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was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

3host.biz offers free and paid hosting packages, and free plan looks very promising - 5 GB of space, 50 GB of bandwidth, PHP support, 3 MySQL databases (should be enough even for small business website) and domain name support (you may host your own domain name instead of subdomain like xxx.3host.biz). But we have bad news. At the moment we were trying to signup with 3host.biz company, we got nothing but error message "We don't accept new sign ups for a while". Same message was displayed for a few days, and we couldn't test full functionality of their packages. But if they will start accepting new users again, you may want to try them - all the features offered looks more than good.

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3HOST.biz - Get Your Free 5Gb of space with PHP and MySQL Support for your Media site!

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Web hosting provider, specialising in media hosting, offers a massive 5GB Web space, 20GB data transfer per month, full FTP access, a WYSIWYG editor and also supports PHP 4 and 3 MySQL databases. The service will provide you with a free sub-domain name (y

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Review of 3host.biz by alvaro on 2013/04/09 at 08:06
I searched for 3host on google today, and the site is up again, but I didn't sign up so i don't know if they are accepting new members.
Review of 3host.biz by Jason on 2008/03/08 at 13:29
WTF happened to 3host man!!?
Review of 3host.biz by ccell on 2008/02/27 at 06:00
last known blog by 3host
Review of 3host.biz by babylon on 2008/02/22 at 02:46
start from 01 feb 2008 the server is offline.. so sad.. any other free hosting with no ads?
Review of 3host.biz by shareen on 2008/02/17 at 15:17
Hi there...... I want to know too as my site was hosted and now it's just gone! Stupid me didn't make a dam copy so I am gutted and have lost all my work!!!!!!. Anyone know what is going on???
Review of 3host.biz by Medallion on 2008/02/12 at 09:50
I need to know what happened to this provider.
Review of 3host.biz by Matt on 2008/02/05 at 15:37
They took off. Server is offline.
Anyone know what the fuck happened?
Review of 3host.biz by Graeme Brown on 2008/02/04 at 11:28
Who pulled the Plug? Is this coming on line again or is all game over... Anyone with info Welcome!!

Hope its back online soon ,hell this cost me time...money.

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