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fast hosts was founded in 1999 and is now 19 years in business.

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Web and email hosting, domain names and dedicated servers - Fasthosts

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Fasthosts web hosting company offers a full range of internet services: web hosting, domain name registration, email hosting and reseller web hosting

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fasthost, fasthosting, fasthosted

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Fasthosts Discovery House 154 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2EX United Kingdom Sales helpline: +44 (0)870 888 3600 Facsimile: 0870 888 3760 (+44 1452 304242) Email sales:

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Review of by Aasim on 2010/11/24 at 14:14 has 24/7 chat support.Their support is appreciatable whenever we needed a support they will be always on line.
Review of by Webhound on 2010/02/28 at 20:25
I have been reading about FASTHOSTS a lot on the web and various forums both relating to web access and hosting accounts and as one of those people affected by the issues I wanted to suggest you do contact Trading Standards and report this company.

This is important because not only will Trading Standards be aware of the number of people affected by the methods of this company but they will gather evidence to act on these complaints. Further the scale of people affected may also activate action by the Office of Fair Trading.

It may also be worth going to the BBC watchdog website and telling them, again the more reports they get the more interest.
Review of by Noel on 2009/11/26 at 10:31
Disgusted- thought I had cancelled my package with them turns out I had not fully completed the process so they demanded a full years hosting fee or my credit rating might suffer. Don't do business with companies who think £98 is more important than their reputation. I would have happily paid a % of the year but a whole year for something I wasn't using! Just after your money I would leave if I was you and don't join them.

Review of by D Miller on 2009/11/24 at 16:28
Unreal. Diabolical. Disaster.

I've got complaints from two companies on my Fasthosts Reseller account. No email since 9:30 am - it's now 16:30.

They are seriously upset with this business affecting problem - they cannot support or sell to their customers and being mostly email interfacing are losing a whole days business.

This is the second time I'm being threatened by a company for legal action as a result of Fasthosts inability to provide a service.
Review of by michael forsythe on 2009/11/24 at 12:31
Fasthosts are dreadful, I have been using them for a while for company email via their webmail service - it keeps falling down without warning DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY today I am finishing off something really important and valuable revenue wise and yes you guessed it my emails are down and have been for several hours - I can't even get on to their website to complain AVOID AVOID
Review of by Grahamcjones on 2009/10/27 at 15:44
I had been using Fasthosts for some 6 months, using their reseller account and had been reasonably pleased, however upon my recommendation I transferred a major client to Fasthosts. Well what a disaster, they have changed their reseller control panel and basically rolled out a system that doesn't work. We had intended moving some live sites from my Fasthosts account to theirs, a simple job you would think, well no absolute disaster 4 days in and sites still not live. This is a totally unaccepable situation and this needs to to highlighted. I would not normally go on these review sites but as I'm in my clients office and unable to sort the problems as I'm waitng for Fasthosts support to do something I will spend the time telling everyone to be VERY VERY careful of using this Company for any serious websites. The Company I am a consultant to, deal with large PLC's and are the main CDM contractors on the Olympic Swimming Pool, they are not used to dealing with 'noddy' Companies like Fasthosts! I have now been told in no uncertain terms to find another, this time reliable hosting Company.

Sorry Fasthosts you have shot yourself in your foot yet again.

Review of by BenSmith on 2009/10/14 at 08:43
Hosting is a process that makes your site visible world wide on the internet. It suggests to the process of renting computer space and bandwidth (data transfer capacity) from a company so that you can make your website visible to the outside world.
Review of by Craig on 2009/10/12 at 13:10
I have around 15 sites with fasthosts, the service about 5 years ago was pretty good, however over the past year or so its been nothing short of diabolical, 4 or 5 days to get to the bottom of issues with email being down, sites down for days, STAY WELL CLEAR, I am in the process of moving my hosted sites to UKfast who I host another 2 sites with at the moment, whilst more expensive, they do offer a much better service.

Fasthosts have also outsourced their support to some third world country, i'll make no bones about it, their technicians are a shower of shit, always reffering to cue cards to solve problems.

I wouldnt use them again if they were the last ISP on the planet!
Review of by J Smith on 2009/09/07 at 15:32
I totally agree with the comments posted by Mr Robins. They have absolutely no concerns with quality of service or downtime. In one day alone 3 of the sites that I have hosted with them were offline for 4 hours.
Review of by Kevin Robins on 2009/08/24 at 20:51
This company are a joke, they overcharge, change passwords without notice and do not compensate for large periods of downtime, avoid at all costs.

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