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Eje Et was founded in 2003 and is now 15 years in business.

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Ejeet Networks - Guild Web Hosting Aion Warcraft Warhammer AOC WoW Lotro Ventrilo

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Ejeet Networks guild hosting for World of Warcraft Warhammer Online Age of Conan Ventrilo Servers - and more

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Review of ejeet.net by Samuel Yarkov on 2014/03/08 at 03:51
This is an amazing template developer they make stunning desgins for smf forums, wordpress, joomla and more they even install free eqdkp plus much more. this is the best place for getting themes and they offer pretty top shelf web hosting.
Review of ejeet.net by Tanya Logan on 2013/10/19 at 23:20
I have been a client with Ejeet Networks for my world of warcraft guild for about 3 years now, since then they have also designed and host my business website which is in the medical field and my business has increased since.

I pay roughly $7.99/mo for unmetered hosting with free 24x7 support, its worth the price for the great support and always online setup that they offer us.

I would recommend ejeet to anyone looking for a hosting company that is there when you need solid 100% uptime with the ddos protected hosting for under $8 bucks I can't go wrong.
Review of ejeet.net by Maja Basic on 2013/04/19 at 13:08
They tend to be very rude and snarky, it's not apparent until you ask about something they're not comfortable answering. Their go to reply is "if you don't like something, just cancel your service as they can't be arsed helping someone who thinks their service is less epic than advertised".

You can get a true professional hosting service for equal or less money, who will even install SMF and any portal of your choosing free of charge and you can have the very same thing without the attitude(Ejeet currently uses PortaMX). I'm going with a real hosting service from now on, as I am not a fan of having to watch what I say when asking for some customer service, because a child might get offended and insult you for daring to find a flaw in their awesome guild hosting.

Bleh. Avoid Ejeet. It works great until you need some actual service.
Review of ejeet.net by Roland Parker on 2012/10/07 at 17:31
Absolutely the best guild hosting company out there!

Up-time is 100% for me and my guild support is really good and fast reply speed its a good experience for my guild overall for the mist of panderia expansion pack ejeet networks simply rocks
Review of ejeet.net by Barry Kovad on 2012/04/14 at 06:56
Amazing support, I sent an email off and headed out to the store, I came back to not only my site having all the things I had asked for but the entire template fine tuned for me, apparently I was customer of the month and got some really cool stuff.

They also mailed me a $100 gift card to walmart and a tshirt
Review of ejeet.net by Ken on 2011/11/27 at 23:53
Horribly rude and sarcastic. Unwilling to help with questions, watch what you say.. They will delete your content. Avoid this company at ALL COSTS..
Review of ejeet.net by Ishika Wankio on 2011/01/23 at 02:08
I bought hosting from Ejeet for a Christmas 2010 gift for my guild so we could move away from the slow wowstead and get on the faster network, so far it has been a great choice for instant loading of pages and very fast customer support.

Some of you will be shell shocked at the admin panel for the forums though, I was there is hmmm too many features in the forum literally it was overwhelming the first time i viewed the panel however it is easy to figure out after a lil bit of clicking and reading what each feature does.

I will give them 4/5 stars and will continue to host my world of warcraft guild website with them for a long time as long as they maintain this positive support angle which is simply great
Review of ejeet.net by Tasha Neraha on 2010/08/07 at 16:01
I use their lord of the tings online service and it is simply the better choice for our kinship due to the fast customer support and there template system is really easy to understand.

I have not noticed any problems with the uptime on the server my guild is hosted on, the cPanel says 431 days uptime that seems really good to me, and I always get fast download speeds but have never really tried a large file

I hope to see more lotro packages offered at the Ejeet Networks company to allow for more programs
Review of ejeet.net by Ron Perkin on 2010/01/19 at 19:23
I use ejeet for my world of warcraft guild and they are really good, i don't know where they state 200 a month for management as they made my guild lots of neat stuff for no cost at all except my $2.94 monthly bill.

5/5 stars

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