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101 domain was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Register Domain Name : Domain Name Registration Online - International Domain Registration - Internet Domain Registration

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Domain Name Registration - register your domain name online,and get the name you want while it's still available. Internet Domain Registration & International Domain Name Registration.

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101domains, domain101

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101Domain, Inc. 5858 Edison Place Carlsbad, CA 92008 Toll Free US: 1-877-983-6624 International: ++1-760-444-8674 Fax: +1-760-579-4996 Email: domains@101domain.com

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101 domain Reviews 2018

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Review of 101domain.com by Sam, H on 2011/08/24 at 07:48
Amazing customer service! We talked to a guy for one hours and he explained everything in detail!
My sites have never been down and I've never had any problems what-so-ever. HIGHLY recommended!
Review of 101domain.com by Chris B on 2011/08/22 at 15:34
they are good people and honest
I have several domain account with them while hosting with same company. They have a good plesk desk with site builder for your account and they remind you for renewal so you won't miss it. The process for new or renew domain is very simple and fast. They have no problems with email service and they let you know what's going on. I believe they offer the most domain extension on the market.
Review of 101domain.com by Barry Tolbet -President on 2011/08/22 at 05:33
Cheap prices and free account protection
Probably the cheapest domain registrar and you get free whois protection as well [Meaning unwanted persons can't lookup your name and address using whois]. No problems with them so far. You don't need a credit card to buy domains through them either. They offer a incredible brand protection worldwide. Global Domain Name watch.
Review of 101domain.com by Jazzie Jan on 2011/08/22 at 05:24
Great price and service!
Their price is great, and competitive for the industry. On top of that, their customer service has been incredible. Their phone staff is always available and very courteous. I've never had a rude or unhelpful service representative. I would never go anywhere else.
Review of 101domain.com by Josef on 2011/08/18 at 11:40
there personal speaking almost 10 language great service
Review of 101domain.com by Tom on 2011/08/09 at 02:11
Never use 101domain.com they are scam
I have spend $30.00 for a domain they never sent the login info so if you last your password you can t never recovery from there web site
"forget Password" and if you contact by live help they ask you the secret question where you never set this when you register ,
so by using live help I paste the transaction I did using pay pal and they close the live chat,
So I reopen again the live chat and I ask again to reset the password and they ask me
The the 3 secret question where your grandmother scool university I have 50 years at that time my grandmother now no more alive at that time was no university scool .
So my last step is to call 101domain and all the phone number are disconnected so I lost money and domain PLEASE NEVER BY FROM THI COMPANY
NB: LIVE CHAT NAME OPERATOR SAME PERSON Patrick Wach this company stay away.
Review of 101domain.com by Phil on 2011/07/19 at 14:43
Worse service ever, bought a domain from someone else, it took them 4 month to transfer the domain to me and change the Whois info,

I sent them about 15 email in 4 months, i got about 5 reply,

Avoid at all cost
Review of 101domain.com by Gerard K on 2011/07/07 at 17:22
Just stay away from 101domains, they have held my domains hostage on several occasions without reason. Terrible scam.
Review of 101domain.com by Gwen on 2011/06/28 at 21:08
Deal with a U.S. company or one within your own homeland.
Three guesses as to where this one originated.... As long as you can read English, you can rip off people. It sounds as though they have hired some native English speaking people to man the phones. Hmmmm, as my 3 yr. old use do say...InSteresting.
Review of 101domain.com by Gwen on 2011/06/28 at 21:03
THEY WILL KEEP BILLING YOU....even after you think you've cancelled. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM or expect to have it go away after cancelling.

THREE YEARS of continued billing for PAID..cancelled domains AND the bills have continued and gone to collections years after payment.
After paying AGAIN and insisting on confirmation numbers with NCO collections so that I can somehow make someone accountable, the process has it that I can't confirm the payment with 101 until 3-5 days from payment, so I have to carry around this info for yet another week and try to re-invent the wheel for cancelling out these domain names. I'm sure they trip up lots of folks with that delayed payment confirmation, assuming that most people have forgotten about making that call, assuming that all is as it should be...WRONG WRONG WRONG!! Whatever you do, make sure that your domain registration is not checked off for an auto renewal, unless you want it to. 101 did not have that option and I assumed that like Go Daddy, I would be notified when the registration needed to be renewed. NOT the case here...unless they have changed. I have been dealing with this paid bill and what I thought were cancelled domain names for THREE YEARS. This time it has to end....once and for all.

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