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E Rice was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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E-RICE.net Web Hosting

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Offers Linux shared hosting. Supports PHP, MySQL and FrontPage extensions.

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E-RICE.NET +44.1612312745 91 Louisa Street Manchester, M11 GB Email: Support@e-rice.net

E Rice Reviews 2018

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Review of e-rice.net by Ryan on 2014/11/19 at 19:42
E-rice.net is down for good. Rumor has it that Alan had passed away and bills were not paid.

The company that hosted e-rice brought the server back up on good faith so everyone could make backups.

Review of e-rice.net by Idyll on 2014/11/10 at 20:16
So is the company gone for good or are they just having some difficulties and will return soon?
Review of e-rice.net by Daniel on 2014/11/08 at 15:03
Now November 8th and again no more service. Should have made a backup of my website when it returned on air...looks very bad now.
Review of e-rice.net by Saya on 2014/11/06 at 02:24
The site was down for a few days in October and Came back for a week or two and now it's down again. Is it gone for good? I had just signed up recently :(
Review of e-rice.net by Randy Whitney on 2014/10/22 at 13:58
The telephone contact number is "unallocated." It appears the owner of this company has shut down the servers, absconding with all the prepaid funds.
Review of e-rice.net by John Taylor on 2014/10/21 at 21:16
Only one of the four DNS name servers is even responding to ping requests. Appears entire site is GONE. No way to contact ANYONE associated with the service, and have paid for a year of service, and now appears that Mr. Alan Shaw will walk away with ALL OF OUR ADVANCE PAID SERVICE.
Review of e-rice.net by Joe on 2014/10/21 at 15:45
Entire site is down, so in turn, my site is down. I'm also getting no e-mails.

VERY frustrated
Review of e-rice.net by mark on 2014/10/21 at 13:27
10/21/2014 -- seems entire site is completely down.
Anyone have update as to what is going on? I need my email!
Review of e-rice.net by RockItScienceGuy on 2014/10/21 at 12:18
Never had a problem until today when it looks like their servers are down. I'm still a fan since E-Rice offers a great hosting deal at $10/year (I have a few sites hosted at $5/year but that pricing has been discontinued). Overall I'm very happy with their service, as long as it comes back on-line soon.
Review of e-rice.net by Service is Down NOW on 2014/10/21 at 03:47
e-rice is DOWN and has not been working all day today (October 20, 2014)

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