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Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 11 years in business.

Contact Information GigaPros Web Solutions ( 21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322 Torrance CA,90503 US Tel. +1.8777764442 Email:

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Review of by Rivat Zaigillov on 2013/11/21 at 10:40
Very happy so far and my sites are loading much quicker and I am now in control of my server, no limitations and fully managed so if there is anything I would like to experiment with I know I have the help at hand.
Gigapros is the host you can rely on in any situation. It provides tools to help identify the cause and to arrive at a solution.
Given their recent upgrades and expanded offerings I see no reason I would ever go anywhere else.
They run an honest business that treats customers with respect, and this is the most important quality of a web host.
Review of by Sui Meo Kvan on 2013/11/18 at 08:30
I've been with Gigapros for over a year now and I'm very happy to report that I have had absolutely no problems with them or their service, whatsoever.
Have had no issues. My sites were all transferred for free and everything went smooth.
Support so far is quite good. Easy to work with the base Webmin system; no weird gotchas.
I cant say about prices since I havent looked at any other hosts, but worth every penny.
They get an A+ for running their business with a good product and unmatched customer support.
Review of by Kumar Maretun on 2013/11/15 at 09:41
So finally I got fed up with my previous host, and switched to Gigapros after reading some reviews. Sure enough Gigapros made the transition process painless and promptly took care of every question I had. I've never experienced this level of support from any company regardless of the industry.
Their package prices also amazed me, especially since they utilize their powered servers.
Given their recent upgrades and expanded offerings I see no reason I would ever go anywhere else!
My VPS is very quick. I highly recommend these guys!
Review of by Katrin Friedman on 2013/11/14 at 09:31
Unlimited bandwidth and space for one small price, with all the advanced features I care about to boot, and even more. So good. I'm happy running my sites with Gigapros.
I actually enjoy getting their newsletter every month - they're hilarious, in a moderately-amusing way.
Support is good & fast. Support is super fast and they solve the problems you ask them to. My VPS is very quick.

Their control panel is 100% custom and it is amazing.
The value for the money can't be beat.
Review of by Gleb Ustiogov on 2013/11/13 at 09:56
Back to my experience with Gigapros hosting for last 5 months - I would say you can rely on it. The connection/download page speed is very good.
Support replied to my ticket and had resolved the issue in minutes of submission. I had to create a subsequent ticket for an outgoing issue, which ended up being a port that needed enabled on my firewall. That issue took a little longer to find and resolve, but the Gigapros support team was knowledgeable, extremely quick to respond.
My uptime is great and I'm happy with this.
I cannot recommend this host highly enough.
Review of by Andrew Tompson on 2013/11/11 at 10:07
Always received a prompt assistance and no billing issues. offer the best control panel I've ever seen, greatest of functionalities being the possibility of delegating sites/databases/ftps/SSH access/and-so-on to certain users, a great tool for cooperating between employees and customers.
Sometimes saving a couple bucks a month isn't the best deal. I'm actually paying nearly half what I used to pay my old host and I'm getting much more for my money now.
I recommend GigaPros with all my heart.
Review of by Muta Bursuq Touma on 2013/11/08 at 09:27
I've been with Gigapros Inc. for over 8 months now and I'm very happy to report that I have had absolutely no problems with them or their service, whatsoever.
When I was looking for a VPS, theirs seemed right up my alley. I've had support tickets answered promptly at all hours of the night. They truly care about your well being and are such nice people.
On top of all that their prices are incredible and if you search carefully you can find some awesome coupon codes to get you free domains for life.
I am completely satisfied with them and I would recommend them to anyone!
Review of by Therese Louineaux on 2013/11/07 at 09:40
I went on the recommendation of a friend and now have 2 VPSs with Gigapros and thanks to their pricing and support, am about to add several more at one time. They did the backups and transfers until the old host finally made a good copy that was usable. Besides, they spent about a week just to get my sites all moved and running correct.
My business has grown as a direct result of the service and support they offer.
The connection/download page speed is very good!
They don't pretend to be the most stable service, but they do succeed in their goal: providing value for money with features that many developers appreciate.
Review of by Ruslana Malisko on 2013/11/06 at 08:54
We host a handful of websites for family and friends. Here is the one I host with them: shitie(dot)info The price is surprisingly low.
Gigapros is the host you can always rely on. Their support team is responsive. They tolerate my stupid questions and over-reactions with professional responses.
Great prices, and you get a 15-day free trial on their personal hosting deals which I believe to be essential when moving to a new host.
Uptime is good and my sites are running fast and efficiently.
I'd recommend them quite highly if you're looking for professional host for personal or business sites.
Review of by Zack Rousenberg on 2013/11/05 at 09:21
Well, Gigapros, inc. has been a great experience for me. I did a lot of searching before I picked my hoster and this one looked to be the best pick for me. Their support responds is within minutes (although i never had any major issues).
Uptime is great. They even have scripts to add email forms and guest books and counters that are part of the package.
Excellent value hosting packages and a service that I cannot fault, plus a sense of humour.

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