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was founded in 2005 and is now 13 years in business. has tiny, flash based website which is hard to read and understand. While team says they offer free hosting for everyone, it's not 100% true. You need to pay for hosting services using "helions" For example, the smallest package with 150 MB space and 1500 MB bandwidth costs 250 hellions per month. So what are these mystic hellions? Hellions are forum posts. If you think "oh, just another provider that requires to make posts on forums" you are absolutely right. They have some restrictions too. For example, if you will use bad grammar while posting, account will be deleted. Not very funny... also offers packages with banner ads, but your website will be full of their advertisements, and it's not the best option too. So everything is up to you. If you have lots of time to spend on forums just to keep hosting account active, go and signup with this provider. Otherwise, search our directory for another free hosting - you will find plenty of them!

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Review of by MatteoB on 2011/04/09 at 21:13
My site, since a couple of months is and it is often down (80% up-time?), but I couldn't find a better free-ad hosting yet!
Review of by Michael on 2011/04/09 at 15:17
The review at the top of the page is inaccurate.

I use heliohost, and they do not place any ads on my website, not do they require forum posts.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with their service -- support is prompt and helpful, I can use Python, Perl, php, Ruby, whatever I want, and I get complete control over my site.

The only complaint I have is downtime -- they're a little more frequent then I would like.
Review of by Monkey on 2011/02/10 at 12:50
For half the time heliohost is down. It is reagulary DDoSed or just down. also for the 99% uptime should be changed to 10%.
Review of by yaxar on 2011/02/05 at 10:46 has a large user interface and is not made out of Flash is is very easy to read While team says they offer free hosting for everyone, it's is 100% true.
It has 250 mg of space and 1.5 GB of Bandwith. it's uptime is 99.0% and it has it's own server so it loads very fast. General Information
Heliohost has been founded in 2005 and it is now 6 years in business.

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Review of by MASTER on 2011/01/12 at 06:16
I don't know why everyone always complains about free hosts, No one credits them that they are giving you all free services. I have used them for about 4 months then now my site is deleted my fault, I was hosting proxy site their, I have tested them now they have an overall good service now I am going to host my personal site their.

In my opinion heliohost is much better than this heck site. This hell site 000webhost does not even let you to send a php mail. What the hell site is this...
Review of by David Davidson on 2010/10/23 at 11:26
It is down more than it's up.Even if you edit a file it can break the whole server for everyone else.

Stay clear of them,Terrible,Terrible hosts.
I just checked when writing this and guess what?

It's down again.
Review of by Why Would I Tell You? on 2010/09/01 at 20:17
I use HelioHost for some sites that I am just testing how their features work while on a cPanel host and I would like to say, after reading this page, you all need to think about the fact that they offer their hosting for FREE and, be honest, when does anybody ever use more space or bandwidth than what is provided... for FREE!

Think about what you WANT and what you NEED.
Review of by Lok on 2010/08/22 at 10:52
Set up my site
Down time 50%. But it is free, what can you complaint?
Review of by Adam on 2010/08/08 at 20:07
Signed up yesterday, account was created and working today. Was able to log in and work without problems for a few hours and now my site as well as their own is offline. Its probably a DDoS attack other people here have mentioned.

Hard to complain when the service is free, just worth noting that downtime appears to be a bit of an issue.
Review of by kesra kiranov on 2010/08/05 at 16:56
My site ( came up in OK time from my last post, but again, a day or so later, not only is my site down but so is, saying their own "account is queued". I'm getting tired of this!

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