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Cartika Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Clustered Hosting by Cartika Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting. Managed H-Sphere Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting and Managed Dedicated Server and High Availability Cluster Hosting by CartikaHosting

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Clustered Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting, H-Sphere Cluster Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Application Hosting. Managed Dedicated Server and High Availability Clustered Hosting. Ultimate, Multi-Platform Reseller Hosting. Clustered Linux Hosting, Windows Ho

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cartikahost, rtikahosted

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Cartika Inc 3000 Irving Blvd. Dallas, Texas, USA 75247 866-472-1835 (Toll Free) 214-377-5996 (Local) 866-706-0725 (Fax)

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Cartika Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of by Cartika Review on 2010/07/22 at 18:05
Would not recommend The company is poorly run, owe money to their clients by over charging them, and do not provide valuable services. Their servers may be okay for the first couple of months but will deteriorate thereafter with downtime and continual virus attacks. It would be a smart decision to do your homework and find a better hosting company. Cartika hosting should not charge clients for bandwidth and storage caused by malware and viruse attacks which are cause by poor security of Cartika servers.
Review of by Mike on 2010/05/21 at 02:25
I tried out and at first it was okay but after 2 months everything went downhill. Server down, server with viruses, hard to reach the tech support. It was just a big mess. I had complained to them and felt my complaint was not resolved fast enough. Not good service, high price, and bad servers with viruses.
Review of by joe on 2010/04/12 at 14:35
I'm surprised Cartikahosting had good reviews because after trying them out, they are just terrible. Server problems bothered me a lot and when I tried to contact tech support, they were not helpful. They will also try to get you to upgrade and bill you more claiming you have over used their resources. I think the reason they have good reviews is because they are blasting their own reviews and acting like their own clients. I have to agree with everyone who has been negative about Cartikahosting. They are bordering the level of crooks.
Review of by markus on 2010/04/04 at 18:46
I would like to warn everyone about this hosting website called They are really crooks and they will take as much money from you by providing false stats. If you ask them to show you the stats they will not show you yet still charge you. Their servers are always down and have virus attacks quite often. I believe that any positive reviews is written by themself. I don't know how this company stays in business but I figure they will just keep cheating people as much as possible. Also, it seems when I contact sales, billing and tech support, it is all the same ONE person. You cannot rely on a company that is run by one or two people. It's really terrible and do not say I didn't warn you if you want to try this crooked company out. They are such as scam!
Review of by Tony on 2010/01/16 at 00:06
We have been hosting with Cartika for 4-5 years now, maybe even longer. They have supported our website, our email and our applications. We are quite thankful to them for all of their support and service over the years.
Review of by Phil on 2010/01/16 at 00:04
Cartika has been an absolutely outstanding company. We have been hosting with them for years. We simply cannot say enough good things about their service and support. Thank you Cartika
Review of by amy on 2010/01/12 at 21:50
Well, though I have been with Cartikahosting for a little while, at first it was okay, but the quality just deteriorated. Server was down and slow, and it was hard to find someone over the weekend. I really get the feeling that whoever is running the server is doing this part time. And the billing, it really seems they will try to bill you the maximum possible and for false bandwidth and even storage. Well, I don't want to say too much since I'm still hosted with them but I just think I should warn others. I plan to move to a better web hosting company soon. Cartika hosting really frustrates me. I had hosted on other servers before and this has got to be the worst of worse. Price is high yet quality is very low. I have another host who I pay only 1/4 of cartikahosting yet their service and servers are a lot better.
Review of by Charles on 2009/11/11 at 21:00
Gosh I wish I read these reviews before I signed up. The service is just terrible. I don't even think there is anyone at the company as when the server is down there is no one to contact. My guess is Cartikahosting is located in someone's backyard. How come they were so nice when I first signed up. Now they are so rude when I ask for my refund because they cannot get their act together and keep the server stable or online.
Review of by Carter on 2009/11/02 at 09:17
I would also like to add to my previous post that I have also received some claims that is posting their own reviews with their own web hosting review websites such as,, as well as other web hosting reviews. I would like to mention that we will not be working on any claims of false advertising on own website.
Review of by Carter on 2009/11/02 at 09:10
Hello, We have recently received numerous emails about the problems with If you are a victim of in regards to their over billing, wrongful billing, fraud or false advertising about their uptime, their own abuse not following their own Terms and Conditions and/or any other illegal actions performed by you can contact us at Please send us a full description of your case as well as your contact information. Thank you.

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