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Giga Pros General Information

Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

Contact Information GigaPros Web Solutions ( 21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322 Torrance CA,90503 US Tel. +1.8777764442 Email:

Giga Pros Reviews 2018

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Review of by Felicja Michalska on 2013/06/12 at 10:33
I have decided to post a review for my provider Gigapros. I've read many good reports, so gave them a try.
At first, it took me a while to get up and running because I had no clue how to use the vps. Once I got a hang of it, the system is very easy to use and their control panel makes it easy to manage your server. I can access my vps from any computer and it has never failed on me.
The speeds I am experiencing are awesome.
It's so much better than my previous hosts that business has actually increased.
Review of by Jael Villareal Enriquez on 2013/06/11 at 08:26
I've used Gigapros for about a year now and have found them to be an excellent vehicle for my own hosting requirements. My site has never gone down and these guys have given me excellent service and value, unlike some other places I've used over the years.
The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.
Excellent Support response times.
My experiences with Gigapros have been 100 percent positive.
Review of by Adelchi Endrizzi on 2013/06/10 at 08:39
Great hosting! I have had Gigapros service for 6 months. It's good cheap hosting. The supports good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients.

I had a small personal website, and it hasn't been down a minute since I signed up with them.
I highly recommend gigapros for any webmaster looking for professional hosting service.
Review of by Petr Ressin on 2013/06/08 at 07:10
Like most people, I've tried a variety of hosting companies and, although I haven't had many troubles, I've dealt with overloaded servers, slow customer service and various account limitations.

What I want to say is that is the best host I've ever tried before. The new servers hardware is pretty impressive and the move went very smoothly.
I have yet to experience any downtime, the site loads extremely quickly and the support has been amazing. Uptime in one year since I moved has been 100% and the server is always fast and stable.

Performance is great, up-time too!
Review of by SF on 2013/06/06 at 13:14
After 10 months I left gigapros because of their servers are overloaded. They would blame my website as the problem, but could not explain why even the admin page which is very small in size would hang or open slow.
Review of by Sabri Nazmi Haik on 2013/06/06 at 08:36
I have been with Gigapros for about 1 year now and am still extremely pleased with their service.
Features wise is excellent for my needs. Price is acceptable to me too. Neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. It's pretty good value for money as far as VPS is concerned.
My business has never been so stable, thanks to these guys.
Review of by Ksenia Adamska on 2013/06/04 at 07:41
I have only great words for Gigapros Hosting. Incredible price!
As a novice i need the kind of support given by all the staff at Gigapros, they give it to me quickly, politely and freely.
I can say that my site and email access have certainly seen improvement in speed and short-term reliability since the move.
Overall I would rate it 9.8/10
Review of by Adolfa Ferrari on 2013/06/03 at 09:42
I've been hosting with GiGapros for about one year and have had only good experiences with them.
It has one killer feature for me: multisite. This allows me to host multiple sites under the same account, where each site is treated with full independence.
Gigapros support has been outstanding, even when the issues were not actually their fault: they are very willing to help even when there's no fault in their systems. Their responses have been fast, friendly, and useful.
Their account system is great, switch between plans easily and manage multiple plans with 1 set of login info.
If you need reliable host, Gigapros is the best solution!
Review of by Birgit Muller on 2013/05/28 at 06:42
Gigapros Hosting reliability is perfect.
Uptime, response everything is great. The tech support helps me to fix issues within no time. This doesn't mean that there are issues all the time. But in as in other hosts, issues had occured and fixed by Gigapros team.
If you're an experienced unix admin then this web host is your only good choice.
Review of by Thomas Styles on 2013/05/24 at 08:20
I have been hosting my sites with gigapros for abount 1 year and very happy.
The support at Gigapros has always been top notch and the hosting experience there has always exceeded our high expectations. The family forums are full of helpful folks always willing to lend a helping hand. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change one single thing.
The sales and Technical are purely professional and timely. Thank you for being there. I hope you continue this way.

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