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101 domain General Information

101 domain was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Register Domain Name : Domain Name Registration Online - International Domain Registration - Internet Domain Registration

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Domain Name Registration - register your domain name online,and get the name you want while it's still available. Internet Domain Registration & International Domain Name Registration.

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101domains, domain101

Contact Information

101Domain, Inc. 5858 Edison Place Carlsbad, CA 92008 Toll Free US: 1-877-983-6624 International: ++1-760-444-8674 Fax: +1-760-579-4996 Email: domains@101domain.com

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101 domain Reviews 2018

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Review of 101domain.com by Ermal on 2018/04/27 at 08:06
Scammers! definitively scammers, They will try to sell you domains which are already registered from other companies and they will never ever refund you back!
Review of 101domain.com by Alexander Nachev on 2017/07/05 at 08:58
BLACKMAIL company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They charge 180$ for domain restore. Then you start waiting ............... 14days till now. (21.06.2017 - 05.07.2017)
Review of 101domain.com by shihab on 2015/01/14 at 02:58
Very bad service and charging me 150 USD for 2 days late payment .. i have around 30 domains with different registrars including, godaddy, instra, 101domain, domain.com etc, but never experienced such a bad service and huge fine from any of this to renew my domain, i didn't receive expiry notification mails as it goes to spam.. and when i noticed the site is down, i went to control panel and paid the due amount to renew it. next day , they came back and asked me to pay usd 150 as restoration fee , which is totally unacceptable. i created a support ticket but their decision was final.. there was no option rather than paying 150 usd to retrieve my domain..
Review of 101domain.com by Ken Sowton on 2014/07/08 at 00:00
Their conditions of service distinctly says there is no refund if they cant get a domain from pre-registration. So why would they bother trying at all? Better of with a reputable registrar.
Review of 101domain.com by rety56565 on 2014/05/31 at 18:25
Big time cheates !!
Useless - they took 3 days to try and register my domain by whihc time all the domain was taken by someone else !
There was an additional duplicate transaction and didnt refund the money !! big time cheats.
Support sucks - no work time listed on the indian site
support will slam your calls down !

They robbed my money for three domain and havnt refunded the money - ofcourse am gonna sue they soon !!
Review of 101domain.com by daniel on 2014/03/11 at 14:41
THEY SUCK ! If you wanna register domains they won't work so easy. Whatever you can do with some registrars, at these is very hard. What on others takes 2 minutes, at them takes 2 days and support tickets. They are pure incompetents, with outdated services.
Review of 101domain.com by Tõnu on 2013/09/29 at 05:13
There are 196 countries in the world.
Yet, staff said they can register domains in over 900 countries?

Review of 101domain.com by Luis Cely on 2013/08/30 at 17:44
Review of 101domain.com by jules on 2013/08/13 at 17:19
these guys are good. many problems with registry and they help me threw all. happy customer!
Review of 101domain.com by Sid on 2013/07/22 at 17:29
I have had all of my country domains with 101domain for 4 years now. They are always able to get the really hard domains that I could never get anywhere else. The support is friendly and I get to talk to someone! It can take a long time to register some domains, but they are always helpful and explain about the different issues with some of the smaller customers. 5 stars!

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