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GlowHost was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

Website title

GlowHost Web Hosting - cPanel, Reseller and Dedicated Website Hosting

Website description

GlowHost, an Internet web site hosting provider, offers web hosting. Get a free domain for life with your hosting order. Free domain name registration is available on most web hosting plans

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gloehosting, glowhosted, glowhost, glow host

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Mailing Address: GlowHost.com, Inc PO Box 6361 Stuart, Florida 34997 Contact Sales phone: +1.888.293.HOST (4678)

GlowHost Reviews 2018

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Review of glowhost.com by Romano Russo on 2017/10/11 at 07:48
I think glowhost.com fits in all of these well. That’s way they are really good.
Very good host. Have been with several in the last year and this host definitely ranks as the best. Customer support has been perfect and I always got a response in 2 hours. Have experienced no downtime at all and always get good transfer speeds.
Review of glowhost.com by Gal Apodaca on 2017/10/02 at 08:58
Good hosting experience with Glowhost.com - uptime is almost 100% and there were no issues that I had with other hosts in past. You will be very pleased.
Review of glowhost.com by Wlodzislaw Pawlak on 2017/09/06 at 10:33
Glowhost is a fantastic host with excellent customer care, high reliability and a friendly, professional service. That's why I'm staying here! I can't recommend them highly enough...
Review of glowhost.com by Mannus on 2017/09/05 at 14:21
I am fully-satisfied, the speed has been great, uptime is perfect - my site is always online and accessible to my visitors, and their customer support is really professional - they work 24/7 and always available, even at midnight.
I am 100% happy client, highly recommend glowhost Elastic sites hosting services. They are prompt, courteous and have continuously gone the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly. Definitely recommended.
Review of glowhost.com by Kaleb Reilly on 2017/08/21 at 14:31
Moving to glowhost was the best decision I ever made with web hosting. I have several sites on their Cloud platform which is fast and enjoyable to use. Over the past decades I have operated various servers in own datacenter, hosted servers and used third party hosting. After moving to glowhost I have never looked back. The support team is simply fantastic and available 24-7.
Review of glowhost.com by Ken Weatherbee on 2017/08/16 at 12:59
My company has a hosting account with one host for our business sites and I wanted to move my personal domain away from the control of the company (and previous host's dreadful service). I spent some time researching the move as doing it more than once was not what I wanted. GlowHost came up time and again as being good value and good service.
Review of glowhost.com by Terue Kaneda on 2017/08/15 at 12:35
Been searching for a decent hosting company for months, and tried 2 aweful ones luckily without too much cost (not going to name previous hosts), then found GlowHost who are absolutely superb. A couple of teething issues mainly down to me getting used to console and connecting to database, but all questions answered quickly and helpfully.

Customer service is 2nd to none, and price was just amazing.

Would recommend to anyone, and I wouldn't have bothered writing this if I wasn't really impressed.
Review of glowhost.com by Querima Pagan Toledo on 2017/08/04 at 10:00
A Great service guys, after having grief of one of your competitors I decided to move one of my sites..........and I have to say the transition was not a problem, I will be moving more over as the hosting is due.
Review of glowhost.com by Daniel Horn on 2017/07/19 at 12:47
There's no other score than 5/5 to give GlowHost, their services are extremely cheap for what they offer, seriously I don't have a clue how they do it. Servers are always reliable (we have only had a few major outages in this last year), the guys behind glowhost.com are always around to help, and the company is extremely transparent, a great US based hosting company that really does offer it all.
Review of glowhost.com by Shirley J. Hawk on 2017/07/07 at 08:38
I couldn't recommend glowhost enough! After a lot of bad experiences with other web hosting companies, it has been refreshing to work with a company that works hard to provide a top notch service and actually keep its customers happy.

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