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was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

0catch.com is related to 00freehost.com (both sites even offer same packages and registration form) and offers free and paid hosting packages. Site contains simple, but easy to navigate and understand layout, and signup process is fast (however, company requires many personal details to be entered, and not everyone may like to share such a personal information with 3rd party company). One nice option - you may have not only simple address like your_username.0catch.com, but you may also host "normal" domain name with this provider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Congratulations - Your 0catch.com account has been created! Site Name: xxx.0catch.com Site Password: xxx Your site xxx.0catch.com has been created. You can go there now by typing in your web address in your browser. Your new web address is http://xxx.0catch.com OR http://www.xxx.0catch.com Either method will work just fine... To administer your site simply go to the main page at 0catch.com and type in your sitename (xxx.0catch.com) and password. From there you will be taken to your user manager where you will be able to add counters, guestbooks, and other site tools to your site. You will be able to upload files as well as copy,move,edit and delete files within your site. There will be comprehensive help information provided in the user manager to help beginners get your site up and running as quickly as possible. For help on using FTP to transfer files to your account go to: http://info.0catch.com/ftp

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0Catch.com - free and affordable hosting plans for business and personal web sites including CGI and FrontPage Support

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0catch.com offers FREE Web Hosting and Cheap business web hosting on reliable servers. We also have a highly profitable reseller web hosting program. Get your FREE web space today.

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Hosting Solutions 727 North 1550 East Suite 275 Orem, Utah 84097 USA

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Review of 0catch.com by Malumo Muhali on 2013/12/12 at 17:51
This 0catch is being used by people to slander others by creating hard core porn and linking people's names to their porn sites. This is simply not on. What is 0catch doing to protect people.
Review of 0catch.com by John Payne on 2013/07/26 at 02:29
Anybody know where the site went?!!??? I get no response from my own URL or from 0catch itself, and my FTP program fails to connect. It's like 0Catch disappeared into the matrix!

And Firefox reports it's searching for www1.dlinkserch.com instead of 0catch. Did it get hacked?
Review of 0catch.com by Carol Andrew on 2012/07/25 at 11:18
I paid for a years subscription to this hosting site. The servers spent more time down than up.

Whenever I reported the error (when they eventually replied) they said nobody was available to fix the problems.

I have now found another provider. It costs a little bit more but it is worth it.

I would definitely NOT recommend 0catch
Review of 0catch.com by Elle on 2012/07/22 at 18:33
I originally signed up under freewebsitehosting.com and somewhere along the line it became 0catch.com. Over the past two years, it has become miserable. We'll have days when the site is just down and not accessible (the vague "HTTP Server Error 503 No available server to handle this request" are words I see at least once a month). Half the time when you update your HTML, the page will go blank and all changes will be lost. The user experience is horrible as photos have to uploaded 10 at a time using an antiquated page. Reaching someone is impossible. I made a bunch of changes two weeks ago. After 3 days of working properly, all my changed reverted back to the page of last month. I emailed them about 10 days ago and no reply whatsoever. I am switching ASAP. Don't waste your time with this joke.
Review of 0catch.com by brian minister on 2012/07/05 at 14:39
My last review of 0catch.com I did in June 2006, more than one year later I an still delighted with the service, and I have been off line twice in 13 months and one of them it was my fault one of my clients rang me to say the site was down did I know, I rang 0catch and got a reply within 5 seconds, I explained I had made an error as I did not know you can only have one hosting company at a time and I had clicked the wrong button, they said it was not a problem to fix it but it will take up to 48 hours which I was not very happy about but thankfully 5 hours later it was up and running and remained so ever since check it out www.casinosofmayfair.com I dont know if being in the UK makes any difference but for me this is a great hosting service for the low cost of less that £5 per month, I can personally recommend the paid for hosting service.
Review of 0catch.com by Lights on - no one home on 2012/04/05 at 16:24
This ste needs to close soon so people can stop waiting for them to reply. Losy service for a paying customer 0catch servers are on/off all day long. 503 errors, no connection to thier servers or to their tech support when they are down. I strongly suggest any hosting company except 0catch especially if you are tryhng to run a busuness because they could care less if your customers can see your site or not, and this is how they treat paying customers oO
Review of 0catch.com by Pam on 2011/09/13 at 20:55
I signed up yesterday for 0catch because I needed an alternative to now defunct 250free. Problems the moment I made the first page. Facebook bans all 0catch hosted pages. Must be the horrible ads and popups all over the pages. Find a reasonably priced web host. Forget 0catch.
Review of 0catch.com by bobbobobob on 2011/06/17 at 22:50
0CATCH.COM DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review of 0catch.com by brian Minister on 2011/06/06 at 11:54
I have been using 0catch.com since 2004, and after the first year geting rid of the adverts I finished up with a very powerful hosting service for very little money about £5 pm I have small problems over the years, but being a paid subscriber I was able to ring or chat on line or email them with my problems and they always without gave me a 100% service either by calling me back or fixing the problem and email me to say the problem is fixed or they would explain what the problem was and we would sort it out together, but the biggest problem I had was when I changed my computor from a desktop to laptop or changed my desk top for a new one or enter a internet centre in Europe, I found that my web page would not open up with a browser less than internet explorer 5.5,so now I use a free Avant browser which works all the time,
For me I recommend this as the best hosting server on the web, but pay the small monthly fee it is worth every penny for the extra service it brings you,
see my web site at www.casinosofmayfair.com how they host it for £5pm,and 6 years on I am still very happy with their service,
Review of 0catch.com by Charles Ohsiek on 2009/08/16 at 14:59
After signing up I was also annoyed with the many pop-ups BUT I saw a screen that allowed removal for $1.66 a month, a sum I was more than willing to pay. I contacted them via that screen, they removed the pop-ups, and I will not be charged until 2/2010. Feel free to view the site and I would appreciate feedback. My email is on the site under "The Board". Thanks. emeraldcondo.0catch.com

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