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freewebsites.com offers free, ads supported hosting plan. To signup for hosting account with them, you will need not only enter email, username, password and other similar details like most of hosting directory_companies ask, but you will also be required to select category for your site. Later, they will ask for sub-category.

After filling out these details, some internal errors were displayed on freewebsites.com website, and activation email was delivered several minutes later. Unfortunately, we had top stop our test here. After clicking confirmation link, we were asked to enter CAPTCHA (special code) to complete signup, but because of many internal errors on freewebsites.com website no actual code was displayed. Only more and more error messages.

If you are still interested in free hosting plans offered by freewebsites.com, you will need to wait while they will fix registration form and site bugs.

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was founded in 1999 and it is now 17 years in business.

Website title: FREE WEBSITES - Free Hosting with Online Website Builder!

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w, 13th of June, 2014
I was trying to delete my site from Freewebsites.com ! but I can't Login from my Ftp anymore! also there website don't allow to send any message from there Help/Support. It always said "unable to connect to database"! I hope someone can help me delete my site from Freewebsites.com as soon as possible!! Thanks!
michelle, 07th of November, 2013
The building of the site is easy enough, however when I was about 60% finished I ran into problems, and customer service is nonexistent. The 800 number goes to voicemail, and no one will call back. It's been 2 weeks and I have yet to receive a response after sending multiple emails.
C.Spice, 02nd of September, 2013
My website has not been live for 6 months now I have repeatedly tried to contact the owner/mangers about this problem- no one has returned my call or emails. . . I have paid in full for the year and now I've received a renewal email when I have even received my agreed upon service. Someone needs to fix this!

This is the emials I've left them with no return calls
BEATE SETZER, 11th of June, 2013
My bank phoned me as I was setting up my website and asked me if it was a fraudulent transaction. I said stop it as there were some internal errors and the design was not going according to plan. I tried to contact them for support but no one got back to me and now I find 5 days later that my account has been debited with the full amount! rip off artists!
Brian, 07th of March, 2013
Would rather have went somewhere else. Im constantly getting overbilled, Ive only been with them a little over a month and it has been one error after another and I am fed up with it. I am definately going elsewhere. I paid them $500 to design a professional website and it ended up looking like some high school drop out wrote it. I basically redesigned the whole site myself. I paid for Search engine Optimization but have not got it. They say I did but Im doing that myself too! its not hard to learn. SAVE YOUR MONEY~
Peter, 31st of December, 2012
Tried signing up for it and it was just one huge up-sell. "Priority Support" for $4 a month is what they hit you with first... Then "Search Engine Visibility" for a one-time fee of $99. And that service is basically to get you indexed into the search engines. Which can be done for about 1/3 of that price by someone better. And the kicker is their ridiculously priced "SEO" packages. From $19.99/mo to $199/mo... Are you kidding me? 200 backlinks, XML Sitemap generation, and some article submissions for that?!? Run away from these guys. They're trying to rip you off. Go over to http://freewordpresswebsite.org and get yourself a solid website built by people who are simply excited to build websites (and not just upsell). Granted you'll have to pay for hosting, but its much less of a headache simply owning your own domain/hosting and having someone build you a free website. That's a model that works. The guys at freewebsite.com are borderline scam.
Sheila N., 04th of March, 2011
I tried signing up with freewebsites.com so I can put up my portfolio with my own web design. Unfortunately, I kept getting redirected to http://www.webhostingbuzz.com/nearly-free.php which is definitely not FREE at all. So this one is out the window. :(

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