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4 Java was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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4java.ca - JSP Hosting, Servlet Hosting, J2EE Hosting

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jsp. jsp hosting. jsp hosting and servlet hosting. Java servlet hosting, JSP hosting, web application hosting. private java virtual machines, Tomcat 4, JSP, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, JDBC drivers,linux

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ObjectNova Inc. PO BOX 186 STN Adelaide Toronto, Ontario M 5C 2J1, Canada Fax : 1-888-850-5063 Email: support@4Java.ca

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4 Java Reviews 2018

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Review of 4java.ca by GuyT on 2014/11/13 at 17:10
Was with them for many years, add a few issues, but they managed to fix things.

But since the company was sold to an American company, major bugs (things like CSS non support), my stuff moved to another server with introduced bugs. Service seams to be lacking, so I moved my stuff to 000webhost.
Review of 4java.ca by Ron Content on 2012/02/24 at 14:42
Eating crow over my previous post. They are a billing machin, true, but our email problem originally thought to be their problem was elsewhere.
Review of 4java.ca by ron content on 2012/02/24 at 14:33
The reason for the gmail address is because our website and email are down again! These are the most unbelievably poor customer service types I've ever come across. Don't answer phones, their email support is a joke, there are no human beings working there as far as we can tell, just automated billing systems. I have 3 words of advice if you are considering them: avoid avoid avoid
Review of 4java.ca by John Holme on 2011/11/21 at 03:57
4java lost my data! When they migrated servers, they failed to migrate my database, and now claim they don't have a backup and it cannot be restored. When you pay for hosting, you are also paying for the integrity of your data. It is astounding to me that a company like this can remain in business. If you're looking for a hosting service, stay away from 4java. If you already use 4java, find another service quick before they lose your data.
Review of 4java.ca by Robert on 2011/10/06 at 13:44
Stay away. We've been with 4java.ca for a little over 3 years. This past year has been absolutely terrible. They migrated to a new server without notification. Lost all our postgresql databases and they could not restore because they didn't have a backup of the old server. The DNS servers changed without warning making all our sites go down. Dealing with them is a mess.
Review of 4java.ca by JW on 2011/09/08 at 16:39
Terrible service. They went down 4 times last week alone and when I needed them the most.

IP and Ports keep changing on us. Any changes they make have adverse effects on my customers, and they never post or e-mail any change notifications. In fact, I just lost another customer today, because I couldn't support them with my product which requires a minor poll to the online db hosted by 4Java.

They don't answer to e-mails, phone calls, or voice mails. Once or twice, their response was what caused an issue that they fixed. Their explanations for why things happen are extremely "misleading" to say the least.

Avoid this company.
Review of 4java.ca by John Casperwiski on 2011/07/23 at 12:39
This 4Java.ca is a scam. They steal your money and never respond to your emails or complians. Their phone will never answer and will never get back to you.

Avoid this company, it is cheap, but you get nothing for your money. It is like throwing money away.

I hosted a site with them, It never went up, and they have refused to return back the money they collected and never called me or answered my calls.

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