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Hostinger General Information

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business. is one of the best web hosting companies and the most expanding global brand in web hosting industry, with superb dedicated support departments, server collocations and development headquarters almost in any modern country all around the world. Hostinger group is part of the elite ICANN accredited registrars community. * Blazing fast web servers with SSD, zero downtime architecture and perfectly optimized PHP, MySQL and custom web hosting Cpanel. Average Hostinger web server uptime is more than perfect and is reaching 99.99% with true proof of facts in background. * Hostinger has a large number of reviews written by enthusiastic web hosting users all around the web. Some of which can be found on well-known - Trustpilot. You may also read extensive and insightful Hostinger reviews on * 24/7/365 dedicated multi language live chat and ticket based support with almost no delay. * Tons of premium Hostinger web hosting features like: Unlimited web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited numbers of websites. Easy website builder and Wordpress optimized web hosting. 30 day risk free trial is absolutely push to try Hostinger unlimited web hosting hassle free!

Hostinger 10 out of 10 based on 357 ratings. 119 user reviews.


Website title - Premium Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free domain and website builder.

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The hosting service from Hostinger gives you the best web hosting with PHP, MySQL, BW 100GB, unlimited premium hosting and a free domain.

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Hostinger International Ltd. 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus Abuse reports are served at: abuse[at]

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Hostinger Reviews 2018

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Review of by Jocelyn J. Schulte on 2015/12/14 at 11:15
Always use backups! Learn from my mistake, since somehow they can’t recover files I deleted 3 years ago and told me that I should have made backups by my own for such a long time frame.
Review of by Niek Schreuders on 2015/12/02 at 16:25
My journey with Hostinger began actually by a very lucky coincidence. Since I had no money but dreamed about a .com domain aaaand somehow I won it. Was hyper excited till I actually started building my website. At first I was very confused and lost, had no idea how to do it and was failing miserably. Finally, when I found a way to submit a ticket and listed A MILLION of issues I had and didn’t expect to get an answer in several days or get all the answers, but somehow after 3 hours I received a long and detailed answer with useful links and tips. Wouldn’t know what to do without such a professional support staff. Even though I’m just starting, I can say only best words about these guys. Thank you.
Review of by Finley Frost on 2015/11/12 at 17:48
I used their Shared servers and recently moved to VPS since my business started growing like crazy. I thought the service before was top quality but now… NOW I get even more than I expected! The SSD disk drive gave me an amazing I/O rate, everything works so fast now! Actually now I ask myself why didn’t I start using VPS earlier. Trust me, it’s a great value for your money. Top quality guys, continue the great work, I’m happy to trust my business in your hands, I know it is safe there.
Review of by Dinar Vasilyeva on 2015/10/15 at 20:58
Ok, guys, this is more than amazing, the tutorials you provide...oh, I am simply lacking words to describe it. Being a nube a had to spent hours on google to find ones that would be detailed and clear enough for me. I actually tested like 10 of them at the beginning, even the stuff that wasn’t necessary for me at that moment, but NOW I understand how useful it was. Now I can move websites from subfolders to base domain, point domains to bloggers, properly use file manager on the cPanel ad a lot more! For someone who is ‘IT illiterate’ it’s simply amazing. Now I follow the tutorial page and continue to learn and grow with them. Hope you’ll keep on writing them because you have one loyal follower who checks for new ones on daily basis.
Review of by José Alves Cardoso on 2015/10/02 at 12:15
For someone who simply hates coding (just like I do), going with Hostinger is the best option. I simply fell in love with their Zyro website builder. The drag and drop interface with hundreds of website templates allows to create a professionally looking site in several minutes (despite the hours of I spent playing around with various features). Easily added all the social media buttons and now my website is flourishing with all the new visitors that I gather by having social presence. I saved a lot of money since I didn’t have to hire a professional to do that for me. Great value!
Review of by Loretta T. Drake on 2015/09/27 at 17:19
Recently contacted them about this file that I deleted around 16 months ago and they said they can’t restore it. Shouldn’t hosting providers keep ALL my data safe? I know it’s free, but still, lost important data.
Review of by Maximilian Konig on 2015/09/25 at 11:12
Today is my 3 year anniversary with Hostinger so I decided to share some insights due to this special occasion. Throughout this time we had a pretty good ‘relationship’, yet sometimes we would encounter some issues. I have experienced some down time, but that happens with all hosts so I wouldn’t say find that to be a problem. In any case, I could and do recommend it to all who needs a reliable and trustworthy hosting company. By the way, thumbs up for professional 24/7 support, made my life a lot easier. It’s great value and still can’t believe that you can get top quality for such friendly prices. Premium plan rocks!
Review of by Curtis A. Rodriguez on 2015/09/08 at 14:54
I joined Hostinger around a month ago. Since I was new to hosting, I’ve read many reviews online, how free hosting experience is basically ‘suffering’, but decided to give it a go since one way or another I need to learn and why pay for something that might not even work for me. So, now I can tell that everything turned out completely different than expected. I created my account with several button clicks, which for me was pretty impressive. Started creating my WordPress blog (thanks Internet for telling me from where to start) and really had a lot of fun with it. Auto install feature made it very easy and then the game with the plugins began. Of course, several days ago I managed to ruin my site, yet had the opportunity to contact the Customer Support staff. Don’t really like asking questions but the guy I talked to was not only very professional but also friendly, Mercury his name was, so special thanks to him and continue being passionate about your job!

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  • 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
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