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Evo Hosting was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

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UK Web Hosting, Web Hosting UK, Web Hosting

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UK Web Hosting services for personal/business UK hosting. Evohosting offers a full range of web hosting UK services.

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evohost. evohosted

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EVO HOSTING 40 Laburnham Road 1 Maidenhead Greater London SL6 4DE United Kingdom

Evo hosting Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, minus the price of any domain registration or transfer.
  • What is your average uptime?
    We say 99.9% uptime but we've had 100% uptime across all the servers for months. I attach a graph, there's a space in there where the monitoring company in the US couldn't talk to the server, however everything has been fine - you can see 200+ days on that box, that's the one you're most likely to be put on by the billing system. We actually blog any issue that is longer than 5mins but we've just not had anything go wrong across any of the 8 servers for ages now, which is always nice.
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We offer support on your hosting account and on the servers, we don't offer coding help or assistance developing your site. We offer 24x7x365 tech support, billing department is 9am - 6pm 7 days a week but I'm working overtime.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    If you look around the site you'll see some special offers :)
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    I originally called the company Evohosting as I wanted to Evolve the ropey web hosting services offered by other companies.. We like to always know our customers and provide personal support where possible :) During office hours, myself and colleagues are on MSN quite often. We also only use Dell Dual Quad Core servers and Cisco hardware, unlike the other hosts who are running on essentially home made servers!

Evo Hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of evohosting.co.uk by MHL on 2015/10/22 at 09:22
Evo Hosting was sold to Daily Internet plc in Aug 2014. I have enjoyed a wonderful service from them up until that point. They where the best hosting company I have used. Unfortunately my site has been plagued by issues and down time since the acquisition by Daily Internet plc and they introduced new servers and support team. Support is no where near as good and the hosting service they offer is often down and unreliable. Think hard before using them. Great shame. They where the best.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by Mark Harrison on 2014/06/09 at 09:13
I have dealt with Evo Hosting for quite a few years now, and have 3 hosting packages with them. We run 2 separate websites that deal with high volume traffic, and not once have we had any problems due to the traffic. When ever we have had issues from outside, as we have not had any related to a problem with Evo, they have responded so quickly, and have dealt with our problems, and even helped us with problems that really have nothing to do with them. All the staff have been great, and I would like to specially mention James D, Tim M and Dan M for all their help over the years. I would recommend them and have done to various individuals and companies who use them and have no problems at all.
A massive thumbs up to Evo Hosting.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by Ed H-B on 2013/10/23 at 08:41
Fast hosting with excellent customer service, negligible downtime, timely change control requests. Highly recommended.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by John on 2013/10/04 at 19:44
My own personal experience is that they are extremely fast in responding to my problems. They have gone much further in helping me than any other service provider - I cannot fault them. As far as I know they have 100% uptime as well.
5 stars in all departments.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by Caitlin McAuliffe on 2013/02/12 at 09:31
As Co-Managing Director of Evohosting, is I would like to point a few issues with these reviews.

1. The review from Aakanksha is not for Evohosting, it's for host.co. I've contacted 000webhost to point this out, but they've never replied to me.

2. The review from Alena was written by someone who failed fraud checks and was never an active customer with us. Again, I've contacted 000webhost about this, but they've never replied.

3. The review from agibson contains a number of false statements which I feel are extremely important for me to address.

This reviewer stated, "In my dealings with Evohosting it has become apparent that this company has 1 staff member - The director Tim Mole." While Tim is very involved in Evohosting's day-to-day operations, he is not able to do it alone. As the Co-Managing Director of Evohosting, I oversee a number of different matters, including our finances, accounting, and marketing. We also employ 3 full-time staff members (Jack, Dan, and James) who provide support to Evohosting's customers, manage the servers, and much more. After looking at this reviewer's ticket history, I've found he has dealt with multiple members of staff, so I don't know how he concluded Evohosting is run by a single staff member.

This reviewer also stated, "If you want to put your business in the hands of a repackaged/ re-marketed hosting platform managed by a 1 man band - go ahead." This seems to imply that we are simply reselling another company's hosting, which is completely untrue. At the moment, we have two full racks at Pulsant Data Centre in Maidenhead, which house 16 shared servers and 2 dedicated servers. We buy all of the parts for our servers from a UK supplier, and we build them ourselves. We also use a custom combination of applications to ensure our hardware and software provides our customers with a fast and stable hosting platform.

I have reviewed the customer's ticket history, and found the following:

Someone emailed us requesting access to a domain name registered with us. The person who made the request did not open the ticket using the email address we had on file for the domain name, so we attempted to verify their identity. The person stated they no longer had access to the email address we had on file, as they allowed the domain name to expire. Even if a domain name has expired, customers can access the client area using the email address and their password. However, this person didn't know the password for their client area. In most cases, we or the customer can reset their password and send the new password to the email address on file. However, this person did not have access to this email address, so a password reset was not a viable option.

As a result, our staff tried other methods of verifying this customer's identity. The customer was asked for the PIN he created when he set up the account; he couldn't provide it. The customer was asked for a PayPal transaction ID for any of the multiple payments he made to us; he wasn't able to provide a single one. We offered to call the phone number we had on file to verify his identity; the customer said the phone number no longer belonged to him.

The customer sent an unsolicited, low-resolution copy of a passport bearing the name of the owner of the account (we never received an image of him holding said passport). However, we did not request, nor do we accept, this method of verification. For one, digital copies of these types of documents are easy to forge. Secondly, we rarely ever meet our customers in person, so a photo ID is pretty much useless, especially when we have several other verification methods we employ.

Our next step would have been to try to verify this person's identity via the post, but we never heard back from him after our last reply.

Unfortunately, social engineering to gain acess to domains and websites is quite common in the web hosting industry, and many companies, and consequently their customers, fall victim to people who use a variety of methods to obtain account details. We do our best to protect our customers, as we realise how important their websites and domain names are to them. For the last 9 years, our verification methods have helped ensure the safety of our customers' account details; while some people may find these methods strict or frustrating, we only ask for information a legitimate customers should be able to provide.

Caitlin McAuliffe
Co-Managing Director
Evohosting Ltd.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by agibson on 2012/12/15 at 05:36
If you want a basic hosting provider then fine but anything outside setting up a hosting package and taking your money forget it. In my dealings with Evohosting it has become apparent that this company has 1 staff member - The director Tim Mole. If you want to put your business in the hands of a repackaged/ re-marketed hosting platform managed by a 1 man band - go ahead. He ain't too helpful either.

I had issues with my account due to an error with login details. I proved my identity beyond any doubt, providing copy/photos of documents, passports etc - even a picture of me holding the passport and apparently this isn't enough to prove my identity - Its easier to cross an international border with no passport than to get this guy to help.

I am locked out of my account and Evohosting is withholding my intellectual property - in particular my domain name - Now the owner Tim Mole has taken to ignoring support tickets and Im stuck.

If you give this guy your money just make sure you dont have any issues cos you'll be left out in the cold and he doesnt care.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by Alena on 2011/08/23 at 12:03
I cannot say anything positive about this hosting. Just waste of time. First of all, they charge 20% VAT on top of the price regardless of your country. Second, they reply to your support tickets in a several days.
Review of evohosting.co.uk by Aakanksha on 2010/12/16 at 12:07
I have used host.co.in for the past 2 years. I fedup with those service I have lot of issues with the websites. Now i transfered to unlimitedgb.com now it is working fine.

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