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101 domain was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Register Domain Name : Domain Name Registration Online - International Domain Registration - Internet Domain Registration

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Domain Name Registration - register your domain name online,and get the name you want while it's still available. Internet Domain Registration & International Domain Name Registration.

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101domains, domain101

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101Domain, Inc. 5858 Edison Place Carlsbad, CA 92008 Toll Free US: 1-877-983-6624 International: ++1-760-444-8674 Fax: +1-760-579-4996 Email: domains@101domain.com

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101 domain Reviews 2018

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Review of 101domain.com by jwise on 2013/01/30 at 09:43
Tried to register a .so domain during landrush. They somehow managed to not submit my registration, so I missed out on the auction. They refused to help in any way; calls repeatedly went unreturned. They offered to refund a little bit of my money, but not all of it.

My credit card issuer made short work of it.

I'm not the only one screwed by them. Google for "101domain scam", and you'll find plenty of others...
Review of 101domain.com by Sarah F on 2013/01/14 at 17:17
The customer services took a little time to get back to me, but when they did they did an excellent job serving my needs!
Review of 101domain.com by Bob A on 2013/01/14 at 17:17
I love 101domain! It makes me feel like i am taken care of!
Review of 101domain.com by Anne G on 2013/01/14 at 17:16
101 Domain has excellent service. I am very happy with my results! This companies speed and support is amazing
Review of 101domain.com by charles on 2012/12/12 at 19:17
101Domain has excellent customer service and you won't find better prices. Their chat support is very helpful and they always follow through with my requests. I highly recommend buying your domains at 101Domain
Review of 101domain.com by kate M. on 2012/08/23 at 20:53
101domain falsely purchased domains on my credit card. Do not buy form them under any circumstances. They do not honor requests, customer service, and are untrustworthy. You are much better buying from another domain service that is actually legitimate.
Review of 101domain.com by David R. on 2012/07/19 at 03:07
101Domain is without a doubt, the most incompetent and dishonest domain/hosting company that we have experimented with using world wide.

We assure anyone to NOT believe anything that these people have to say about any topic.

Just have a look above at the 101Domain staff answer to "What else can you tell about your company and services?"

So they claim they have the "... ability to register domains in over 900 countries...?" which is quite an achievement, when there are only 240 countries on Earth!!!

A recent event in which one of their nut-case staff, an Evan Kravitz, interfered with a new customer that we introduced to their hosting services, and demonstrated with his illegal make-believe requirement to want to have on file, copies of both sides of our staff's credit card, clearly demonstrating that he and 101Domain are into credit card "identity fraud."

The list of lies told by this person in recent emails forwarded by one of our new customers, has got to be read to be believed.

He hides behind his lies as to requirements of their ICANN agreement, thinking that people may not choose to check with ICANN themselves, as to the deception that he weaves.

As this customer has ONLY hosting services with 101Domain, they therefore of NO reporting requirements with ICANN at all. Kravitz has also been caught providing private registration details of one 101Domain client to another, as happened between we and our new customer.

One thing for sure, if you pay for their services using a credit card, NEVER fall for their "identity fraud" should their staff try to coerce photostat copies of your credit card out of you!

This particular 101Domain employee has surely got an IQ which is less than his shoe size!

We operate a large data processing facility with 176 server locations throughout the world, made up from 172 country offices and 4 data centers.

We must keep in mind how 101Domain claims to register domains in 900 countries... Maybe we should go looking for the other 728 countries in which we are not currently located?

These people are a joke - steer clear of them at all costs.
Review of 101domain.com by DAVEY JONES LOCKER on 2012/05/16 at 06:59
I wouldn't do it. Like someone else mentioned, I was one click away from registering and I noticed the broken images in the footer. An accredited (or legit) registrar wouldn't have their images hosted on an unsecure server throughout a SSL transaction. So I decided to poke around for some reviews, and found these. Enough said.
Review of 101domain.com by msocor on 2012/04/28 at 13:44
101Domain.com is a website selling domain names that are already registered. They have a script to choose random ccTLD made to look available when they are not. 
A domain is real estate on the internet. If this were world real estate property the owners of 101Domain would be in a 8 by 12. 
They are or were Accredited Registrars. Why they choose to rip people off I do not know. If I had to guess, it's lack of brains.

If you have been scammed by 101Domain, contact the Better Business Bureau - BBB.org.

If 101Domain.com is still an Accredited Registrar, contact ICCAN.org.
Review of 101domain.com by Einstein on 2012/04/14 at 16:14
Whereas I do not use the registrar myself, I would most certainly not advise anybody to use it for ccTLDs (country code top level domains), such as .de, .it, .si etc. Not just because of the prices, but also ... certain issues. Let's take the .si for example -- Slovenian TLD. Most registrars (located in Slovenia at least) offer it for ~15 € ($18). 10 € commission goes to Arnes, the registry, and the registrar keeps the rest. 101domain however, offer us a .si domain for $66! Furthermore, if we take a look at some of Arnes' documentation, we will soon notice that LOCAL PRESENCE is required for REGISTRARS, however I doubt 101domain is based in Slovenia. Arnes is also kind enough to keep an up-to-date list of all accredited registrars for .si (which a registrar must be to sell .si domains), and for a weird reason, none of those begin with "1" or include "101domain". Also, the 101domain website states that IDNs (foreign characters) are not supported in .si domain names ("source: www.arnes.si"), however Arnes would beg to differ. Arnes has introduced IDN domains already in 2010 (20th of October 2010 to be percise). As an alternative, I would suggest a registrar like domains.si. That registrar is actually based in Slovenia, as required by Arnes, and it also offers domains at a price of 23 €. Of course if speaking Slovene is not a problem to you, you can take look at some other registrars too.

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