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Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Review of by Iker Codos on 2012/04/02 at 07:11
I have a reseller hosting account and it works perfect, I don't have any problem. I recommend Gigapros hosting service. I haven't had to contact their I can't comment on it. They do have 24/7 live chat, a 24/7 toll free number, a user forum, and other things.
Uptime has been 100%. So far, a very happy customer.
Performance is Excellent. Highly recommend Gigapros web hosting service.
Review of by Jefery Wakes on 2012/03/29 at 06:38
My expereince using gigapros service has been superb. Site performance is great!
The customer support and knowledgebase is outstanding. Huge repository of answered FAQ, and they respond very fast to any questions I have. I had an issue setting up SSL for one of my clients and called them. They not only knew what the issue is, but they fixed it and sent me an email letting me know it was up and running.
If you do, I will highly recommend Gigapros's hosting plans. They are super awesome.
Review of by Martin Chester on 2012/03/28 at 06:22
I've had my site and several sub-domains hosted on Gigapros's basic hosting plan for over 7 months, and have had nothing but positive experience.
It places high value on customer support and it shows. They've always had excellent support. Top of the line. Their features can't be beat (basically, you can do anything you'd ever need to do).
Their pricing is also extremely fair, especially when considering their reliability, service and support.
A very happy, long-time Gigapros customer..
Review of by Alberto Cucci on 2012/03/26 at 06:55
Been with Gigapros for over 6 months, they "Rock". My uptime is significantly higher than it was with my previous host. Speed and access to servers is great, feature to price ratio is hard to beat.
Good uptime, good support - most of the time!
Speeds are great and everything just works.
Highly recommended!
Review of by Wilhelm Bayer on 2012/03/23 at 07:08
Happy using gigapros web hosting service. Uptime is perfect.
It's good cheap hosting. The supports good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done.
I especially love their support. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients.
Awesome company! Great to work with.
Review of by Thomas Wiender on 2012/03/21 at 07:08
I have a Basic VPS at Gigapros Hosting I use for most of my web development customers, and the server has not had any appreciable downtime since I signed up eight months ago.
Support: Never seen better customer support. You can contact them about anything. It doesn't have to be a problem. Even general inquiries are happily and quickly addressed. I mean quick, too; often within minutes. The folks at Gigapros are so on the ball it's amazing.
I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.
Review of by Oscar Cardoso on 2012/03/16 at 06:59
I'm using Gigapros VPS to host multiple websites, including a couple of my clients. They're servers are reliable and fast for their 'shared' hosting classification (dedicated/virtual would be a lot faster), and overall everything works great.
They are good at what they do, it's not overpriced claptrap.
Uptime is great - thanks them a lot.
It is the company I have trusted and so far they have come through 100%.
Review of by Liam Nilson on 2012/03/14 at 13:38
Gigapros has provided me with the service you wish a hosting company would give you but that is so difficult to find. Their professionalism is evident from the very first time you contact you have with them.
Every support ticket I have put in has been responded to in under 5 minutes and just about every ticket I have put in has been fully resolved within about 10 to 15 minutes.
For the base price of my chosen package, I am receiving in Gigapros the priority service I had to pay for in another company.
Highly recommend this decent host.
Review of by Bjern Dalen on 2012/03/12 at 07:38
I would like to say that I have never had any downtime during 9 months dealing with gigapros and my visitors are very pleased due to the fast speed connection. There are so many useful features which are included into the hosting plans.
So far so good. Server performance is excellent - the hardware they are using for the VPS machines are well specced, and appear to have very high performing disk mounted. Support tickets are responded to quickly, any time of the day or night.
Gigapros VPS service is Superb!
Review of by Kunal Singh on 2012/03/09 at 07:26
I've been with Gigapros, inc for several months and have had a great experience with them. The servers seem reliable, the signup process was easy and support is fast. They have really friendly and kind staff who is always there for all the customers!
Now I have so much more control of my web server and confidence being supported by this reliable company.
The one service provider that is reliable! Provides great and quality service!

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