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Cartika Hosting was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Clustered Hosting by Cartika Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting. Managed H-Sphere Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting and Managed Dedicated Server and High Availability Cluster Hosting by CartikaHosting

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Clustered Hosting. H-Sphere Reseller Hosting, H-Sphere Cluster Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Application Hosting. Managed Dedicated Server and High Availability Clustered Hosting. Ultimate, Multi-Platform Reseller Hosting. Clustered Linux Hosting, Windows Ho

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cartikahost, rtikahosted

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Cartika Inc 3000 Irving Blvd. Dallas, Texas, USA 75247 866-472-1835 (Toll Free) 214-377-5996 (Local) 866-706-0725 (Fax)

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Cartika Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of cartikahosting.com by Dave - SWVMW on 2009/09/17 at 21:09
It's a shame that people do not post honest reviews. The post from "editor" is a known spammer that threatens his hosts trying to extort money for free hosting after they ban him for abuse (look around as he has done this to many hosts). The second is from a colleague of his. I would like to ask "Cheryl" aka the "editor" to find me a host that offers 2-3 months free trials. It's because of spammers like yourself that has made it impossible for hosting companies to give out free trials. Cartika like other companies do give 30-day money back guarantees. Of course you are typically removed from the host by time 30 days are up for abuse.

I have been a web developer since 1996 and have used/recommended Cartika Hosting services to many business clients and other web developers around the world. Their quality of service, hardware, and network along with their support team is truly unmatched in the industry. The only negative feedback I have ever seen on Cartika hosting is fabricated by those individuals who were suspended and/or made to leave for spamming or other types of abuse. I along with many other happy clients of Cartika appreciate the ejection of the bad apples that plague the hosting industry. That is one of the reasons they are able to provide the quality of service they have and have earned the respect of others throughout the hosting industry.

If you want true business quality hosting you have to look no farther than Cartika Hosting. I started with reseller plans years ago and moved to a dedicated server solution more than 3 years ago at the time of this writing/review. The nice thing about Cartika is you get the same quality clustered service, support and features whether you are on $10 a month plan or one costing many times that amount. Another nice feature is there is always an upgrade path from small, shared accounts to load balanced dedicated cluster solutions and everything in between. This along with the included R1soft backup solutions to every account with multiple restore points to the optional enterprise grade Mailfoundry antispam/antivirus at low additional costs make Cartika Hosting stand out in a industry fighting over who can offer the lowest price. Your business deserves business grade hosting and from someone with over 25 years in business, Cartika should be on your short-list of hosts.

(If the owner of this site would like to verify my information above as a customer of Cartika Hosting for the amount of time I have stated, please send me an email and I will give you all/any info requested)
Review of cartikahosting.com by philip on 2009/09/17 at 19:23
I have been hosting with Cartika for a couple of years. They are truly a premium, business grade provider. Uptime has been well within their promised SLA the entire time I have been with them. Their support is fast and courteous. Very highly recommmended
Review of cartikahosting.com by editor on 2009/09/03 at 07:19
This is a review for Cartikahosting.com. After trying out their services, here is our reviews, ratings, compliments and complaints.
Overall Cartikahosting.com does not live up to our standards of what we consider valuable, long term services and quality servers. Their servers are known to have many problems in the past. We believe they will fix these issue however a more serious problem is the company itself.
1. Cartikahosting long term prospects - Poor
2. Cartikahosting Billing and Pricing - Poor
3. Cartikahosting Customer Service - Average
4. Cartikahosting Server uptime - Poor - Average
5. Cartikahosting Control Panel - Very Good (Hsphere)
6. Cartikahosting Overall Rating - Poor - Average

Cartikahosting.com in comparison to other similar web hosting companies is NOT recommended.

Review of cartikahosting.com by cheryl on 2009/08/22 at 23:39
I had a lot of problems about cartikahosting servers. I had a lot of downtime. It was good the tech support tried to help although when I asked for a refund back for the downtime, Cartikahosting changed from helpful to being rude saying it was probably my codes causing the server problem which is really not true. My codes have been working fine for the past several years with other hosting companies... So I realized that Cartika hosting is not being honest with their clients about their uptime and server performance. At first while signing up.. they were nice and friendly but this has changed a lot. Considering the cost of hosting versus quality, I concluded that Cartikahosting is not worth it. Once they have your money, you won't get any refund even if their server goes down. My suggestion to everyone who is interested to sign up with them is to use a credit card and once you have problems, just put a stop on payment. Or ask them for 2-3 month trial period. In addition, I felt it was inappropriate of them to keep asking me to upgrade when it is not necessary. I decided to cancel my plan because I just do not see any future hosting with Cartikahosting. I cannot build my websites with a company like this. Before I signed up I read reviews about them and thought it looked okay. But now I realize that the positive reviews are most likely written by themselves. I wrote an honest review about cartika on webhostingtalk.com and it was taken down. Very suspicious. My suggestion is that go with a big company and not a company like Cartikahosting. You will feel that there is only one or two people behind a computer running this web hosting company and these couple of people probably are not even there on the weekends. So if the server goes down over the weekend, you might have a lot of problems trying to contact them. I wrote a few complaints to cartika but haven't received any answer. So I figure it's best to write a review about cartika and then just cancel my plan.

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