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Colo Crossing General Information

Colo Crossing was founded in 2007 and is now 11 years in business.

Website title

ColoCrossing - Quality Dedicated Servers

Website description

Colocation and Dedicated Servers

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colocrossed, colocrosst

Contact Information

Postal Address: ColoCrossing C/O Front Desk 8185 Sheridan Drive, Suite 1B Buffalo NY, 14221 Toll-Free Number: 800-518-9716 Email Address: support@colocrossing.com

Colo crossing Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We do not offer refunds after service has been setup.
  • What is your average uptime?
    We guarantee 100% network uptime. Please see our AUP / SLA for our uptime guarantee information. http://www.colocrossing.com/aup-sla.pdf
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We are an unmanaged service provider, as such we do offer 24/7 support for the hardware and network. If you require assistance with configurations, we are available at $125 per hour billable at fifteen minute increments.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    At this current time we do not have any coupons available.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    One thing you should understand about ColoCrossing (http://vsnx.net) is that we are a provider of high availability, low latency network solutions who cater to individuals and businesses with high bandwidth requirements in multiple geographically diverse locations. You would choose ColoCrossing because your business understands that you get what you pay for when it comes to your IT infrastructure. We will not be your cheapest option, however we may be one of your least expensive when it comes to your true cost to operate your business if your requirements are the same as above.

Colo Crossing Reviews 2018

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Review of colocrossing.com by MR on 2018/05/04 at 04:46
Colocrossing is part of a criminal spam gang. It is hard to believe that a US company can get away with that for that long. I hope someone will sue them and they will be held responsible. They are committing major violations of the CAN-SPAM act.
Review of colocrossing.com by Jamie on 2018/02/06 at 02:19
Absolutely dire, multiple spam emails every day, these people should be taken out and shot... avoid!
Review of colocrossing.com by spam_flooding_by_colocrossing on 2018/02/04 at 00:46
We gave up reporting their never ending spam. They never respond to any spam complaints over the years but more importantly, *never addresses* the complaints. They simply don't care.

The only way to get them to take notice is to complain to *their* upstream providers. Yes, they have many upstream providers as their IP4 blocks are all around the world but they can't ignore those complaints for too long. See http://spam.abuse.net/userhelp/howtocomplain.shtml
Review of colocrossing.com by HadenoughSpam_From_ColoCrossing on 2018/02/02 at 19:37
Joining a growing list of organizations around the world, we blocked all of ColoCrossings IP blocks from our institution's mail servers a couple months ago and our spam daily volume dropped by ~45%. A list of all their IP blocks here: https://bgp.he.net/AS36352#_prefixes

Choose ColoCrossing if you want an ISP with a poor reputation and you want to ensure email from your business gets blocked/discarded by mail server around the world.

Choose ColoCrossing if you want to say the phase "I sent you an email, why did you not receive it?" over and over again.

Highly recommend escalating abuse reports to ColoCrossing's upstream providers, that's the only thing that may get them to react.
Review of colocrossing.com by Bob Hates ColoCrossing on 2018/01/18 at 17:00
Same as many here - TONS of SPAM from COLO servers EVERY single Day. Not only do I report it to SpamCop, but I also go to Colo's website, click Company, Contact Us and select Report Abuse.
But...Of Course, their Spam never stops. NEVER. They, like most other @$$hats, do NOT care about anything than self-interest.
Review of colocrossing.com by Rox on 2018/01/16 at 13:22
Horrible, never respond to anything, reporting spam is pointless as they ignore.
At the end i blocked everything that had ColoCrossing somewhere in the email..
My advice: stay as far away from ColoCrossing as possible
Review of colocrossing.com by Death to Spam on 2018/01/16 at 02:24
Just reject all mail with "colocrossing" appearing anywhere in it. I guess if you are a spammer, these guys should get 5 stars since their servers have issued unbelievable amounts of spam to me over the years. Due to that, it's hard to believe their server IPs have a reputation with other mailservers that will allow them to be effective.
Review of colocrossing.com by AT on 2018/01/09 at 14:24
MULTIPLE DAILY ATTEMPTS FROM ColoCrossing IPS which attempt to hack into admin areas of my website and to create content. NO RESPONSES to multiple abuse reports. Resorting to blocking as many ColoCrossing net ranges as I can find in order to protect my site.
Review of colocrossing.com by YogiB on 2017/11/28 at 09:12
Never used them as hosting provider, but receive a lot of spam from accounts on their servers. Stay away as the IP's are bound to get blacklisted
Review of colocrossing.com by LG on 2017/11/22 at 19:27
Tons of SPAM and nothing but the SPAM.

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