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was founded in 2006 and is now 11 years in business.

0catch.com is related to 00freehost.com (both sites even offer same packages and registration form) and offers free and paid hosting packages. Site contains simple, but easy to navigate and understand layout, and signup process is fast (however, company requires many personal details to be entered, and not everyone may like to share such a personal information with 3rd party company).

One nice option - you may have not only simple address like your_username.0catch.com, but you may also host "normal" domain name with this provider. And this is a copy of their activation email:

Congratulations - Your 0catch.com account has been created!

Site Name: xxx.0catch.com
Site Password: xxx

Your site xxx.0catch.com has been created. You can go there now by
typing in your web address in your browser. Your new web address is

http://xxx.0catch.com OR http://www.xxx.0catch.com

Either method will work just fine...

To administer your site simply go to the main page at 0catch.com
and type in your sitename (xxx.0catch.com) and password. From
there you will be taken to your user manager where you will be able
to add counters, guestbooks, and other site tools to your site. You
will be able to upload files as well as copy,move,edit and delete
files within your site. There will be comprehensive help information
provided in the user manager to help beginners get your site up and
running as quickly as possible.

For help on using FTP to transfer files to your account go to:

Website title

0Catch.com - free and affordable hosting plans for business and personal web sites including CGI and FrontPage Support

Website description

0catch.com offers FREE Web Hosting and Cheap business web hosting on reliable servers. We also have a highly profitable reseller web hosting program. Get your FREE web space today.

Contact Information

Hosting Solutions
727 North 1550 East Suite 275
Orem, Utah 84097

Reviews 2017

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Review of 0catch.com by Ryan Collins on 2009/08/14 at 17:23
When I signed up for 0catch.com I thought that I found a good web hosting service that I could use. If you sign up you get many pop up ads telling you do buy something or visit a certain site.
I do not recommend using this free web host service because of the ads
Review of 0catch.com by NOWAY HOZAY on 2008/07/26 at 22:29
this company has servers that don't update quick enough when you ftp files. They don't allow you to hot link from another domain. ah you say but its a free site. Yes that may be, but do you want your friends visiting a web site that has annoying and loud pop-up commercials that can't be stopped?
Check it out yourself. for warned is forarmed.
a total waste of time.

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