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Accu Web Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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.Web Hosting, Windows hosting, ASP.NET Hosting, SQL database Hosting, PHP Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting

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Web Hosting, ASP.NET hosting SQL 2005 hosting PHP web hosting VPS Hosting ASP Web Hosting Microsoft Windows hosting specialist - Accu Web Hosting. Affordable Cheap Web Hosting.

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accuwebhost, accuwebhosted

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AccuWebHosting.Com C/0. Payment Processing PO Box 233 Norwood, NJ 07648 United States of America

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Accu Web Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of by Andre Kilsten on 2017/10/25 at 00:40
Support has been so fast, friendly and accurate - makes my choice to stay here much easier!
Review of by Gregg Hicks on 2017/10/24 at 20:05
Support staff is very helpful on chat and email. Impressed with ability to migrate cPanel accounts and issue SSLs overnight! GREAT RESELLER SERVICE!!!
Review of by R. Shockey on 2017/10/24 at 13:16
We've used AccuWebHosting for both our company web sites for over ten years. The value and service they provide make them one of the best bargains in the business. We highly recommend them.
Review of by David Devine on 2017/10/24 at 10:04
Excellent and quick service even doing things through emails.
Review of by Todd Coward on 2017/10/24 at 04:34
I'm fairly new to AccuWeb, having moved from a Toronto-based hosting service who's tech support was middling at best, and also expensive.
I've used tech support on several occasions at ACW, with great results: all items resolved, quick responses, and friendly service. I would recommend AccuWeb to anyone ...
Review of by Joseph Wagner on 2017/10/20 at 12:57
I have multiple e-commerce websites, all hosted by AccuWebHosting. I've been in the e-com business since 1999, and with AccuWebHosting since about 2009. Most of the time, it's great, no, i would have to say "EXCELLENT" service. This time, horrible.

I pay for weekly backups. The purpose of a backup is this: In the event of a catastrophe, like the current one where my SSL updates, purchased from and installed by AWH, crash all my websites, is that it would restore them back to a functioning state, a few days younger than when the crash happened. They did the work. They installed the updates.. And my sites all crashed.

The Backup Service has FAILED. It is a cluster-f'k on the level of thousands of dollars a day. They did not check the websites, they said they were done. I checked. OMG, all down. I have employees, payroll, bills to pay, and my income is hosed until this is figured out. I alerted them that it was not working. They re-restored it. They said I now have two of five websites running again.

Wrong. They never checked. Still down. Now my phones are silent, my webmaster who has a full-time job, is aware, and it is keeping him up at nights. This is ridiculous. AccuWeb, I am totally shocked that your backup is not doing the job. This feels like 1997, not 2017. We used to create "Mirror Images" of files. I assumed that in twenty years, this had evolved beyond that. I am financially screwed for the time being.

Bottom Line: AccuWebHosting does provide great, responsive service most times, but when something really critical is on the line (and who can guess what that is), you as the customer must find another way to make a total, and I mean TOTAL backup that you can somehow restore if their system fails you. This probably applies to every web hosting company, I don't know.

My next project after this nightmare is resolved, is to do exactly that. Find a way to make MY OWN PERSONAL BACKUP, and schedule it for DAILY BACKUPS, outside of AccuWebHostings system.

Their system failed me, and they are not double-checking their work. Sad, because until now, they were batting 100%.

Thanks for the $25 for the review.
Review of by Valentin Lyong on 2017/10/16 at 06:38 is the one of the best hosting service ever. They have great technical support, great webhosting services, and great affiliate program.
Review of by Saed Majdalawi on 2017/10/16 at 06:26
Excellent Service
Review of by JKDA on 2017/10/15 at 13:37
When our website is live on AccuWebHosting's server, we got all that features those we were promised. They truly care about our websites, they are such nice people. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a hosting service.
Review of by Shuaib on 2017/10/15 at 12:11
THey are good and straight forward for their service.

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