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Canadian Web Hosting General Information

Canadian Web Hosting was founded in 2000 and is now 18 years in business.

Website title

Canadian Web Hosting - Web Hosting Canada all in Canadian dollars - Plus Canada Domain Hosting Services

Website description

Linux and Windows website hosting in Canadian Dollars. CA and com domain name registration services. Cpanel and Plesk control panel. Fantastico Value Apps included. Spam Assassin and virus filters.

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canadianwebhost, canadianwebhosted

Contact Information

iDIGITAL Internet Inc. 829 - 6081 No 3 Road Richmond, BC V6Y2B2 CA Email: sales@canadianwebhosting.com

Canadian web hosting Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all plans. If the service does not meet your needs just let us know or a cancellation is available online. We do encourage feedback from clients, so we can better assists current and future clients.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Canadian Web Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime, we do not have an online update page at this time. Our support team is currently developing a status page.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    Technical support is available 24/7 by telephone and email. Response time is fairly quick and resolution will vary depending on the problem. Email support response is within a two/three hours and resolution again will vary on the problem. Email support is more technical which may take longer than usual.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    Canadian Web Hosting has been offering web hosting services since 1998 and we currently have thousands of clients worldwide. Feedback from current clients is our customer support is was really sets us apart from other hosts.

Canadian Web Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of canadianwebhosting.com by Gary Tortolo on 2013/04/17 at 17:02
I cannot believe how bad their support is. My mail and server have been down for 24 hrs. They just left it as it was in the middle of the night, no email or call regarding the status. I am pulling the plug today before they get me fired from my job.
Review of canadianwebhosting.com by Robert on 2012/11/01 at 02:33
I can only assume that the issue with the person above stems from bad programming or a simple misconfiguration. I can truthfully say that Canadian Web Hosting has not only provided us with an excellent service over the past 3 years but their customer support is above average.
Incidentally, I have operated websites since 1999 and this has been the best provider I have ever dealt with.
Review of canadianwebhosting.com by dedicated php programmers on 2012/09/07 at 08:14

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Review of canadianwebhosting.com by web design and development on 2012/08/15 at 08:15

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Looking forward for such type of post. Good Going.
Review of canadianwebhosting.com by Lorne on 2012/03/12 at 19:56
Horrible Hosting Service!

Servers have been offline several times over the last couple months and is getting worse all the time. We have been on their hosting service for approximately a year now and for the last 4 months the service has been getting worse and worse all the time. I am ready to pull our sites and move on.

Tech support is getting longer and longer wait times as the service degrades, and now with hiring non English as first language support staff, communication is getting more difficult too. When you are already frustrated by constant hosting problems, the last thing you want to do is repeat yourself over and over to someone who doesn't really have a command of the language.

I absolutely cannot recommend this company. Host somewhere else.
Review of canadianwebhosting.com by Dan on 2011/10/22 at 01:07
I have been hosting over 100 websites database driven with Canadianwebhosting for over 5 years, I am very stunt that you say the above remarks, sounds like the issue may have been on the user. I have had so much problems before I found this company, I was as pissed and tried as you, but honestly I find their servers have kept me going very nice for all the years http://www.morempg.ca I am still suprised comming accross your remarks. I cannot say that I have any issues
Review of canadianwebhosting.com by Richard on 2010/04/01 at 05:04
CanadianWebHosting.com is absolutely horrible if you run a database driven website... I had issues every single day with our sql queries, our database crashing, email server not working, crashes for memory etc...
It was really amazing how I endured all that in the 3 mons I was with them. They kept asking me to upgrade and that would solve the problem: well it never did. I ended up being upgraded to a package that was 3 times the original price and the servers were even worst. I ended up on their most expensive VPS and still my site would not perform accordingly and I would wake up to a crashed website every day....

Anyway, good luck to any of you who actually use their server. Canadianwebhosting.com was a big flop for me.

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