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Host Ed was founded in 2006 and is now 12 years in business.

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Host-ed - hosting,free hosting,domain name,web hosting,mysql,database,domain name registration,24/7,technical support

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Host-ed - hosting,free hosting,domain name,web hosting,mysql,database,domain name registration,24/7,technical support

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Host-ed Inc. Mathildenstr. 18 Kiel, Kiel 24148 Germany 4317298523 Fax -- 4312328011 Sales: sales@host-ed.net Billing: billing@host-ed.net Support: support@host-ed.net Affiliates: affiliates@host-ed.net Abuse: abuse@host-ed.net

Host ed Staff Answers Our Questions!

  • What moneyback guarantees do you offer?
    Yes, we do offer 30 days money back guarantee for all annual plans. It applies on your demand. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason or just decide that you do not need the account any more we will refund your payment. Please note however that domain names are non refundable due to ICANN rules and regulations. If you request a refund we would ask you for the reason (just for our own feedback) and we will refund the payment within 2-3 business days.
  • What is your average uptime?
    Our average uptime is 99.8% - 99.9% we have our own internal system tracker which unfortunately is not accessible from the general public
  • What is your support response time and what does it cover?
    We offer emails and tickets support, we are 24/7/365 as there are always people on shift even on holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year and etc. The response time is 1-2 hours maximum. We offer a support of all server related issues but usually we do not support developing of websites.
  • Do you have any coupons or discounts?
    Currently there is a discount please see our home page. You can purchase a personal plan for only $3.99 per month (originally $4.49). If you sign up for one of our paid plans you get access to zacky tools installer which a package of free one click install softwares. The package includes: - CMS - BLOGS - FORUMS - ECOMMERSE SOLUTIONS - AD MANAGEMENT - WIKI - GALLERIES - POLLS AND SURVEYS - MANY OTHERS For more information please see http://host-ed.net/zacky-tools.php Also with the business hosting plan for only $6.99 per month (originally $7.49) you get a free domain name.
  • What else can you tell about your company and services?
    We do care about our customers and aim to provide them with an exceptional service that completely satisfy their needs. We have our own data center and our own servers located in Kiel, Germany where also our head office is. This gives us full control of all servers and server architecture and also help us provide high quality service at a lower price. Customer satisfaction is the only way that we believe will makes a leader in the web hosting industry and therefore is the only alternative we could provide our customers with.

Host Ed Reviews 2018

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Review of host-ed.net by Scott Anderson on 2014/11/27 at 06:29
I have been with Host-ed.net for over a year now and they have been nothing but great. I have worked with many other hosts and always had issues with either hardware or support but Host-ed has top top of both worlds! The system itself is rock solid and the software & features are excellent. Now I have all i need and even more! They answer super fast and they really help when i need.
I am totally impressed with these guys. I just hope they don't grow too large and lose the foundation that is making them so impressive.
Review of host-ed.net by Mira Electra on 2014/11/24 at 07:22
It is a tremendous value (I host several sites, Joomla and Drupal) and I have always had prompt, satisfactory answers and solutions. Uptime is great and the support team are amazing, they go beyond what is expected to help you.
The control panel works very well, there are lots of useful functions. Tools are great, I like their free bonuses.

They offer good value hosting packages and a service that I cannot fault, plus a sense of humour. You can't beat have host ;)
Review of host-ed.net by Melissa Sheridan on 2014/11/21 at 08:46
I signed up with Host-ed.net 2 years ago and everything went very smooth. The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.
Such a wonderful company. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. They truly care about your well being and are such nice people. Support gets back to you always within an hour and reliability has been great.
Review of host-ed.net by Micky Sanders on 2014/11/17 at 14:15
Well recommended, great host, good support and great prices for anyone wanting to get their website hosted. Loads of templates or you can have one designed for your own website. These guys are simply amazing. I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with Host-ed.net. Recommended!
Review of host-ed.net by Garry Sedov on 2014/11/14 at 13:43
My name is Garry Sedov and I'd like to share my experience dealing with Host-ed.net web host. I've been hosting autosativa(dot)com web site since May 2013 - everything works like a lock and I'm happy. I have no headache with this decent host.
Their support and service has been excellent, even to the point of a courtesy e-mail to enquire if any help or advice can be given. Prompt replies are given to any queries and the use of live support over MSN is extremely helpful.

All in all this is an amazing hosting provider and I will continue to use them for my hosting for some time to come.
Review of host-ed.net by Toshsvet on 2014/11/11 at 07:13
The guys at Host-ed.net know their stuff, and more than that they're very good at explaining anything to newbies. The customer service has excellent feedback time via e-mail and solved all problems for a website newbie like me. I have the starter package, and think it's a great bargain.
There are a lot of helpful tools included that I am using for my business.
Easy to get in touch with someone via Yahoo if I have a question. Good value. Highly recommend Host-ed hosting.
Review of host-ed.net by MarcoT on 2014/11/07 at 11:11
The most important thing for me is uptime. With Host-ed I have about 100% uptime and that makes me patient and happy. I run portal and need to have it online all the time,
Thanks Host-ed.net for such quality web hosting service. They are #1 provider for me! And - yes - they are recommended!
Review of host-ed.net by John N on 2014/11/05 at 12:42
I had never used unlimited hosting before. But I was in need for inexpensive service and decided to give Host-ed a try. Good uptime and fast email without glitches were the things I had been looking for. I got that with Host-ed.net. And now that is really hard to find something what is working bad for me in their service. I discovered some nice fellows from their support team. In a few words - they are professionals!
Review of host-ed.net by Adam Henderson on 2014/10/29 at 12:57
Host-ed.net had impressed me so much over the past 4 months that I gave up my shared hosting account and use them exclusively. Customer service is second to none. All my support requests are handled under 5 minutes. They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version.

Speed, support and everything are very good. It's the best web hosting I have used.
Review of host-ed.net by Ken on 2014/08/25 at 14:17
Signed up.. didn't really use much for few months.. then in July 2014, started to test WordPress software and proceed to play around with WP getting familiar with the software.. Suddenly my account was suspended on Aug 6th, 2014. They unsuspended my account claiming it was server error.. but suddenly suspended my account on 8/23/2014!? I submitted a reply to old ticket asking why it was suspended again. Almost 24 hours passed with no support reply so I submitted a new ticket making it 'High' priority and still no reply. Now that I read all negative feedbacks on here, I realized I am not the only one that was mistreated by Host-Ed. That's a shame and I don't recommend Host-Ed too!! STAY AWAY!

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