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EIRCA was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Premium Quality Managed Web Hosting - Cloud computing, Virtual Private Servers, H-Sphere Reseller Hosting, Windows and Linux shared hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers | EIRCA

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EIRCA Ltd is a leading provider of dual operating system H-Sphere reseller hosting services, windows and linux shared hosting solutions and managed dedicated servers and clusters, featuring Geographically Clustered Services

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EIRCA Internet Solutions +1.9027230095 255 water street Shelburne, NOVASCOTIA B0T1W0 CA

EIRCA Reviews 2018

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Review of eirca.net by Former EIRCA Client on 2010/01/07 at 19:35
Yeah, what they said...

Used to be a great company to deal with (was with them for 2 years), but it's like they all disappeared into the ether sometime this summer. I had a bunch of sites get hacked in November - not EIRCA's fault mind you, my fault for having a weak password - but my repeated requests to get data restored from backup went nowhere. First they said they did a restore (5 days after I had asked for it), but yet no content had changed on the server. So they were either lying or restored the wrong data or to the wrong server. They then scheduled a second restore which yielded the same results. I waited 10 days to get data back before I had to tell my clients there was no backup and they would have to rebuild with what they had. Embarrassing and unprofessional.

Spent days helping clients get sites back up, and waited days and days for response from EIRCA on status (even when I gave up on them restoring my content, I had to wait for them to clean up permissions issues that were messed up in the hack - they never did get the permissions back so I was unable to write files back to the server including several client sites).

Needless to say I took out an account with another provider and started setting everyone up there. Was a pain, but I finally got everything off EIRCA and it feels great. Only thing is, nobody is answering my repeated requests to cancel my account. I had to manually go to 2checkout.com and use their live chat to get somebody there to stop payment on the EIRCA monthly payment. Still no word back from EIRCA on cancelling my service, been waiting for almost a week since my last ticket.

They tout the virtues of their "Genius Network" like it is some amazing technological invention. Doesn't seem to be anything other than an average-looking ticket system and a whole lot of invisible infrastructure somewhere down in the US. Perhaps it is something really avant-garde, maybe it became self-aware and destroyed them all like SkyNet. I don't know. But all I know is I pity anybody who gets caught with their pants down with these guys. I am soooo glad to be with another host now. I sleep so much better at night.

Hope this helps others stay away from this company.
Review of eirca.net by Current EIRCA Hoster on 2009/12/22 at 06:48
Do not sign up with Eirca unless you like headaches and screaming at your laptop.

Price - Good, but you get what you pay for.
Support - Horrid, you cannot get ahold of them. No phone, no chat. They only use an online ticket system which can go hours/days between updates while you're left wondering what is going on.

Something to note...I upgraded my RAM 1GB, paid $600 for it and 6 months later it still wasn't installed. After at least 20 tickets, they finally scheduled the install. After the tickets were closed the server Windows 2003 still showed 1 GB of RAM and they claim windows just isn't show it.

That is what to expect. I am currently searching for a new host before it gets worse.
Review of eirca.net by Former Eirca Hoster on 2009/11/24 at 15:52
Eirca used to be such a good company, but everything went downhill about a year ago. support no longer exists, tickets get closed with no response, all phone lines are disconnected, live chat has not functioned in almost two years, the organization is a disaster. We started losing customers becuase we couldn't get support responses on customer enquiries we escalated to eirca admins. We had to get out fast! Its not easy finding good H-Sphere hosts, but ever since we moved, hosting performance (speed, loads, reliability) has drastically improved. We didn't know just how bad things were until we had something to compare to. if we'd known just that, we would have moved before we started losing customers!

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