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Eastend Hosting was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

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Cpanel Whm Resellers

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cPanel Web Hosting provider for Cpanel Resellers,Free Fantastico, Rvkins.Deasoft V3

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eastendhost, eastendhosted

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east end hosting +1.8884230791 Fax: +1.5555555555 po box 204 ledyard, Ct 06339 US Email: support@eastendhosting.com

Eastend Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of eastendhosting.com by Mick on 2013/03/19 at 20:32
Harry from EastEnd was very helpful when I first went with them. He helped when we had site problems and when our site got hacked. I had read bad reports but never suffered from the same problems, UNTIL... Last year they got hit by a DoS attack which took theirs (and all other hosted)sites down. This went on for a couple of weeks and he gave me a new server which never worked! I was forced to purchase new hosting from another company to restore our site. This really pi$$ed him off, and we never ever goit our hosting back! I thought I had proved the sceptics wrong when they said you cant buy reliable hosting on ebay, well I did for a year or more.
Review of eastendhosting.com by Justin on 2013/01/13 at 01:29
This Service Provider is completely useless! DO NOT HOST With this company! My Service has been DOWN for 2 Weeks and I Have had no reply form them.
Review of eastendhosting.com by Mr. P.O'd on 2012/10/20 at 18:27
DO NOT HOST with these guys. They have the worst customer service and after asking about the status of my site being down for 2 weeks, instead of providing me information they canceled my account and said they didn't want to deal with my BS. Horrible customer service. DO NOT HOST WITH THESE FOLKS. They couldn't even recover from a DoS Attack, they did not even have layer protection available. Then instead of work with the customers they just started deactivating folks who were asking for updates. I actually have transcripts of the conversations if you want to see what kind of service you will recieve
Review of eastendhosting.com by Hidden on 2012/10/15 at 01:05
first off these people are very rude... the seller on ebay replies very rude emails to your questions when questioned. and the customer support people are also very rude and obnoxious even. 0/10 problems after problems mainly downtime and all... pay with a better host dont use this host!
Review of eastendhosting.com by n/a on 2012/09/17 at 21:56
terrible company! DOWNTIME, PROBLEMS, HORRIBLE SUPPORT! In the support tickets, they give you half sentences with no real answer to your problem, and they won't and do NOT fix your problem. I ordered a 2 year play back 3 years ago... I wasn't sent an invoice to renew 2 years later, therefore I missed teh due date... THEY DELETED EVERYTHING!!! I HAD TO START OVER ON EVERYTHING! It was my fault for not backing up, but still... They offered no help with this either. Then, stupid as I am, I renewed for the two year after that, and re started on everything this time, only ONE year later to get an actual invoice this time and billed even though I ordered a TWO YEAR HOSTING CYCLE with the! Key negitives: DOWNTIME, CUSTOMER SERVICE, BILLING ISSUES. If you want to go with a better host, go with somebody that is a little bit more expensive, because even though east end may be cheap, in the end it will bite you!
Review of eastendhosting.com by shapetalking on 2012/08/10 at 20:39
Truth be told, we've been with them for just over a year. Since we've had no problems to date, we've had no contact, but site is up and running, nice speed, we even earned high search engine listings, so, with respect to Shapetalking vis-a-vis EastEndHosting, we're happy enough so far, and thinking of buying another account (SEO is better with multiple accounts).

Review of eastendhosting.com by tet on 2011/02/03 at 09:52

stay far from them
Review of eastendhosting.com by Trevor on 2010/10/23 at 07:15
I was billed for twice the amount. I asked for a new bill with the correct amount. Harry closed the support ticket without replying.
When I changed to another hosting company he blocked my upload.
Harry is a cyber thug and physco.
It is only a matter of time before he ends up in a stait jacket.

Stay away from northern Lights/eastend hosting!

Review of eastendhosting.com by annie on 2010/06/30 at 13:32
EASTEND, i have been hosting with east end since 2 year. there is only one person who run this hosting company that is HARRY SUPPORT. he is very short temper person. once you buy hosting from EAST END hosting, if we complain about problem he threatened to cancel hosting. everymonth he keep on monving server.

it has no uptime. i am moving my server. i will say please please don't go with eastendhosting. they are cheap once you buy you will regret big time.

kick out harry support
Review of eastendhosting.com by Arthur Specht on 2010/06/24 at 01:19
In February 2010, I purchased 4 years of webhosting from northern_lights_2000 on ebay.com. The business is East End Hosting, PO BOX 204, Groton, CT 06339. The tech support contact was Harry at the email payments@tecsupport.info.

Up until June 23, 2010 I had no issues at all with the hosting provider. On June 23 however, I was unable to access my websites or control panel for the websites. I sent an email to their support to find out what was the problem. After several exchanges of what the problem might be, the support person cussed at me and then in another email said they had tried another alternative solution which indeed worked. I sent the technician a reply indicating my displeasure in being cussed at and let him know in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't stand for it. In response the technician cursed at me again. I then lost my temper and responded in kind. In return, the support person canceled my account 3 years and 8 months early.

So basically my complaint is the company didn't fulfill the contract as agreed.

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