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Burst NET was founded in 1998 and is now 20 years in business.

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BurstNET™ - A World-Wide Leader in Web Hosting & Internet Solutions

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Provides web hosting and internet solutions. Reseller and price matching programs available.

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BurstNET Technologies, Inc. 420-422 Prescott Avenue Scranton, PA 18510 USA Email: sales@burst.net

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Review of burst.net by Moving on soon... on 2014/04/07 at 02:45
5 days with a support ticket (unable to reach our VPS), and NO ONE has answered it at all yet. It's like ... they are not there at all.

12 hours SLA, 99,9% uptime. What a joke!

We're moving on to some serious provider.
Review of burst.net by phanf on 2014/01/22 at 21:20
Wow. I've had an account with them for over a year and I just got this email stating they are just closing the data center!! I'm on a VPS and they're not evening willing to transfer my VPS to the new location. These American companies are just going down in flames! Not only that, but I thought it was their our facility vs them just renting some shit.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 11:35 AM, BurstNET® CSS <custserv@burst.net> wrote:
Dear valued BurstNET Customer,

We have been having major problems with our Dallas, TX hosting provider. We have been working with them diligently over the past week in an attempt to resolve these issues, but we have not reached resolution. As a result, you are at risk for potentially permanent business interruption. We will be closing our Dallas, TX hosting facility immediately and migrating our clients to our flagship facility in Scranton, PA. We understand the severity of this issue for you and your business. Please understand we have done all we can here at BurstNET to extend this deadline.

We advise you to begin transferring all of your important data off of these servers immediately. If you do not have current, up to date external backups of your data, please create these backups. Once the Dallas facility is closed, your servers will be taken offline and data will be unrecoverable. We will not be able to migrate your data during this closeout.

Once you have completed backing up / migrating your data, we can offer you hosting services in our Scranton/Dunmore flagship facility at our corporate global headquarters. To help ease the burden of this transition, we will include a free month of service.

Some of the benefits of having your services located here in our flagship facility are as follows:
*24/7/365 on-site and remote technical support staff
*1,350 ton chilled water loop cooling capacity
*8 MW 12.4 KV primary power services from PP&L, expandable to 20 MW
*1610KVA UPS power protection installed
*Average Latency: New York City – 5 ms, Philadelphia –¬4 ms, Chicago, IL –¬25 ms

Please visit http://burst.net/dc2-pa.pdf for further information on this facility.

In order to best assist you with your new service in Dunmore PA, please apply the Promo Code MIGVPSTX to your new order(s). Please note the free month of service must be applied manually. If this order is time sensitive you can pay the new invoice and the system will go through our automation and be delivered within the hour. Once the system is delivered, our Client Services Specialists (CSS) will go in and retroactively apply the free month as a credit to your account.
Review of burst.net by spammed on 2013/09/26 at 17:45
This provider is WORSE spammer network in the country ... or in china (looks a lot like China.net). BEWARE. I look forward to them being shut down.
Review of burst.net by Ivaylo Tinchev on 2013/08/01 at 18:02
My opinion is to RUN AWAY from this hosting provider as far as you can.

Recently, we purchased a VPS with a monthly plan. First, they gave us one IP only so we had to by a package of 5 more (they don't sell less additional IPs) so we can setup our name servers.

Then in one week we found out they have given us a blacklisted IP. Yahoo! Mail would not remove us from their blacklist in any way for 3-4 weeks after the purchase and after setting all SPF, DKIM, etc. The emails of our customers were bounced by Yahoo! with the reason:

SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
host mta6.am0.yahoodns.net []: 421 4.7.1 [TS03] All messages from ---.---.---.--- will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed. See http://postmaster.yahoo.com/421-ts03.html.

So after trying everything, we requested a main server IP change. The guy on the phone said: "I am new one hear and I have never heard of IP change possibility. I will ask and we will see." Then quite time followed for a couple of days... No replies to my tickets, no interest in solving our issues at all.

The truth about the support of this company:

The typical response time of their support team is about 3 DAYS!? and they don't care much even if you call by phone after that long period. They just say "we will take care of the issue" and then you don't hear from them for another 3 days or more. You just don't hear from them at all - even if you update your ticket. The support chat on thir website is there for no reason - the status is always OFF LINE i.e. it is not available and generates tickets only (which are again not responded in a timely manner).

The first month of hosting with this company was the worst and the most awful thing that has happened to us with a hosting company for the 20 years of expericne. So we moved to another povider and we canceled our services ASAP.

The new povider has a real 24 hour chat support (although we will rarely need it I hope), they do respond a ticket in 35-45 minutes. And their prices are lower. Now that I call a good hosting company.

BurstNet is not. Run away from them and don't be fooled with their promotions.
Review of burst.net by han on 2013/07/28 at 05:30
they r real damn scam,dont buy
Review of burst.net by Blacklist-BURST.NET on 2013/07/16 at 07:12
This ISP is a huge source of SPAM!

Just google spam burst.net to see just how much spam they promote.
Review of burst.net by Drake Bliss on 2013/06/27 at 14:17
I am getting hundreds of spam emails from this companies ip addresses. I have called and reported the spam and it just continues. I am attempting to blackhole this company to make it stop. Google Burst,net and SPAM and you get allot of hits. See http://www.perilocity.com/tag/burstnet
Review of burst.net by Scott from TX on 2013/06/12 at 16:49
Getting tons of spam from BurstNet this week. If it doesn't stop soon, I'll just blacklist all of Burst.Net on my server and be done with it.
Review of burst.net by Mikhail Moiseev on 2013/03/05 at 06:25
I believe that these values will said more than other words: Average last week Up time for finalfrontierdesign.com is 65.92%. Httpd and nginx is down without any errors, cronjob with automatic restart of these services doesn't work, so if I don't restart it manually, the site will laid down.
Review of burst.net by Michael on 2012/11/06 at 03:07
the offer sounded nice, 1$ setup, 1st month free, i payed 1 year in advance, needed to cancel after 10 days in service, cause my developer bailed out of the project,

from the 800 $ i sent them, they only offer to return 500 $ so ... (After 10 days of service, while it was offered as 1st month free)

So effectively 10 days hosting with BurstNET did cost me 300 US$

didnt had any downtime, but their support is plain horrible, avgerage ticket response time is between 24 and 72 hours

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