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3 Ix General Information

3 Ix was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

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www.3ix.com - 3iX provides reliable web hosting, 1 dollar web hosting, cheap web hosting

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3iX Networks provides reliable shared web hosting, 1 dollar web hosting, cpanel web hosting, cheap web hosting, cheap hosting, reseller web hosting

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MinMax Group Inc. 4747 36th Street 18916 Long Island City NY 11101 US Phone:+1.7134811400 FAX:+1.7134811401 Email: sales@3ix.org

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3 Ix Reviews 2018

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Review of 3ix.org by C on 2017/08/24 at 03:48
I opened a ticket with them regarding inaccurate info on July 28, it is now Aug 23, and they STILL haven't fixed their problems. They don't respond, it's a chatbot, DO NOT USE 3iX, they are horrible
Review of 3ix.org by Ex 3ix Customer on 2014/10/02 at 15:00
In the 15 years I've been running websites 3ix are head and shoulders the absolute worst web host I have ever tried. Continual security breaches, continual downtime, clueless support who suggested that the securotty breaches were my fault (what ? YOUR entire server has been pwned and you think this is MY fault ? when I'd only put up 4 static HTML pages ?) . Please spend your money elsewhere 3ix are run by clowns.
Review of 3ix.org by norm on 2014/04/26 at 13:30
I am very happy, but people who are not happy, likely did not read and understand 3ix's support for the $1/month plan.....3ix is NOT clear about the $1/month plan's support. (lol).
Under the term "24x7 Live Support", for the $1/month plan, they state "Technical Support by Ticket Only".
Thus, your support question is addressed within one business day (not exactly what I would call 24/7 either, lol). However, 3ix has offices in NY, and Texas, so, I am very confident about the security of information. I have had code stolen from a company based in Israel, whom was contracted to support the code (lol).
Review of 3ix.org by norm on 2014/04/26 at 13:11
I LOVE this web site hosting company. I have never had problems. I suspect, that with this do-it-yourself type technology, that there are lots of people whom screw up their own site. I had one problem recently, which was strange, but that was about it. They fixed it as promised in the time frame specified in my service. I host over six sites with this company. I also suffered the embarasement of having the website cracked and stuff was there I did not put there, but this was my own fault for using too simple of a password, and I have corrected this problem. They also assisted in making sure the site was not doing anything bad.
Review of 3ix.org by Musashi on 2013/09/30 at 23:17
3ix is a BIG FRAUD.

Downtime last from 24 hours to 48 hours, and happens every 2-3 weeks.

Planning to sue them. Does anyone want to join in a class act legal suit. 3ix must pay back money for services not rendered, and causing damages to business and lost time.
Review of 3ix.org by Paul on 2013/05/18 at 01:24
I host my Site www.mislimi.com for at least 4 Years an I am very very glade to get my site this cheap and this good. When I have problems my last and longest response time was 2,5 h this is not bad for 1 bug a month. If I would pay 100$/month or more I would want more speed in Europe, but so I have no problems, and it works fine for me.
Review of 3ix.org by Justin on 2013/04/29 at 09:53
Nice to see someone sticking up for them! It's too easy to take a swing at someone when they are not here to defend themselves.
Review of 3ix.org by Gweneth on 2013/04/23 at 07:27
I can understand you not being happy if your site has been down for a long time. I wouldn't be happy either. I can only say what I've found for myself and that's been a bit of time down now and then but usually pretty good. Service people always helpful so nothing to complain about please. Have I been lucky?
Review of 3ix.org by Keith on 2013/04/23 at 03:52
Look at $1pcm these guys have always done what I wanted them to, host my website and get it in front of as many people as possible.

I see people complaining of things like fail your to take site backups and have to think that maybe they need to take responsibility for their own sites a bit more.

In a nutshell, great value for money web hosting that does what it says on the tin!
Review of 3ix.org by dontuse3ix on 2013/04/14 at 06:42
This hosting company *s*ucks big time. Website is always down, in fact had no choice to pay for next years domain and cant even pay for it because their site is down again. Always has and always will be the biggest piece of junk service ever used. Wish we never had gone with them.

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