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was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business.

heliohost.org has tiny, flash based website which is hard to read and understand. While heliohost.org team says they offer free hosting for everyone, it's not 100% true. You need to pay for heliohost.org hosting services using "helions" For example, the smallest package with 150 MB space and 1500 MB bandwidth costs 250 hellions per month. So what are these mystic hellions? Hellions are forum posts. If you think "oh, just another provider that requires to make posts on forums" you are absolutely right. They have some restrictions too. For example, if you will use bad grammar while posting, account will be deleted. Not very funny... heliohost.org also offers packages with banner ads, but your website will be full of their advertisements, and it's not the best option too. So everything is up to you. If you have lots of time to spend on heliohost.org forums just to keep hosting account active, go and signup with this provider. Otherwise, search our directory for another free hosting - you will find plenty of them!

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Review of heliohost.org by Munchi on 2012/01/20 at 22:50
Heliohost is my favorite host. It does go down sometimes, but not to often. It has a lot of helpful applications, and FTP transfer is very easy. It's free, and supports EVERYTHING. What is not to like? And Heliohost isn't for big things. Its for small things, and it should be small enough that you don't mind a down time every month or two.
Review of heliohost.org by Marcus on 2012/01/19 at 18:01
it started out great. i got ruby on rails, asp.net autoinstaller and mysql. i could have as much as i wanted as long as i didnt went over my free 500 mb. but now! my website has been down for about 2 days, the whole site is down aswell as their support/forum site. i will be losing visitors to my site. but now finaly, after two days of waiting! their servers are slowly starting to come up again. http://imgur.com/kxVUJ i will quickly download my stuff and move to another free hosting provider.
Review of heliohost.org by faiz on 2011/12/20 at 11:22
i found the site good but not better than 000webhost but i have found many pages saying that 000webhost is a scam they are not going to give money
Review of heliohost.org by opportunity on 2011/12/08 at 07:23
A joke of a site and run by what can be described as a team of underage morons.
I can see what is written on the front of the box is not found inside of the box.
Somebody at helihost had a vision that somehow seems to be different from what the reality is of today.
They are unable to deliver what they put forward in their offer and all you get is silly games.
I kept my mouth shut during the 3 weeks it took even for my site to go active...
so now since it seems helihost or whoever it is that is working that scam site, a warning to ALL who cares about their site. Stay away from them.

Maybe they are in way over their heads in this.They should stop playing house like kids and get a real job that they can honestly do with their limited talents.
My mistake was not telling them all this when I first felt something was wrong.
They should try a job or business that is something less technical to work on, this way they wont screw up with other peoples time and desires.
This is not just at one person at their site. This goes for the whole team of flunkies.
If they can't do anything right then it's time to change clothes... because they all stink of immaturity.
my guess is, you are all high school & college drop outs all hanging around your parents homes....

I know they will read this and try to make excuses. Don't believe a word.
Review of heliohost.org by anthony corrado on 2011/11/28 at 03:06
This site has had problems in the past. BUt the owners have upgraded it and continue to work on it. THe thing is 000webhost has premium pakages so they have some income heliohost dosent. With over 20k users on the servers there's bound to be some problems because not all of them are ligitimate users
Review of heliohost.org by Adam Greenwood on 2011/10/30 at 18:47
Their servers are extremely slow, you should all check out http://www.freehostingcloud.com/
Review of heliohost.org by Super Veggetto on 2011/10/28 at 16:42
HelioHost is very very good with many features and 120 autoinstall scripts as well. I like it very much and am in support with it.
Review of heliohost.org by Jarvis Pamburn on 2011/10/14 at 03:38
Heliohost has great features, a professional backend in cPanel, with all the fixings, php/mysql, ftp, and all the perks of my companies commercial web hosts.

Except it become incredibly slow during peak hours and had a 82% uptime when I tested it. I tested it for a month by fetching a random page on the site from my commercial server every hour and making sure it arrived intact.

In one week it ended with 44% uptime, even free I would want my money back!

On the good week it was 97%, however the downtime I did have (again) was during US business hours. NOT okay for me, even for a test site.

It is really too bad, the folks are kind of nice, and the features rock ... if only they knew how to keep it running. I hope they get it figured out.
Review of heliohost.org by reza on 2011/09/30 at 02:11
the down time of heliohost is so bad
i love this hosting service and i never lose my data
the only bad thing is that this hosting service have a bad downtime
Review of heliohost.org by micheal on 2011/09/24 at 11:35
got to admitt the conrol panel looks fab for free service but this 000webost is not good if the site takes like 1 minute to load then the next its a blank white sheet of paper on my screen i did a speed test with the fastest webhosts seems there lacking behind from the others

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