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Eastend Hosting was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

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Cpanel Whm Resellers

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cPanel Web Hosting provider for Cpanel Resellers,Free Fantastico, Rvkins.Deasoft V3

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eastendhost, eastendhosted

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east end hosting +1.8884230791 Fax: +1.5555555555 po box 204 ledyard, Ct 06339 US Email: support@eastendhosting.com

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Review of eastendhosting.com by Chris on 2009/12/16 at 18:01
I have been with them for a couple years now, and they have been always helpful when something goes wrong or i have questions. i tried a couple different ones in the past and always had a lot more problems. its been at least 6 months since i have had a issue of any kind. i have about 50+ sites with them.
Review of eastendhosting.com by Tim Jones on 2009/10/29 at 18:28
My new, partially constructed images site has been slow to dead for three weeks now. They claimed it was a DOS attack and they were putting up firewalls. Now I can't even access my index pages. I've left this business, if you can call it that, behind.
Review of eastendhosting.com by Pistoff on 2009/09/17 at 12:15
Been hosted by these jerks for a few months now. Had my FTP hacked into by a Russian IP. Nothing serious, just a little defacement, easily fixed. Figured that my login/pw had been sniffed so started thinking about SFTP access. Found the instructions right on the cPanel pages, so I set it up and turned off the regular FTP. After a few minutes of using the SFTP, I get an email accusing me of attempting to 'hack the server' and if I didn't stop, they would close my account. I had no idea using SFTP was not allowed, especially since they had instructions on how to set it up right there in the cPanel. Tried explaining thatI was only looking for a secure FTP alternative but they (Harry) insist that I was hacking. They've never been anything but rude and uncooperative and, apparently completely paranoid. COMPLETE FAIL!!!
Review of eastendhosting.com by Hidden on 2009/09/10 at 00:40
East End Hosting is known for their horrible support and fantastic DOWNtime. Late me save you the trouble, don`t even go near the link.

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