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Direct Space General Information

Direct Space was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

Contact Information

HEADQUARTERS ADDRESS: 921 SW Washington St Suite 115 Portland, Oregon 97205 Telephone: 503.914.1030 Toll free: 1-888-376-4678 option

Direct space Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We offer 3 day money back guarantee...we offer full refund if you request that before the expiration of those 3 days.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Regarding the status page of the network uptime we don't have something like that available but we guarantee 100% uptime SLA...in other words if we have a downtime for whatever reason you get refund for the downtime.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We provide support depending on the needs but not quite developing your websites...we fix the servers issues and reboots and stuff like that pretty much. Regarding the response time we're trying to reply within 10-20 minutes to all the tickets we get.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    We already offer a very cheap price for the servers...but let us know what you are interested in and we'll discuss that later.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    About this question what can I say...we offer a lot of bandwidth and we have BGP and multiple providers and if we have a downtime from one of our ISPs we have the other ones up and running...more later if you are really interested...one thing to keep in mind is that we're not perfect as every person desires but we try to satisfy everyone's needs and to make our clients happy.

Direct Space Reviews 2018

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Review of directspace.net by Trufflemonkey on 2016/02/27 at 13:25
VPS hosting is mediocre at best, connectivity is average, support is dire.

They like to over charge then refuse to talk to you to refund your money back.

I'd say avoid them..
Review of directspace.net by Mike on 2013/10/24 at 01:48
DirectSpace is very reliable.
VPS had a few months of constant uptime so far.
Review of directspace.net by Rick Adams on 2013/10/04 at 12:29
Not sure why so many negative reviews.
They have pretty good support, and prices are competitive.
Uptime is also good.
Review of directspace.net by tonybrain on 2013/04/27 at 02:58
I don't know why a company with so poor service can still exist. They are not a reliable company and don't care their clients need after payment. Avoid DirectSpace.
Review of directspace.net by Saif on 2013/02/01 at 10:56
Horrible Technical support
they promised to migrate my websites from my old host, well 14 days down the line and the migration never happened, tickets gets answered after 3 days just to say we will do this soon.i wasted $24 on directspace + $36 to my old host in 1 month.
Review of directspace.net by aaron on 2013/01/12 at 17:40
i used the host about 3 years ago and nobody could touch there quality of service, i recently got back into site development, and they have 40% uptime at best and zero quality of service on top of a dsl speed connection, fucking worthless now days, they went and got greedy and failed like eveyone else who does the same thing. please just give up and cancle your service its litterly worthless to anybody and everybody who isnt just useing it as cloud storage.
Review of directspace.net by Maxwell Stewart on 2012/11/10 at 19:13
Great service and support. Speeds have been solid from several of our other servers throughout the US. Alex was great help, went up and beyond standard support to help us out on a scripting issue. Would recommend!
Review of directspace.net by Joe on 2012/04/23 at 08:58
Very fast. Really good. Would defo tell a friend about this service.

Review of directspace.net by James H on 2012/04/20 at 14:17
Very good very fast. No problem. Dont see why people here are moaning.
Review of directspace.net by steven on 2012/04/12 at 06:58
this guys are horrible. my sites have been down for 24hrs nad they said they lost all my files. I cant get a hold of anyone and tickets take over 24hrs sometimes. Their mailbox is full and i have been with them for only 3 weeks. STAY AWAY SERIOUSLY. I easily lost 400 dollars today for the lack of any consistency. use knownhost as i here they are excellent in all aspects

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