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GlowHost was founded in 2002 and is now 16 years in business.

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GlowHost Web Hosting - cPanel, Reseller and Dedicated Website Hosting

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GlowHost, an Internet web site hosting provider, offers web hosting. Get a free domain for life with your hosting order. Free domain name registration is available on most web hosting plans

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gloehosting, glowhosted, glowhost, glow host

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Mailing Address:, Inc PO Box 6361 Stuart, Florida 34997 Contact Sales phone: +1.888.293.HOST (4678)

GlowHost Reviews 2018

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Review of by Godemir Crnic on 2018/02/09 at 07:28
I must first say thank you for all the help and advice you have given me today. Because of Glowhost dedicated and professional service I have decided to move my files to... I felt as if they were very helpful and the product their hosting has would meet what I'm looking to do. Once again, thanks for sending all the useful attachments I would need in getting my site setup.
Glowhost 24/7 support service is the best. I love what they do and how they do it.
Review of by Ellie Andersson on 2018/02/05 at 09:47
My name is Ellie Andersson I am the owner of one e-shop selling different snikers like nike, puma.

I just wanted to say that I recently signed up with Glowhost. This is the first real web host I have been with, and it has been so easy. This US host has been so easy to use for me. I have no plans to switch hosting providers at any time; this has been so easy and all at a good price as well, while supporting fellow Americans.
Review of by Margaret Pfeifer on 2018/01/31 at 08:58
Very happy so far and my sites are loading much quicker and I am now in control of my server, no limitations and fully managed so if there is anything I would like to experiment with I know I have the help at hand, no more signing up to forums to get a bunch of nonsensical answers or scouring the internet, a simple email away and they will provide all the details I need.
Thanks for providing me with professional services!
Review of by Iv. Fiorentini on 2018/01/15 at 08:26
My favorite! I love how it's simple but also very powerful.
I have been using Glowhost for some time now and I am impressed. The price is ok, but what i like the most is how genuine everything is there. The support is superb and tries to give you lessons which is good. If something gets really bad, you get directly contacted and it appears that it’s a fairly small company because there's so much human contact.
Review of by Galeazzo Manfrin on 2018/01/03 at 15:06
Everything is great! The support team are very cool and fast! I have been hosted with many other companies but is the best! They offer free domain - it's great. They were extremely patient as I cluelessly asked for various ports to be opened to allow extra functionality on one of my sites.
Uptime is (nearly) 100%. You know, I've encountered a few small hick-ups in the last 9 months but in fact I haven't encountered any problems during the last 5 months.

Review of by Nilay van Geenen on 2017/12/29 at 09:28
Glowhost customer services is excellent.
The support team members have always given me the feeling that I am communicating with my personal friends.
Review of by Kesnar on 2017/12/15 at 09:51
Not only did Glowhost's staff offer fast response time, but they truly knew what they were doing and could assist me in solving my problems. Support is usually great, my only complain being that the original average support response time of 10 minutes is now more like 30-40 minutes. This is to be expected with the kind of growth they've experienced, however.
Review of by Tina Theria on 2017/12/12 at 10:37
I chose after months of research and comparative study, and it's one of the most winning choices i have ever made. They keep improving their services, and the size of disk space and bandwidth transfer rate.
Review of by Paananen on 2017/12/01 at 15:04
Frankly speaking I am totally satisfied using glowhost web hosting services.

Guys, you get unlimited e-mails, can host unlimited domains on one account, unlimited sub-domains, mysql, fantastico ... seriously, if you want it, you probably get it!
Review of by Asa Laitinen on 2017/11/17 at 08:08
Through the use this hosting service from Glowhost, I realized that my site would be able to rank very well in a search engine due to the yahoo ad credits they offer. I was really fascinated by the mailing system of this host that not only worked well, but also received immense support from the technical staff.

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