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Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 11 years in business.

Contact Information GigaPros Web Solutions ( 21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322 Torrance CA,90503 US Tel. +1.8777764442 Email:

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Review of by Graham McDuncan on 2013/07/25 at 10:42
When I finally joined Gigapros, I had a pleasant surprise. They gave me two public IP addresses! I had to pay my previous provider extra to get just one. Then, I found that they have an automated way to switch Linux distros.
Their service is quick to respond to any problems and they will personally aid you in anything that you need! Their prices are unbeatable and they provide a great service.

Cheap reliable and effective hosting provider.
Review of by Michela Moretti on 2013/07/24 at 10:22
I switched to Gigapros after several days of research. I was with another host, but this web host topped all the features and had rave reviews by everyone.
The dedicated servers are sold with set specs as I found they had better processors in them and I had an extra 2 GBs of RAM! More performance for my sites so I didnt complain! The support guys at are simply excellent, you can see the difference in service and it matter a lot to me.

Their focus is clearly geared towards medium- to large-sized business.
Review of by Maria Horvat on 2013/07/18 at 11:23
Gigapros' support impressed me immensely. When I talked to one of their support guys, I had no feeling from him of wanting to fix my problem as quickly as he could so he could move on the next customer; instead, he made sure he completely understood the issue I was having and did everything he could to fix it, which he did. He also explained what the issue was in a way I could understand. I have never talked to more helpful toll-free support.

I'm staying , because they are good.
Review of by Giovanni Pugliesi on 2013/07/16 at 08:14
So far so good. Server performance is excellent and I am glad to have found
At first, it took me a while to get up and running because I had no clue how to use the vps. Once I got a hang of it, the system is very easy to use and their control panel makes it easy to manage your server. I can access my vps from any computer and it has never failed on me.
I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.

I recommend Gigapros with all my heart.
Review of by Ryan Mattew on 2013/07/15 at 10:14
No one in this hosting space comes near they own this sphere. I have had so many requests and gigapros has excceeded my expectations.
I currently only have one server with them and it has been very reliable and any questions I have in regards to the server are answered nicely on the phone and at a decent time frame in tickets.
They rock, I love them and been with them for a year.
Review of by Manuel Panicucci on 2013/07/12 at 11:51
I hosted my site at for over year. The company is open for anyone who is curious about their services. All you have to do is ask; either on their forum, or privately via email. What truly surprises is how honest their answers are.

I probably don't know as much as I should about the ins and outs of having a large website, but with Gigapros by my side, I never worry about that anymore!
Truly special.

The move to Gigapros was a win-win for me. Better service and better value.
Review of by Epicuro Calderon on 2013/07/11 at 09:01
I had a fully manged server with for about a year. There have been a few glitches, but service is remarkably fast even at 5 in the morning and things were fixed quickly.
It has one killer feature for me: multisite. This allows me to host multiple sites under the same account, where each site is treated with full independence.
Customer service is nothing less than amazing as well, with incredibly speedy response times.
I can highly recommend them!
Review of by Berta Camarillo Baca on 2013/07/09 at 07:24
I switched to Gigapros after several days of research. I was with another host, but these guys topped all the features and had rave reviews by everyone. Now I have been using them for about 10 months.
Their account system is great, switch between plans easily and manage multiple plans with 1 set of login info.
The sales and Technical are purely professional and timely.
Thank you for being there. I hope you continue this way.
Review of by Ann S. Boyd on 2013/07/04 at 11:15
I have been with for about about a year now and it has been a smooth ride thus far! I love that they have live chat available 24/7 and go above and beyond for their customers. They have gone above and beyond to assist me with my sites, whenever needed. Amazingly, I never had to wait longer than 20 minutes for a response.
You might pay a couple of bucks less, but it's just not worth it if it takes hour after hour and even days to respond.

As far as the up-time. It is very good. I have monitoring software for keeping up-time statistics and so far the up-time is unparralled.

I'm very happy with them so far.
Review of by Belisarda Lavallee on 2013/06/26 at 11:53
I am really happy to have found this great hosting service. After you sign up with Gigapros, they contact you during the first week just to know if you are happy and have no tech troubles.
This host seems to be geared towards the professional web designer, but they were still friendly and helpful to a novice such as myself.

For a newbie I can't recommend them more highly.

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