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Giga Pros General Information

Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 11 years in business.

Contact Information GigaPros Web Solutions ( 21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322 Torrance CA,90503 US Tel. +1.8777764442 Email:

Giga Pros Reviews 2019

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Review of by Alexander Selevanov on 2012/09/07 at 06:31
I find gigapros to be fantastic. On the few times, that I have had issues, they have responded with lightening speed. The help you with everything even in simple things.
Price to service to ease-of-use to features its just a great deal. and they just added lots of new stuff.
I hope that they keep up the good work with their customer support and don't cut it off.
Review of by Mark Shulz on 2012/09/05 at 07:50
Excellent webhost, uptime is perfect (more than 99% so far), and they know their stuff.
I have upgraded to a dedicated server, and I am continuing to expand my client base. Once again, only very minor issues have arisen since the switch to the dedicated server, but I am happy to say that I have had an overall 9/10 experince with gigapros.
Tech Support has been pretty good as most of my tickets have been responded to within the hour.
Highly recommend gigapros hosting!
Review of by Suresh Badi on 2012/09/03 at 07:57
They're honest, fast, and thorough; in fact, I never waited more than an hour, even when submitting support tickets at 3 or 4 in the morning on a weekend. They've provided more than what I need.
Gigapros uptime is great and pages are loaded fast.
They could double their price and I would stay with them. They are that good and you won't be disappointed. I don't think I will ever leave. You won't either.
Review of by Viker Turrit on 2012/08/30 at 06:53
Well, my uptime and support have been excellent - they actually answer their emails, and within a few minutes! They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version.
They have a lot of features useful for running any web site.
Cant quibble about the price either.
I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service.
Review of by Vasiliy Alexeyev on 2012/08/29 at 13:02
Gigapros is the best one. We have seen the addition of more and more servers to keep up with demand. They are always responsive, cost-effective, and we virtually never suffer any down time.
I have good things only to say about them the staff members there are all extremely helpful and have always gone out of their way to assist me when I have needed it. the claim of 99.99% uptime holds true.
You will not be disappointed.
Review of by Paul Kuster on 2012/08/21 at 07:45
I have web site hosted with Gigapros and with other companies as well. After some research I noticed that Gigapros provides the best uptime for me. Now I’m on the way of migration my other sites to Gigapros. They have the best uptime!
Review of by Luis Fernandino on 2012/08/20 at 10:09
I have seen do many web hosts which are excellent at the beginning (once you signed up with them) and then becomes very bad in terms of service and support. This is NOT about Gigapros! They provided me with Good service in October when I started and they provide good service for me now! So really good service always good service!
Review of by Oliver Salamanka on 2012/08/17 at 06:29
About a year ago I started migrating my clients' sites to Gigapros and the process has been easy, with no glitches. It has amazing support, either by phone.
Their reliability is second to none - proof positive, I experienced 0 downtime during Ike.
Lots of nice features like SSH. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with them.
Review of by Jack Green on 2012/08/15 at 06:32
gigapros is great! The customer service has excellent feedback time via e-mail and solved all problems for a website newbie like me. I have the starter package, and think it's a great bargain.
Fully-satisfied using their hosting service.
Review of by Sandro Nesta on 2012/08/02 at 13:25
I have never had problems with gigapros at all, I can honestly say that.. In fact only today I spoke to an online helper and they helped me solve a email problem within 15minutes.
I've finally found a good home with gigapros. I especially love their support. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients.
I would recommend them to anyone and also do as I build websites for people and often use gigapros!

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