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Host Ed was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Host-ed - hosting,free hosting,domain name,web hosting,mysql,database,domain name registration,24/7,technical support

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Host-ed - hosting,free hosting,domain name,web hosting,mysql,database,domain name registration,24/7,technical support

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Host-ed Inc. Mathildenstr. 18 Kiel, Kiel 24148 Germany 4317298523 Fax -- 4312328011 Sales: Billing: Support: Affiliates: Abuse:

Host ed Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    Yes, we do offer 30 days money back guarantee for all annual plans. It applies on your demand. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason or just decide that you do not need the account any more we will refund your payment. Please note however that domain names are non refundable due to ICANN rules and regulations. If you request a refund we would ask you for the reason (just for our own feedback) and we will refund the payment within 2-3 business days.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Our average uptime is 99.8% - 99.9% we have our own internal system tracker which unfortunately is not accessible from the general public
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We offer emails and tickets support, we are 24/7/365 as there are always people on shift even on holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year and etc. The response time is 1-2 hours maximum. We offer a support of all server related issues but usually we do not support developing of websites.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    Currently there is a discount please see our home page. You can purchase a personal plan for only $3.99 per month (originally $4.49). If you sign up for one of our paid plans you get access to zacky tools installer which a package of free one click install softwares. The package includes: - CMS - BLOGS - FORUMS - ECOMMERSE SOLUTIONS - AD MANAGEMENT - WIKI - GALLERIES - POLLS AND SURVEYS - MANY OTHERS For more information please see Also with the business hosting plan for only $6.99 per month (originally $7.49) you get a free domain name.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    We do care about our customers and aim to provide them with an exceptional service that completely satisfy their needs. We have our own data center and our own servers located in Kiel, Germany where also our head office is. This gives us full control of all servers and server architecture and also help us provide high quality service at a lower price. Customer satisfaction is the only way that we believe will makes a leader in the web hosting industry and therefore is the only alternative we could provide our customers with.

Host Ed Reviews 2018

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Review of by Crista Rieves on 2017/07/05 at 07:25
I have been host-ed customer for over 4 years. I currently have a level shared account with 3 sites hosted on it. I am getting excellent page load times compared to the previous host which is why I switched.
Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime.
Review of by Marcus Gregorius on 2017/06/23 at 08:58
These guys are great. My last provider was causing me serious issues. In complete frustration, I decided to try Host-ed over 2 years ago. Their support helped me with setup and installing some scripts.
I went for the annual business option, and I got started within minutes of purchasing the plan.
Review of by Tammara Swatzell on 2017/06/15 at 14:20
You can get great servers, features, prices and reliability from almost any provider but what differentiates them is their attention to the customer and host-ed comes top of the list when so many others fail to do even the basics! Just contact them and they will find the best hosting fit for your needs.
Review of by AjM on 2016/05/06 at 12:59
Disappointment, do not touch!

Choosed the best plan (Business Hosting Plan) which say unlimited Disk Space, but its not, and i was forced out, this was my main point to choose this service.

Then i canceled my order and in the main page they promise Any Time Refund Period, now its over 2 monts and no refund, i asked 2 times where is refund.

Avoid this!
Review of by Milissa Delucca on 2016/02/02 at 09:59
I have always found to be fast and efficient and as I seldom bother to write reviews you can assume that I am still very impressed to be doing so now. When I was asked to create a web page for a friend I went straight to TMD and I will continue to both use and recommend them to everyone.

Service, Pricing, Reliability, and Features.
Review of by Rex Lloyd on 2016/01/21 at 08:21
With Host-ed I have always had customer service that is above and beyond what I had previously had with several other hosts. I am always impressed with their price.

I should also note that I do not have large amounts of traffic visiting my website, and that is something which could change my review, however, at my mediocre traffic requirements, Host-ed has served my in all better than any other host I have ever had.
Review of by Mike Jaradi on 2016/01/05 at 12:48 technical support is very helpful when I need to understand something, they patiently explain me everything I need to know. They always offer new discounts in order to meet customers’ needs. The price fully fulfills my budget.
Review of by Michael Voegele on 2015/12/22 at 09:04
It was very hard for me to find appropriate host to transfer all my files to.
I have checked many web hosting offers and the one attracted me a lot. So, I decided to sign up with Host-ed.
I contacted their sales representative and he was friendly and explained me everything in nitty-gritty details. I bought shared hosting plan and I paid with the help of paypal method of payment and everything was fine.
I am thankful their skillful team for providing me with good and stable services.
Review of by Mario Wagner on 2015/10/28 at 11:18
Overall, Host-ed is a great host that I would recommend. My site is always up and running. When I update my site, changes are immediately noticeable. The Control Panel, being well-organized and user-friendly, is easy to navigate; same goes for the File Manager and other sections of the CP. Diskspace and Bandwidth are good.
Review of by Martin Rishovd on 2015/10/16 at 07:25
I have really good experience dealing with - these guys know what they do.
More than two weeks ago, I accidentally deleted my wordpress folder. I was shocked to see my 4-year worth of blog entries deleted! They quickly responded and within an hour, I got my deleted files back - and my website running again.
Overall, highly recommended. Let's all hope they keep it up...

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