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Clustered was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

Website title - UK VDS and Dedicated servers

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Contact Information 6 Greenwich View Place Millharbour London E14 9NN Contact Info: Sales: Support:

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Review of by Phil on 2014/03/06 at 11:55
Very poor support. they do take days to get back to you. trying to upgrade a server as we are running out of space. They don;t have capacity and cant tell me when. shocking.
Review of by Stevem on 2013/06/14 at 23:04

Like the post above - bare faced arrogance and LOUSY support. We're talking DAYS to get back to you.
Review of by Matthew Cattell on 2012/11/02 at 21:20
I am absolutely disgusted at the apalling level of response at the hands of this outfit. After ssh'ing in to my server and being unable to reboot it, I opened a support ticket. After receiving no satisfactory response, in desperation I escalated the issue to Paypal in the hope that this might galvanize "clustered" into action. It did that alright, but this was the response from somebody called John:

Hi there,

We notice you have opened a paypal dispute without even contacting us about your "issues"

We completely reject your claims and will work with paypal to prevent your refund.
May I remind you that you ordered an UNMANAGED VPS and that whatever goes on inside is YOUR responsibility.

You opened a ticket an hour ago and never even bothered to wait for a response, never even asked for help - just went running to paypal.

If your claim is accepted by paypal your details will go on a worldwide hosts-only access list to prevent you getting hosting in the future.

This is no way to operate.



Now I've received poor customer service before, but nothing compares to the bare faced arrogance, immaturity and clueless nature of the response above. The part that reads "your details will go on a worldwide hosts-only access list to prevent you getting hosting in the future." is particularly disturbing and I wonder on what grounds this can be legitimate, particularly as I am totally justified in my complaint, or as John put it my "issues".

Totally gobsmacked at the rude, unprofessional attitude.

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