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Accu Web Hosting General Information

Accu Web Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 14 years in business.

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.Web Hosting, Windows hosting, ASP.NET Hosting, SQL database Hosting, PHP Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting

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Web Hosting, ASP.NET hosting SQL 2005 hosting PHP web hosting VPS Hosting ASP Web Hosting Microsoft Windows hosting specialist - Accu Web Hosting. Affordable Cheap Web Hosting.

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accuwebhost, accuwebhosted

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C/0. Payment Processing
PO Box 233
Norwood, NJ 07648
United States of America

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Accu Web Hosting Reviews 2017

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Review of accuwebhosting.com by Farid Mikhail on 2017/10/14 at 07:36
I've just resigned to a new VPS service after a short break. I've always received great and timely service from you. I have recommended you to several people and will continue to do so.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Clay Autery on 2017/10/14 at 06:56
I've used probably a baker's dozen of different hosting/colo services in the last 2 decades. Without a doubt, AccuWeb is head and shoulder's above the rest. I have a Star Cloud VPS (Linux) and have been overjoyed with it for 2+ years now. I pay a little more for the "fully managed" option and while I do MOST of the maintenance, it is VERY nice to have the techs available 24/7.

I won't be going anywhere anytime soon as long as Accuweb treats me and my clients this good! Thank you Accuweb!!
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Nikesh Reddy on 2017/10/14 at 03:25
It is providing one of the Awesome services I have ever seen...Vps is affordable and value for every penny!
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Victor on 2017/10/14 at 03:14
Great company to work with. Affordable prices. The support team is excellent they are super fast to respond to your tickets and they know what they are doing. I highly recommend this company.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Hardik V. on 2017/05/03 at 19:03
AccuWebHosting is the perfect hosting provider to host your site. I am hosting my site with them for more than 2 years now and never regret my decision. Their pricing are the best and support is just outstanding. Their online chat is always responsive. You will get a response within 2-3 seconds. They quickly resolve your concerns. 5 start to AccuWebHosting.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Chirag Purohit on 2017/05/03 at 11:19
We have been using Accuweb hosting from many years and we are satisfied with the performance and their 24/7 chat and ticket support. We started with their shared hosting plans and when our website traffic grew, we upgraded to a VPS hosting and we are happy with the performance. Great Hosting Provider....
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Rajesh Rao on 2017/04/30 at 15:25
I had used the Windows VPS of Accuwebhosting for my internal staff project. I didn't host website but hosted Asp.net desktop Application.

Before I chosen Accuweb,I was a newbie in webhost. Their support team helped me allot for getting familiar with VPS hosting.

The server performance was satisfactory.Their prices are affordable.

Undoubtedly,my next project will be with them.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Ashish on 2017/04/28 at 07:04
EXcellent Support team and High performance VPS hosting service. I have used Windows VPS service. Affordable price, content rich knowledgebase are also spotlight of Accuwebhosting.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Unknown Person on 2015/12/12 at 09:11
Recently, I have purchased a service from AccuWebHosting and they took 2-3 days to deliver Cloud VPS. The resources, they provide on their website is 30 GB and after delivered the VPS the space was only 2 GB free. I asked for the reason about free space why it is too less. Do you know guys they told me that windows takes the necessary space. Is it fact that Windows Server 2008 takes 28 GB storage space? I am system engineer, I know that windows does not take more space. If there is no much space on a windows VPS then what is the need to buy VPS? This is the biggest cheater company, I have ever seen in my life. I used this kind of services for many Hosting companies, but faced this type of problem only with AccuWebHosting.

Never buy any service from AccuWebHosting.
Review of accuwebhosting.com by Ronaldo Florendo on 2014/06/02 at 18:25
Two thumbs up while sitting on a rocking chair!
Recommended even for beginners!

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