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Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 10 years in business.

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Review of by Jean Charest on 2011/12/29 at 07:31
Amazed about the capabilities of Gigapros service, not only the support is incredible to the point of actually tweaking your website (Drupal based) and upgrading stuff but the answers have been spot on.
I bought their reseller hosting account and must say that their pricing is reasonable. Plus you can host more than one site on the same account. I have currently two additional small websites hosted along with my main website.

I am thinking to get another reseller account with them.
Their support are very quick, and actually know what their doing - 1 ticket and within 5 minutes the issue is resolved.
Highly recommend them!
Review of by John O'henry on 2011/12/28 at 07:36
It happened so that I have been with Giga Pros for a wile now and i have found there customer service very good so far.
Hosting performance is extremely quick compared to my last hosting company.
They supply the kind of affordable service that anyone would appreciate. Pricing is reasonable, they discounts saved me a good sum of money that I need for my future project.
Support is helpful, servers are fast and stable.
Highly recommend Giga pros service for any kind of web sites.
Review of by Diego Cobos on 2011/12/26 at 07:37
I have been with gigapros, inc. for over 6 months and i have never had a problem.
These guys will open ports and enable features they'll even transfer sites for free.
They have amazing support, either by phone (very fast,--no more than 3 minutes wait time). Their support personnel are knowledgeable and very quick to resolve any issues.
Generally 100% uptime, good pricing and professional service.
I would highly recommend these guys.
Review of by Bertrand Russell on 2011/12/23 at 07:51
No doubt. Gigapros is really professional, and they have the quickest support ever.
Price to service to ease-of-use to features its just a great deal. and they just added lots of new stuff. Very competitive pricing.
This is the third hosting company I have used and is by far and away the best yet.
Overall, I am quite satisfied with the service they provide, as well as the customer service and customer support & team.
Review of by Otto Hinzmar on 2011/12/21 at 08:43
I would like to say that Gigapros hosting service is on TOP. Extremely satisfied with their service.

I've used their technical support via their web system a few times regarding domain name transfers and MySQL questions. They were always quick to respond (usually within 15-20 minutes) with the solutions to my issues (or my dumb questions).

I've been very happy with their service and recommend them to anyone.
Review of by Fagundo Falkao on 2011/12/19 at 08:06
I have 3 sites (on VPS) with Gigapros. Customer service is second to none. All my support requests are handled under 5 minutes. They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version. they help with things like Htacess files, and almost any web admin question you have.
Excellent value, features, reliability.
Review of by Thomas Bauer on 2011/12/16 at 12:17
I am happy using gigapros hosting services. Support has been excellent. These guys will open ports and enable features they'll even transfer sites for free. I couldn't be happier with the support.
They are available 24/7! Pricing and features are excellent.
Keep up the good work Gigapros!
Review of by Albert Komorowski on 2011/12/14 at 07:40
Well, gigapros does offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately.
There are easy, simple and detailed instructions on the site regarding what needs to be done to take advantage of the their features that come with the packages.
Actually, this is THE best hosting out there. Great prices and great reliability.
Review of by knut Erik johnsen on 2011/07/22 at 20:07
having read the reviews and talked to support and sales we decided to go with dedicated server from them. The e-mails stated that everything would be ready in "24 hours max". I also paid for premium support which is $40 a month.
The server was not ready in the time stated and then what was ordered was not there! No admin panel as ordered, then the admin panel appeared but the supplied passwords did not work. Support was useless and it was the same person in sales, billing and support.when you try to talk to them on live chat they ask to write a ticket then ignore you. if you tell them this they close the chat It is almost as if these guys are working out of a bedroom somewhere with no real backup. don't touch these guys with a bargepole!!"

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