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Black Lotus was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Black Lotus DDoS Protection: First and Leading in DDoS protection services

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ddos protection, protected hosting, dedicated servers, co-location, collocation, cdn, content distribution network

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The IRC Company, Inc. 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd. #D5 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 United States of America Sales:

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Black Lotus Reviews 2018

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Review of by Scally on 2014/06/11 at 22:53
There should be a way to put all domains hosted by into a blocklist. I've been modifying my spam blocking system for months, get they get their crap through. gives them reverse lookup and all the credentials they need to stay out of blocklists.
They need to be shut down.
Review of by shitty ISP. on 2014/06/08 at 03:49
I'm also receiving HUGE amounts of spam from this service. I would love for those to be arrested thrown in jail, or have their servers melt down. I'm sick, tired and I'm fed up of receiving spam from this ISP. Cease and desist. You have no valid reason to exist be it in the internet or in physical form. Just stop it and leave us alone. is nothing but a spam sewer that needs to be blocked and stopped.
Review of by James Sowden on 2014/05/23 at 07:51
I can only agree with many of the posts above. I am receiving huge amounts of spam, I too have reported all of them to spamcop with little effect so far. I contacted spamcop directly but only received a feeble response that they only report spam. Absolutely sick to death of the amount of spam I am receiving, the sooner they go out of business the better.
Review of by Russell DePoy (SPAM Nazi) on 2014/05/21 at 08:37
Major source for UCE/SPAM and it's not slowing down. You need to get a grip on your spammers and shut them down.
Review of by MCS on 2014/05/19 at 23:50
Black Lotus hosts the spamvertised web sites. Just because the email spam didn't pass through Black Lotus mail servers doesn't mean they're not just as guilty.

The only abuse address they accept is abuse@ and they are asleep at the switch.

I refer to them as Blackhat Lotus Net.

Review of by John on 2014/04/24 at 01:40
Beware. They're getting blackholed left and right since they're mostly hosting spam sites nowadays. No real customers will touch them with a ten foot pole.
Review of by Steve B on 2014/04/09 at 01:38
These guys are SPAMMERS from hell. I've been bombed from these fools for 4 straight days now. They send 2 or 3 every 10 minutes or so...ALL day. Stop around supper and stay quiet til about 2 in the morning and start all over again. I report every single one to so hoping that stops these pricks soon. I've been on the net since '95 and certainly been bombed before, but not like these losers do. They must not have much of a life.
Review of by Franklin Veaux on 2014/03/09 at 03:21
Black Lotus appears to have gone black-hat. Approximately 40% of the spam in my inbox every day these days is advertising Web sites served by Black Lotus. Repeated abuse complaints are unanswered, and the Spamvertised sites are still up. Black Lotus appears to be hosting for well-known, large-scale spammers like Imagine Media/3009 Media.

A small sampling of Black Lotus hosted spam sites includes ("Dr. Oz skin care" spam) and (car insurance spam) (home mortgage scam/spam) (who's who spam)

and many more. In the past few days, I've received spam advertising no fewer than 61 domains on Black Lotus.
Review of by joehot200 on 2013/07/30 at 11:17
Just their prices are bad, as well as them scamming. I know a few people in the minecraft community, all who have used BlackLotus's DDoS protection have been scammed, often more than $1000.

Though i do not wish to "advertise", i would recommend or, as both are much cheaper and do the job - note that this is to help people, and not to advertise a business or for any personal gain.

Because of all the bad reviews, i have never used their services (luckily).
Review of by JD on 2013/02/12 at 13:03
BlackLotus hosts hate sites like I refuse to do business with any company who considers garbage like that to be acceptable content and those who would create it as being acceptable customers. I urge others to do the same.

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