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was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business. has tiny, flash based website which is hard to read and understand. While team says they offer free hosting for everyone, it's not 100% true. You need to pay for hosting services using "helions" For example, the smallest package with 150 MB space and 1500 MB bandwidth costs 250 hellions per month. So what are these mystic hellions? Hellions are forum posts. If you think "oh, just another provider that requires to make posts on forums" you are absolutely right. They have some restrictions too. For example, if you will use bad grammar while posting, account will be deleted. Not very funny... also offers packages with banner ads, but your website will be full of their advertisements, and it's not the best option too. So everything is up to you. If you have lots of time to spend on forums just to keep hosting account active, go and signup with this provider. Otherwise, search our directory for another free hosting - you will find plenty of them!

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Review of by Obi on 2017/06/25 at 12:39
Heliohost is the worst host I have ever seen. Once you sent all information/email and stuff and they "set the server up" your email and username are no longer in their database.

Don't waste your time on this shitty wehost provider.
Review of by Me on 2015/09/29 at 20:50
It's awesome, probably the best free web hosting on world.
Review of by andy on 2014/12/26 at 00:38
Simply terrible. Over a year ago I tried their "johnny" server and my website was down almost all the time. Emails also lost, clients lost... server downtime is simple frustrating. I wanted to use Heliohost because they offer a lot of features impossible to find with other free webhost joes.

This time I tried their server "stevie" that allows less programming languages/scripts making it more "stable". Not really.

Bottom line is that I learned the hard way free webhosting is just non existent.

Their server crashes all the time, try it out yourself and waste your time.

Review of by Uli H. on 2014/10/17 at 14:31
heliohost is completely free services and there is nothing like "helions" (maybe thats years ago) and there also is NO ADVERTISEMENT!
I use it for a year now and did not experience any downtime at all. Maybe there are routing issues for some of you?
It is the best service I ever used for testing purposes! You are able to run php, perl, have your own cpanel, you are allowd to create ftp-accounts and e-mail-accounts and setup the site using .htaccess.
There is much more than I had on paid servers!

But please consider: Free hosting is supposed for test - and someone has to pay for it! I never would use it running a real website with thousands of visitors per day.
Review of by Ali on 2014/07/15 at 05:02
I have a pingdom uptime check account and the uptime of my site usually is 95+% and i like heliohost
Heliohost share an ip to 40-50 site
Review of by anonymous :D on 2014/05/13 at 00:40
"A joke of a site and run by what can be described as a team of underage morons.
I can see what is written on the front of the box is not found inside of the box.
Somebody at helihost had a vision that somehow seems to be different from what the reality is of today.
They are unable to deliver what they put forward in their offer and all you get is silly games.
I kept my mouth shut during the 3 weeks it took even for my site to go active...
so now since it seems helihost or whoever it is that is working that scam site, a warning to ALL who cares about their site. Stay away from them.

Maybe they are in way over their heads in this.They should stop playing house like kids and get a real job that they can honestly do with their limited talents.
My mistake was not telling them all this when I first felt something was wrong.
They should try a job or business that is something less technical to work on, this way they wont screw up with other peoples time and desires.
This is not just at one person at their site. This goes for the whole team of flunkies.
If they can't do anything right then it's time to change clothes... because they all stink of immaturity.
my guess is, you are all high school & college drop outs all hanging around your parents homes....

I know they will read this and try to make excuses. Don't believe a word."

You sir should probably grow up a bit and realize how difficult it is to keep a SHARED HOST with so many features up and running with so many users. I would love to see you start your own shared host and see how far you get.

If you want uptime with all the features they provide, buy a VPS.

Heliohost is the best :D
Review of by anonymous on 2014/05/04 at 23:03
What most of the people are forgetting here is that it is a FREE HOST. FREE hosts are not meant to be stable. They are meant for development. Yes, they have issues often. But they are running over 20,000+ sites to date with so many people using poorly written code that slows the server.

Free host != VPS. All load is shared. If you don't need to test your website, get a VPS and don't worry about load and install all you want.

As for the description, they have never forced ads on your website, and yes, at one point they did require forum posts. They don't anymore, however. It is 100% free.

As for the people complaining about their site not working, it takes a while to create.

In my opinion, heliohost is the best host. Why? You can use TLD's for free, unlimited bandwidth, 500MB disk space (can be increased if you win one of the occasional contests), Dedicated IP for the price that it costs them ($12). That along with much more.

Stevie- Roughly 80% of the day if no issues occur at the server level.
Johnny - From past experience roughly 50% of the day if no issues occur at the server level.

Very reliable. If you can have respect, expect their staff to help.

Depends on load. Most of my pages on Stevie take less than a second to load on a normal day.
Review of by Moniruddin on 2014/04/16 at 09:02
The best two I usually prefer are heliohost and x10hosting. Btw, heliohost is far far better than 000webhost.
Review of by Big Sweaty Guy on 2014/04/02 at 16:24
I love heliohost! its the best ever! I run a donut and cake website on it. Buy me food! I love you guys! o3o

Big Sweaty Guy
Review of by Expanding-Dev on 2014/02/19 at 01:28
Heliohost provides excellent hosting plans that are 100% FREE.
There are no rules about banning your account because of misspellings. Their forums are totally separate from the hosting, they are literally under two different domain names.

They provide great hosting services that other free hosts such as weebly do not provide for free.
Such as:

There are more services.
Heliohost provides two types of free plans:
1.Experimental Server, AKA Johnny
2.Stable Server, AKA Stevie
Johnny provides more services though has more downtime.
Stevie has less services though less downtime.
Stevie has uptime of 95%

It may take a day or two for your account to be activated, they tell you this after your account registration.

Who ever wrote the featured review either:
1.Got the wrong host name
2.The review is old and irrelevant now
3. Didn't do any research at all

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