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ava host was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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Cheap Web Hosting. Reliable web hosting at low costs. Best CPanel+Fantastico Included!

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Reliable cheap web hosting for only $4.95 a month with no extra fees. Free Domain, Free SiteBuilder, Promotion. 7 Years in hosting business!

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avahosting, avahosted

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AvaHost PO Box. 2353 Houston, TX 77074 United States Phone: 1 (214) 377-6057 Fax: 1 (509) 275-7151 Emails: Sales/Billing: sales@avahost.net Technical Support: support@avahost.net

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Review of avahost.net by David on 2013/10/24 at 17:08
Terrible provider, awful down time and they mess around with your files changing permissions and deleting things without any notice. They probably read your emails too.
Review of avahost.net by Bilal Amjad on 2012/05/17 at 07:44
Best cheap hosting companies list with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and cheap domain registration service
Review of avahost.net by Anon on 2011/07/28 at 06:34
Darla, Dilan, and Devis...all with the same horrible grammatical errors, same 2 year customer thing, and very amusing words like "operationability." Classic signs of self promotion attempts. Sigh. Moving on.
Review of avahost.net by Darla on 2010/04/09 at 11:29
Very strong side of hosting - tech support. I'm purchasing their services over 2 years for me and for all
my customers. Their support is responding rapidly and competently, people are very polite.
Downtimes are rare, but occur sometimes.
Review of avahost.net by Dilan on 2010/02/19 at 13:25
I'm Avahost customer more than 2 years.
I would like to thank to the technical support of company Avahost for their
operationability and good relations with a customers, excellent speed of their servers.
Always help me out with any issues. That's very pleasant to work with them, thanks guys.
Review of avahost.net by Devis on 2009/12/21 at 11:50
I'm working with Avahost company about 2 years and I have a Plus Plan. I have had a few small
issues during this time and they had fixed them within 15 minutes. Besides, I did not met such technical
support on any hosting! Always accessible by phone and by chat. Honestly, I advice to try their service.
Excellent company!
Review of avahost.net by nick on 2009/12/16 at 03:39
They can never keep my site up and running. They always told me it was my IP or something else. The only way you can get a hold of them is via email. They SUCK!!!! Here's the manager email in case anyone else has problems. val.root@gmail.com or val.root@avahost.net
Review of avahost.net by Robert on 2009/10/23 at 10:12
Many thanks AvaHost! You very excellent work! Operatively and qualitatively!
Friendly technical support. Really try to help!
I advise to all, that used your services! And all are happy!

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