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Hostinger was founded in 2004 and is now 15 years in business. is one of the best web hosting companies and the most expanding global brand in web hosting industry, with superb dedicated support departments, server collocations and development headquarters almost in any modern country all around the world. Hostinger group is part of the elite ICANN accredited registrars community. * Blazing fast web servers with SSD, zero downtime architecture and perfectly optimized PHP, MySQL and custom web hosting Cpanel. Average Hostinger web server uptime is more than perfect and is reaching 99.99% with true proof of facts in background. * Hostinger has a large number of reviews written by enthusiastic web hosting users all around the web. Some of which can be found on well-known - Trustpilot. You may also read extensive and insightful Hostinger reviews on * 24/7/365 dedicated multi language live chat and ticket based support with almost no delay. * Tons of premium Hostinger web hosting features like: Unlimited web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited numbers of websites. Easy website builder and Wordpress optimized web hosting. 30 day risk free trial is absolutely push to try Hostinger unlimited web hosting hassle free!

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Website title - Premium Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free domain and website builder.

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The hosting service from Hostinger gives you the best web hosting with PHP, MySQL, BW 100GB, unlimited premium hosting and a free domain.

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Hostinger International Ltd. 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus Abuse reports are served at: abuse[at]

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Review of by Anke] Luft on 2016/10/22 at 21:03
I’m not the one who likes to write reviews but now decided to take the time to do it. During the last half year I noticed how Hostinger service started improving. And not just a little but really A LOT. While others started to downgrade and only invest in their public appearance, Hostinger worked to improve the quality of service (I use several hosting providers services so I would know). And now they have a top quality customer support staff and solved the problems that I had with my website hosted with another company because they weren’t able to do that. So, guess who just moved that site to Hostinger.
Review of by Lexie Martin on 2016/10/20 at 20:17
Special thanks to the support staff, real professionals. Answers are straightforward and detailed with no useless info like I would get from my previous hosting provider. Some time ago I got sick and tired about the fact that all they did is walk around in circles and never truly responded to my problems. The lack of competence was simply unacceptable. That made me leave them and move to Hostinger. Wish I would have done that sooner. If they’ll continue to keep the standards of such quality soon they’ll become the hosting company where all ‘leader of the field’ clients will migrate.
Review of by Alasdair White on 2016/10/18 at 11:15
How to enjoy owning a blog? Use Hostinger. My personal experience says so. It’s cheap so a great value of money and one-click install saves you a lot of time. You can say that most hostings provide that and you will be right but what other hostings lack is customer support. Seems like all they do is invest in promotion and only cares about big companies, due to that they forget about their ‘small’ clients such as myself. Here, at Hostinger, I feel like VIP client and member of a great community. The support staff always respond to all my questions quickly and directly - real professionals. I trust Hostinger.
Review of by Kimberly J. Campbell on 2016/10/17 at 20:15
They only give 10GB disk space with the free plan. Tried hosting my ecommerce store and I need more for FREE!
Review of by Hugh] Arsenault on 2016/10/15 at 19:12
Signed up with them after finding a coupon code with great lifetime discount. Didn’t expect much but turns out was completely wrong. I’m a very skeptical person and believe it’s time to change my point of view. I thought that I would get nothing for such a price but I got everything I needed and even more. Now I feel like I’m not paying them enough LOL. The support staff is very professional, provides straight to the point answers and provides them quickly. Speed is uptime, UI is friendly and that Zyro website builder really surprised my. Drag and drop interface + many templates to choose made my website creation process into a fun game (yes, I played around for half of the day).
Review of by Heather A. Binford on 2016/10/07 at 18:02
Stopped by to share some insights. I’m your client for around four years and am completely satisfied with the service quality, recently recommended you to a friend as the best hosting provider and he trusted me to be right but after several minutes he contacted me to ask whether I pointed him in the right direction, he was a bit disappointed with the web design. Checked it myself and seriously guys, such great hosting providers should have a page that looks as good as the service is. I know it’s not the most important thing and it’s all about the quality of service but still, make such improvement and you’ll become even more popular 10/10 for services, but overall 9/10 (-1 for design).
Review of by Patrick Wolf on 2016/10/01 at 15:02
Before joining Hostinger I had very mixed feelings about it. Had no friends who work in this field, so had to trust what is said on the Internet and everyone knows that you can write anything you want online. After reading the good and the bad I gave them a chance and only then I understood where the bad reviews are coming from - people who don’t understand the difference between paid and free hosting, somehow they believe that it is possible to host an online business for free and it’s not. After joining them I can only say good words, speed is uptime, support is professional and provide direct and quick answers. Hope they will continue to keep the standards high and I hope that people who don’t have a lot of IT knowledge will take time to make a research to understand that free option only works for testing/learning or very small blog, so they won’t miss out on great opportunities to have a reliable host.
Review of by Vanessa Ebersbach on 2016/09/20 at 14:15
I never understood how important customer support really is until several days ago. All the time i thought that you can fix any errors on your page by simply googling how to do that and I used to do that until I encountered a problem that was too much to fix on my own. Then I contacted them and thought that it would also take time until they could fix my problem. I contacted them in a very late hour through the 24/7 live chat system and after around ten minutes I already knew where I messed up the code on my website...and I was looking for the answer for half of the day. It’s good that I don’t own come kind of a digital business, then I wouldn’t have the luxury to ‘search around’ as long as I want, then I would need a quick solution so that I wouldn’t lose clients. Top quality services. Real professionals, keep up the great job.
Review of by Pam H. Solomon on 2016/09/11 at 12:13
I host my ecommerce store at Hostinger and it really started to grow during the last couple of months, I talked to a friend and he advised me to stop being greedy on things that are essential for my business and finally get VPS hosting. Thought he was stupid, but turns out he was right. Now my site works extremely fast and I never have to worry about it being down because of the cloud infrastructure based technology. Before using VPS my site went down a couple of times in the last couple of years, it’s nothing actually, but still, VPS is better. Top quality service. Happy to have you as my hosting company, I know that my business is in good hands. To everyone who is serious about their business - don’t be greedy like I was, go for the VPS.
Review of by Fred V. Green on 2016/09/05 at 11:14
As a freelancer I’ve designed many websites for my clients and had the opportunity to test many services from various hosting providers so that I could always find the one that matches the needs of my client best. So I’ve tested your Free, Shared, Business plans, didn’t really like the free plan, it’s ok for testing but nothing else, not enough resources. The Premium and Business ones are both good but which one to choose depends on your needs, very big companies should go with the Business plan or even better a VPS and for mid-sized companies Premium is basically enough. Also, I very much appreciate the effort that you put in to train your support staff, they are real professionals and are one of the reasons why I choose Hostinger over other service providers. Never have they failed me. During the last three years only once I had to wait a bit longer (1 hour) after submitting a ticket, so you still have something to work on (joking)

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