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Accu Web Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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.Web Hosting, Windows hosting, ASP.NET Hosting, SQL database Hosting, PHP Hosting, VPS Server Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting

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Web Hosting, ASP.NET hosting SQL 2005 hosting PHP web hosting VPS Hosting ASP Web Hosting Microsoft Windows hosting specialist - Accu Web Hosting. Affordable Cheap Web Hosting.

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accuwebhost, accuwebhosted

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AccuWebHosting.Com C/0. Payment Processing PO Box 233 Norwood, NJ 07648 United States of America

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Review of by Steve M. on 2014/01/29 at 15:49
I am in the business of reselling Web Hosting. My key customers require hosting both ASP.NET/MS-SQL and PHP/MySQL websites. Consequently, I had to manage two separate servers to fulfill this requirement. Previously, it was a tedious task for me administer both servers, and as my business grew, I felt the need to migrate all of my websites onto a single VPS platform that would essentially address both ASP.NET/MS-SQL as well as PHP/MySQL websites. Apart from streamlining my infrastructure, economics was also a determining factor with any decision.

I searched for web hosting companies who offer VPS hosting and was able to short list 3 adequate companies. As I tend to err on the side of caution, I signed up with all three companies for testing their VPS services. Upon completion of my testing in all 3 VPSs, I found AccuWebHosting’s server far surpassed the others. The responsiveness of that VPS was excellent, the features provided satisfied all my requirements, and the customer service is always outstanding. I have initiated Live chat with these guys and are always responsive, quick, and efficient. For several years now, I am a very satisfied customer of AccuWebHosting. If you are seeking a reputable and reliable VPS host, I highly recommend
Review of by Salish on 2013/12/03 at 05:34
This is a kind answer for FRANCESCO:
At, it is our responsibility to provide the utmost in hosting services and a large part of this is ensuring the soundness of our infrastructure. As this incident indicates, the spikes in traffic were due to outdated scripts. We understand the impact this can have on our clients, and are always willing to go to extreme measures to address these types of issues.

We try to strike a balance between mitigating customer downtime vs. ensuring vulnerabilities are properly addressed. We'd like to welcome you, Francesco, back to so we can demonstrate our willingness to satisfy each and every client.
Below is a summary of how the support incidents occurred:
Your website was using outdated wordpress versions and had installed minimal to no security plugins. Due to this, your site was being frequently hacked for approximately 6 months. Despite sending frequent notifications to update your wordpress versions, you did not take any reasonable measures. To mitigate your uptime impact, we provided ample notifications prior to suspending your website.

Your website was first suspended on April 27, 2013 due to high cpu usage. (Ticket Reference #426577 - Account suspended!!!! WHY??????????????) In this support ticket, we informed you to upgrade your wordpress to the latest version. However, you did not take any steps. After a month, on June 15, 2013, the site was again suspended for the same reason. (Ticket Reference #908205 - Account suspended due to high resource usage - hotelblo). Again, we alerted you before suspending the website. Upon your request, we reactivated the website in less than 24 hours. We once again alerted you to install the necessary security patches in wordpress.

The third time your site was suspended due to payment. Your invoice was overdue by 20 days. We sent you a total of 5 notifications before suspension. (Ticket Reference #610336 - RE: AccuWebHosting.Com :: Account Suspension Notice (Invoice # 132533) ) You responded: "please reactivate my account. Payment done. I was travelling so that I have not read your emails until now." In good faith measure, we unsuspended your site once again.

Finally, the 4th time, your site was suspended on November 19, 2013. The reason was again the same, a brute force attack on your wordpress blog. The critical security plugins were never installed on your blog. (Reference ticket #655633 - Account suspended due to high usage - hotelblo.) This is what you have written: "thank you for your email. As you can see, I have installed quite a few security plugin in order to prevent any attack to my blog." After this, upon your request, we have also refunded money as following: "We honour your decision and accordingly we have given a credit of $22.95 (which you have paid against Invoice #132533 for the duration of (09/04/2013 - 03/03/2014)) to your account."
If you'd like to review all the above support incidents, we can provide you the necessary helpdesk access. We apologize for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction you had with the service and would like to improve your experience with us.
Salish R.
Review of by Manish on 2013/11/29 at 12:28
I am hosting my company website with them since last 5+ years. I never encountered any issue. Their support is great and most of your queries are resolved immediately by their techs.
Review of by FRANCESCO on 2013/11/25 at 11:30
My site has experienced some spike in traffic, according to their tech "support" team, and this was sufficient for them to decide that my site had to be suspended with no previous alert from their side. When they informed me, by email, they did not give me any option but upgrading (paying more) if I wanted the service being reactivate! So if you wish to get more and more traffic and you work very hard to get it, you know, they will immediately cut your service once you reach some decent result, just to make sure you will never be able to have some sort of success. No my friends, that's not a good service. If I had a chance to decide before they suspended my site, then I might have upgraded, but I hadn’t. Cheap service for cheap needs. They do not deserve any trust. Better to pay more for a real professional service. Ah, if you ask for a refund because they are illegally interrupting to provide their service, you will get a credit to pay only for their services!!! So if you want to take the risk, go on and good luck!!
Review of by Naimesh on 2011/03/20 at 03:17
All techs have different names to deceive customers and and pretend as if they are in US (but they are in fact working from India). Stay far away...
Review of by Pankaj Trivedi on 2011/01/25 at 08:23

I have been with with last several years and am sully satisfied with the quality of their services. Hardly I have received any downtime for my site and what is most attractive is their real 24 x 7 x 365 days' live chat support. Whenever I needed them, they were there. Awesome!!

Pankaj Trivedi

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