn’t registered and stuff. After half an hour of being totally mad I found out that I filled in the details wrongs (that’s what you get for working on a computer too long). When I fixed my details everything started to work instantly and now I can only good words. Hope my experience will be useful to others and they’ll double check before wasting their energy on raging for no reason.
Review of by Emilija Radić on 2016/01/25 at 20:18
I am a teacher at a middle school and several years ago I found 000Webhost and started using and recommending it for my students for their web projects. The reason I chose you, was because you provided a service with no distracting adverts. During this time only a couple of them would find using it a bit confusing, but others would always say that they’re astonished about how easy it is to work with it. After the recent upgrade I am very pleased that I’ll be able to recommend it to my more advanced students, who need more features and the last versions of PHP. Continue the great work and thank you for giving the possibility for students to learn without any distractions (they also really love the great website loading speed).
Review of by Donald N. Montalto on 2016/01/17 at 14:15
They limit disk space for free users. How am I supposed to put all my Bluray collection online??
Review of by Elizabeth Beeston on 2016/01/12 at 15:47
Simply love how easy to use and create websites it is with 000Webhost. The Cpanel matches the quality of paid hosts! I showed it to my friend who was very sceptical about it and called free hosting ‘a real headache and suffering’ (since he’s a pro and only goes with paid ones) and he had to admit me being right. Of course I had to agree to the fact that free webhosting works best for small blogs and learning purposes. Since I’m learning, it’s perfect for me and after ‘having his blessing’ I continue to use 000Webhost. Speed is uptime and there are NO ADS!
Review of by Toby McDonell on 2016/01/05 at 18:15
Okay, this is like my 5th review in 20 years, but I believe really worth writing. Never have I ever believed that several button clicks is enough to make a website. At first I thought that you have to hire people to do that. And this completely free and quick option just helped me save a real fortune. All those pre-designed templates look so great and it’s really difficult to choose one! And when I add something myself it looks as if I was a professional designer and invested a LOT of money and time to do it. Another thing I really liked was the service being advert free. My site totally looks like it came from a paid hosting provider LOL. Thanks!
Review of by Jeannine Mercure on 2015/12/15 at 17:20
Happy to have found a free hosting provider that has an Auto installer. Not being a coding professional and not wanting to become one, this is the perfect option for me. I could build my website easily with only several button clicks and it looks so professional! I have a food blog and being able to have a gallery of the dishes that I make is simply amazing. It really looks like a museum of food there. Another great thing is that 000Webhost provides uptime speed, my site loads quickly and I don’t have any problems. About now, I’m getting ready to upgrade since my site is becoming more and more popular, hope one day it will turn into a business and I’ll be able to quit my boring job and finally do what I love. Great service.
Review of by Lionello Trevisan on 2015/11/30 at 11:14
Had to make a small school project and searched for some free hosting options. In the beginning wasn’t really that into it, since all the providers I found were full of ads and that really annoyed me. Then I found 000Webhost and my small school project got me very interested in web creation. Not only was it ad free but also supported many great features such as PHP and MySQL. Even though my project was supposed to be only a small WordPress blog it became something a lot bigger. Now I am still learning and one step at a time want to become a professional website builder, it is amazing to learn free of charge, it’s like second school to me, only better.
Review of by Edward V. Salmeron on 2015/11/28 at 13:15
They don’t provide phone support for free users!!!! I know it’s free, but still, how am I supposed to learn about their hosting settings???
Review of by Linette Morel on 2015/11/22 at 22:14
After reading many reviews online, I’ve decided to go with 000Webhost as my hosting provider. The no ads, uptime speed and MySQL database support cought my interest. And the Free option sealed the deal. And I’m glad them I chose them instead of other free web hosting providers. My site is still pretty small and does not get a lot of traffic so i can experiment and learn no strings attached and when the time comes upgrade easily. Believe that the experience would be even better. 10/10.
Review of by Aurelia Toscano on 2015/11/11 at 18:14
I am so happy to have finally found a free webhost that would support PHP and MySQL. I am that happy that I even managed to take the time to stop here and write my thank you note. Now I can build websites of quality and features that I want and not coming from a wealthy family and being 13 years old this really sounds like miracle because any paid host is too expensive for me. Thank you for making my dreams come true. And I wish you all the luck in the future, great job, guys.

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